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init. 1 (context weather English) A rating of 3 on the Fujita scale 2 Formula Three / Formula 3

F3 (manga)

is a hentai manga series by Wanyan Aguda, which debuted in 1998 and spanned 5 volumes. The story centers on a 17-year-old girl named Hiroe Ogawa who has difficulty achieving orgasm. Three OVAs were produced by AIC and Pink Pineapple and were released in 1994. The OVAs originally released in North America by SoftCel Pictures, a division of ADV Films, and later re-released as F3: Ménage À Trois, an obvious group sex reference. Recently, had been re-licensed by Critical Mass under its original title when ADV Films closed their hentai line.

F³ was followed by two sequels, and their translations into English highlight some of the difficulties faced in translating adult entertainment materials between two countries with very different laws and mores on the subject: in the first 25-minute episode, Hiroe's attempts to achieve orgasm are assisted by her older sister Mayaka, and include an encounter with their mother, Yayoi. In the two sequels, translator's notes insist that Mayaka and Yayoi are actually Hiroe's neighbor and landlady, respectively, whom she just happens to have nicknamed "Sis" and "Mom."


F3 or F03 may refer to:

F3 (font format)

F3 is an outline font format created by Folio, Inc. Sun Microsystems acquired Folio in 1988, and included 57 F3 fonts and the F3 interpreter, TypeScaler, in its OpenWindows desktop environment. The font format allowed for hinting. The extension of F3 Font Format outlines is .f3b.

F3 (classification)

F3, also T3 and SP3, is a wheelchair sport classification that corresponds to the neurological level C8. Historically, it was known as 1C Complete, and 1B Incomplete. F3 sportspeople have functional issues related to the muscles in their throwing arm, though they have enough control over their fingers to grip a throwing implement normally. They have no functional trunk control.

There are comparable classes in other sports. In swimming, these include S3, SB3, S4 and S5. In wheelchair basketball, this includes 1 point player. The process for classification into this class has a medical and functional classification process. This process is often sport specific.