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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
describe/explain sth in detail
▪ The doctor spent time describing the treatment in detail to me.
explain the presence of sth/sb
▪ How could he possibly explain the presence of so much money in his flat?
explain the reasons for sth
▪ Explain the reasons for your choice.
explain your dilemma (=talk about it)
▪ He explained his dilemma to me.
▪ She went to the office to explain her predicament.
▪ She had almost been tempted to explain away André's remark, but her mind was working quickly.
▪ There are many others, but most can be explained away, or are inconclusive.
▪ It is something that can not be explained away.
▪ If the relationship between two variables disappears when a prior variable is controlled, the original effect has been explained away.
▪ Those changes that were noticed were explained away as disturbances in the upper atmosphere.
▪ This staggering figure could not easily be explained away.
▪ There may be some justification for this if you are trying to explain away your overdraft to the bank manager yet again.
▪ Recognising this paradox lends weight to the patriarchy thesis, explaining away many apparent counter-examples.
▪ He explains how he felt a tingling sensation down his left-hand side but did not immediately call for help.
▪ Here's a few reasons that might explain how Brown won.
▪ This sediment thickening indicates the role of sediment loading in sustaining basin subsidence but it does not explain how basins originate.
▪ Can some one explain how kids' birthday parties became mandatory and, frequently, icky?
▪ Can you explain how you got the idea?
▪ Behe contends that evolutionists never try to explain how complex systems might have arisen through incremental changes.
▪ Hilary explains how she deals with on-air technical problems.
▪ He listens to an oldies radio station while explaining how to parallel park.
▪ This explains why the extent of the use of crack is not necessarily indicated by the scale of seizures.
▪ He was brilliant, with a tendency to arrogance; perhaps that explained why he got along so well with Lleland.
▪ This explains why one finds contrary demands being made by groups in different places.
▪ This explains why heads of governments, the police and the Establishment in general are such popular targets for the protesters' attacks.
▪ The lack of consensus explains why area politicians have failed to reach an acceptable solution.
▪ In this section we explain why they can, and list some of the information sources you might want to use.
▪ Here I should explain why over a hundred thousand miners were striking against the federal courts.
▪ To explain the difference between the two structures, they are placed in a realistic context.
▪ This may explain the major difference between men and women when it comes to reading and reacting to others.
▪ Economists are more concerned to find similarities among firms than to explain the differences.
▪ Gordon explained the difference between mere literacy and critical reading.
▪ As a result, there has been a recent proliferation of studies seeking to explain international differences in strike activity.
▪ And these differences in structure partially explain differences in attitudes found among the nations.
▪ Other risk factors, not related to ethnicity, probably explain remaining differences between Maori and non-Maori children.
▪ Political socialization research attempts to explain how such differences in political beliefs can occur.
▪ Given the mobility constraints, is the cooperation of labour not better explained by the fact that employees have little alternative?
▪ The girls explain the facts of life to him.
▪ Sadly, as I shall explain, the facts do not bear out the interpretation given to them by the Foreign Secretary.
▪ In addition, it explains various detailed observational facts which are incompatible with the older Newtonian scheme.
▪ This phenomenon is explained by the fact that elements can be introduced into mental models without being explicitly mentioned.
▪ But this sort of secrecy can often produce more anxiety than if parents explain the facts clearly and simply.
▪ There's no other way to explain the fact that he's been allowed to buy that land so cheaply.
▪ To explain the most important facts about drugs. 2.
▪ He did not apparently find it necessary to explain the reasons for this sexist-sounding conclusion.
▪ The men of long ago wondered why this should be, and they told stories to explain the reason.
▪ There have been several attempts to explain the reasons for the strong seismic reflections from such zones.
▪ If this has not been the case, it will be up to the individuals to explain the reasons behind this.
▪ No need to explain one's reasons for suddenly looking out of the window.
▪ When asked by Geoffrey Fisher to explain his reasons, he found that he had difficulty in finding a reason.
▪ A centre wishing to offer any of these modules in the Session 1991/92 should write, explaining the reasons, to.
▪ If the doctor overspends, he or she may be asked to explain the medical reasons for this to another doctor.
▪ Life-history theory could readily explain dwarfing if juvenile, but not adult, male mortality were large.
▪ A major purpose of monetary theory is to explain the behavior of real income and prices.
▪ Generally, different theories are used to explain widely different phenomena, from the forces in the atom to gravity.
▪ Such a step allows development of theory which can explain social transformation in terms of unitary types of activity. 2.
▪ Many theories purport to explain growth in terms of a single cause, economic, political or organisational.
▪ This theory explains our ability to refer using names in terms of our ability to refer using definite descriptions.
▪ Merton's model or theory does not adequately explain all types of criminal behaviour.
▪ There is a fashionable theory to explain this.
▪ A teacher wrote to me recently asking if I could explain her inspection feedback.
▪ Ahab talks to this head and asks it to explain the mystery of the universe.
▪ Bob asks the questions then explains how the youngsters maintain his enthusiasm.
▪ More advanced students might be asked to read and explain directions.
▪ I asked him to explain his pricing policy.
▪ Zall was also asked to explain why his group should be a party to the litigation in the first place.
▪ You should never be afraid to ask the physiotherapist to explain what she is doing.
▪ I asked him to explain the voting rules again.
▪ Be that as it may, I shall attempt to explain the spiritual aspect in my own terms.
▪ It is not deconstructive in the sense that it attempts to explain those contradictions via a coherent theory.
▪ Freud's theory is attempting to explain how religious rituals and beliefs started in human cultures in the first instance.
▪ Kass and his colleagues presented this important bit of information without attempting to explain it.
▪ The study not only describes changes in central-local relationships but it also attempts to explain them.
▪ Once again I attempted to explain.
▪ This is a clear example of attempting to explain an unknown phenomenon by means of models based on known phenomena.
▪ In such a climate, it is ambitious to attempt to explain scientific problems in simple terms.
▪ Geography was important because it would help the evolutionist to explain how populations were able to migrate and adapt to new locations.
▪ That may help explain why alternative keyboards remain something of a novelty in the workplace.
▪ This weaved-up mystery lies at the heart of the Metamorphoses and helps to explain its extraordinary continuing appeal.
▪ The drawings help explain what to do. 11 Breeding flour beetles Flour beetles live in and feed on stored flour.
▪ Yet this relationship was deeply problematic, which helps to explain the diversity of opinion and the contradictions within the phenomenon.
▪ This ambiguity of language helps to explain why so many interpretations of Wordsworth's philosophy and religion were able to arise.
▪ The origins are important because they help explain a number of otherwise curious features of the societies.
▪ The degree to which characteristics and local and national factors help explain the differing degree of unemployment will be investigated.
▪ I have tried to explain that in Claudia's case memory is particularly treacherous, but Letterman likes the idea of ambiguity.
▪ I remember my mom trying to explain it to me.
▪ I try to explain that Rainbow Rosenbloom has almost nothing but a few genes in common with Anya's faithless Gittel.
▪ At last, but how no one ever tried to explain, two children were born to this shapeless nothingness.
▪ How does a man even try to explain that he is falling apart because he doesn't kill people any more?
▪ I try to explain this to Professor Sano, working hard to keep back the tears.
▪ I tried my hardest to explain how it had come about.
▪ He tried to explain it to her.
take a bit of doing/explaining etc
▪ It took a bit of doing - for instance, the disposal site had to check out 100 percent.
▪ It took a bit of explaining.
▪ That's going to take a bit of explaining.
▪ Can you explain what the poem means?
▪ Could you explain the rules of the game to me, please?
▪ Doctors are unable to explain why the disease spread so quickly.
▪ I don't have time to explain now - just come with me quickly!
▪ If you don't get the joke, I'll explain it to you later.
▪ It's not so complicated - let me explain.
▪ It was difficult explaining to the children why their father was leaving home.
▪ Let me show you - it's too difficult to explain.
▪ Sarah explained that she hadn't been feeling well recently.
▪ She couldn't sleep last night, which explains why she was in such a bad mood this morning.
▪ She just doesn't like me. How else can you explain her behaviour?
▪ The doctor explained how the clinic operates.
▪ We listened carefully while Pam explained the process.
▪ We were all puzzled: what could explain his sudden change of mind?
▪ But the dynamics of his thinking have never been easy to explain.
▪ I had nothing in my vocabulary of human behavior to explain him.
▪ I would prefer the teacher to explain things rather than the computer.
▪ Shakespeare took the time to explain this; director Jocelyn Moorhouse does not.
▪ The problem may explain why Brady has not made more of an impact since exploding on the scene three years ago.
▪ The reason this requires explaining is that young women are different from other human beings in this respect.
▪ This explains why the extent of the use of crack is not necessarily indicated by the scale of seizures.
▪ This may, inpart, explain why current approaches seem so distant from those applied to other periods of the past.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Explain \Ex*plain"\, v. i. To give an explanation.


Explain \Ex*plain"\ ([e^]ks*pl[=a]n"), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Explained([e^]ks*pl[=a]nd"); p. pr. & vb. n. Explaining.] [L. explandare to flatten, spread out, explain; ex out + plandare to make level or plain, planus plain: cf. OF. esplaner, explaner. See Plain,a., and cf. Esplanade.]

  1. To flatten; to spread out; to unfold; to expand. [Obs.]

    The horse-chestnut is . . . ready to explain its leaf.

  2. To make plain, manifest, or intelligible; to clear of obscurity; to expound; to unfold and illustrate the meaning of; as, to explain a chapter of the Bible.

    Commentators to explain the difficult passages to you.

    To explain away, to get rid of by explanation. ``Those explain the meaning quite away.''

    Syn: To expound; interpret; elucidate; clear up.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., from Latin explanare "to explain, make clear, make plain" (see explanation). Originally explane, spelling altered by influence of plain. Also see plane (v.2). In 17c., occasionally used more literally, of the unfolding of material things: Evelyn has buds that "explain into leaves" ["Sylva, or, A discourse of forest-trees, and the propagation of timber in His Majesties dominions," 1664]. Related: Explained; explaining; explains. To explain (something) away is from 1709.


vb. To make plain, manifest, or intelligible; to clear of obscurity; to illustrate the meaning of.

  1. v. make palin and comprehensible; "He explained the laws of physics to his students" [syn: explicate]

  2. define; "The committe explained their plan for fund-raising to the Dean"

  3. serve as a reason or cause or justification of; "Your need to sleep late does not excuse your late arrival at work"; "Her recent divorce amy explain her reluctance to date again" [syn: excuse]

Usage examples of "explain".

From the summit he was cast down headlong, and dashed in pieces on the pavement, in the presence of innumerable spectators, who filled the forum of Taurus, and admired the accomplishment of an old prediction, which was explained by this singular event.

That he was not warned first is in accord with the laws of divine providence already adduced, especially with the two explained at nn.

The creation of Eve out of the side of Adam was either meant by the author as an allegoric illustration that the love of husband and wife is the most powerful of social bonds, or as a pure myth seeking to explain the incomparable cleaving together of husband and wife by the entirely poetic supposition that the first woman was taken out of the first man, bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh.

So I spent the better part of Tuesday calling each on the phone, dropping by in person in the case of the nurse-practitioner, the allergy doctor, and our minister, to explain the situation and ask if I might give the GAL their names.

I have explained microscopes, to his fresh amazement that we ever built such instruments.

It might explain the odd connection between Ambrose and the mysterious Mr.

Especially when he explains that the downside of ambrosia is that it makes anyone who takes it extremely peaceful.

Alice finished her narration, Lydia took over, explaining what she and Ambry had learned during their visit to the Donnerjack Institute.

For the economic rationale of this, I must refer disciples of Siegfried to a tract from my hand published by the Fabian Society and entitled The Impossibilities of Anarchism, which explains why, owing to the physical constitution of our globe, society cannot effectively organize the production of its food, clothes and housing, nor distribute them fairly and economically on any anarchic plan: nay, that without concerting our social action to a much higher degree than we do at present we can never get rid of the wasteful and iniquitous welter of a little riches and a deal of poverty which current political humbug calls our prosperity and civilization.

If Tess could somehow reach King Edward and explain her convent plan, he would see the wisdom of her actions and annul this hasty marriage.

It would be difficult, if not impossible, to explain, and she was positively sure he would never just passively grant her an annulment by request.

But equally important, these press conferences gave all of us the opportunity to establish who the public health command team was and to explain to the public what anthrax is, what the relative risk of exposure is, what Cipro is and what its side effects are, how anthrax is treated, and what the difference is between nasal swabs that measure exposure and other tests that measure disease.

No longer protected by anthropocentric gods and goddesses, reason gone flat in its happy capacity to explain away the Mystery, not yet delivered into the hands of the superconsciouswe stare out blankly into that dark and gloomy night, which will very shortly swallow us up as surely as it once spat us forth.

Ressler explains: a bilingual molecule, with specific amino acid at one locus and corresponding anticodon at another.

I was a little vexed at everybody subsequently laughing at some joke which they did not explain, and it was only on going to bed I discovered I must have been walking about all the evening with an antimacassar on one button of my coat-tails.