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group sex

n. The practice of having sex with multiple partners at the same time.

Group Sex

Group Sex may refer to:

  • group sex - sexual behaviour involving more than two participants
  • Group Sex (film) - 2010 film
  • Group Sex (album) - album by Circle Jerks
Group Sex (album)

Group Sex is the debut studio album by the American hardcore punk band Circle Jerks. It was released on October 1, 1980 through Frontier Records with the catalog number FLP 002. The album consists of fourteen songs in fifteen minutes and is considered to be a landmark album in hardcore punk. It is also in the book of 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

Group Sex (film)

Group Sex is an 2010 American comedy film written by Lawrence Trilling and Greg Grunberg. Trilling also directs, while Grunberg co-stars alongside Josh Cooke and Odette Yustman.

Group sex (disambiguation)

Group sex is a sexual practice involving more than two people. The term may also refer to

  • Group Sex (album), the 1980 Circle Jerks album
  • Group Sex (film)
  • Group Sex/Wild in the Streets

Usage examples of "group sex".

She had nothing in theory against group sex, or even lesbian sex, but in practice group sex required too much planning and lesbian sex was too artificial.

Margaret's erotic tastes had never leaned toward group sex, and at first she had balked when Ilya and Katy proposed the perfect remedy for what ailed her.