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n. A pen for enclosing sheep


Fánk is a sweet traditional Hungarian doughnut. The most commonly used ingredients are: flour, yeast, butter, egg yolk, a little bit of rum, salt, milk and oil to deep fry with. After the pastry has risen for approximately 30 minutes the result is an extreme light doughnut-like pastry. Fánk is traditionally served with powdered sugar and lekvár, Hungarian thick jams; mostly apricot at that.

Usage examples of "fank".

There was Fank, with his three bears, one of the great draws of the show.

They boxed, they knocked each other over, they lumbered round in a laughable dance, and they adored Fank, their trainer.

She really surpassed herself, and made Fank, the bear-trainer, quite jealous because she drew such a lot of people to her little side-show!

But, as the day wore on, and Fank got no better, and the bears’ behaviour got much worse, he felt inclined to tell Pedro a good deal more.

Philip will be glad to look after the bears, as long as Fank is ill—but he has girls with him, our sisters—can they stay too?