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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a lyric/narrative/epic etc poem (=a poem in a particular style)
▪ the epic Greek poem, The Odyssey
an epic journey (=a very long and eventful journey)
▪ Lewis and Clark made their epic journey across the continental United States in the early 1800s.
epic proportions (=very great size or importance)
▪ An argument of epic proportions had ensued.
▪ "The Iliad" is perhaps the most studied epic of all time.
▪ the epic poem "Beowulf'
▪ The film was billed as an epic -- an adventure story that would take the world and the box-office by storm.
▪ The history of a single event has been spun out to fill a 255 page epic.
▪ Luo said in a telephone interview from Wuhan that he began preparing his epic in 1988&.
▪ Now it looks like a scene set from Beau Geste, or one of those biblical epics.
▪ Or rent one of the old Steve Reeves muscle epics.
▪ This junk pile just happens to be our epic.
▪ Tuppe knew himself to be the stuff of epics.
▪ John told of his epic journey, when he pedalled 12,500 miles from Sydney back to Liverpool for charity.
▪ He is like a hero in one of his tapestries, on an epic journey of artistic discovery.
▪ For teenagers like Nick, preparing for the epic journey seemed simple enough.
▪ I had suggested that their epic journey through the mountains would make a good subject for a film.
▪ I could hardly let you go off on an epic journey all by yourself.
▪ The action of a traditional epic poem is further complicated in that it deals with the relation of human beings to gods.
▪ Zach was to finish his epic poem and write a report on the Christmas Show.
▪ The first epic poet of a human group is the first individual.
▪ By inventing a myth, the epic poet frees himself from the group.
▪ As a life, it had the ingredients of a blockbuster romantic novel or epic costume film.
▪ Brecht later worked out of this mould in his different epic theatre.
▪ The dinner they gave him ranks among the epic brawls which regularly give the brotherhood of socialist solidarity a bad name.
▪ The rest of the country is missing an epic work.
▪ There is a boy of about the same age in Kanal, Andrzej Wajda's epic film of the Warsaw uprising.
▪ What they added was a sense of grandeur - they took blues licks and put them on a epic scale.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Epic \Ep"ic\, a. [L. epicus, Gr. ?, from ? a word, speech, tale, song; akin to L. vox voice: cf. F. ['e]pique. See Voice.] Narrated in a grand style; pertaining to or designating a kind of narrative poem, usually called an heroic poem, in which real or fictitious events, usually the achievements of some hero, are narrated in an elevated style.

The epic poem treats of one great, complex action, in a grand style and with fullness of detail.
--T. Arnold.


Epic \Ep"ic\, n. An epic or heroic poem. See Epic, a.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1580s, "pertaining to or constituting a lengthy heroic poem," via Middle French épique or directly from Latin epicus, from Greek epikos, from epos "a word; a tale, story; promise, prophecy, proverb; poetry in heroic verse," from PIE *wekw- "to speak" (see voice (n.)). Extended sense of "grand, heroic" first recorded in English 1731. From 1706 as a noun in reference to an epic poem, "A long narrative told on a grand scale of time and place, featuring a larger-than-life protagonist and heroic actions" [Miller Williams, "Patterns of Poetry"]. Earlier as "an epic poet" (1630s).


a. 1 Of, or relating to, an epic. 2 Momentously heroic; grand in scale or character 3 (context colloquial slang informal English) Extending beyond the usual or ordinary; extraordinary, momentous, great. 4 (context category theory English) ''Of a morphism'': that it is an epimorphism. n. 1 An extended narrative poem in elevated or dignified language, celebrating the feats of a deity or demigod (heroic epic) or other legendary or traditional hero. 2 A series of events considered appropriate to an epic.

  1. adj. very imposing or impressive; surpassing the ordinary (especially in size or scale); "an epic voyage"; "of heroic proportions"; "heroic sculpture" [syn: heroic, larger-than-life]

  2. constituting or having to do with or suggestive of a literary epic; "epic tradition" [syn: epical]


n. a long narrative poem telling of a hero's deeds [syn: epic poem, heroic poem, epos]


EPIC may refer to:

Epic (Borknagar album)

Epic is Borknagar's sixth studio album. It was released in 2004 on Century Media Records, as were all of their recordings until Universal, which came out through Indie. Drummer Asgeir Mickelson plays all bass on this record because Tyr, their previous bassist, left the band halfway through the recording sessions. This album also marks the departure of guitarist Jens F. Ryland.

Epic (video game)

Epic is an action-based space flight simulator game developed by Digital Image Design and published by Ocean Software for the Amiga and Atari ST in early 1992, with ports for the PC DOS and NEC PC-9801 later the same year. A sequel titled Inferno was released for the PC CD-ROM in 1994.

Epic (game)

Epic is a tabletop wargame set in the fictional Warhammer 40,000 universe. Whereas Warhammer 40,000 involves small battles between forces of a few squads of troops and two or three vehicles, Epic features battles between armies consisting of dozens of tanks and hundreds of soldiers. Due to the comparatively larger size of the battles, Epic miniatures are smaller than those in Warhammer 40,000, with a typical human being represented with a 6mm high figure, as opposed to the 28mm minis used in Warhammer 40,000.

In the Warhammer Fantasy universe, Warmaster fills much the same "large-scale battle" role as Epic does in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, though the two systems do not share rules.

Epic (Faith No More song)

"Epic" is a song by the American rock band Faith No More. It was released in 1989 as the second single from their third album The Real Thing in US and in 1990 as their second single from that album in the UK and Europe. The song was a breakthrough hit. It peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 (the band's only Top Ten hit in the United States), and their first Number One single on the Australian charts. It is among the band's most popular songs and a staple in their concerts.

"Epic" was ranked number 30 on VH1's 40 Greatest Metal Songs, number 67 on their 100 Greatest One-Hit Wonders list, in 2009, it was named the 54th best hard rock song of all time also by VH1, also in 2009 it charted number 46 on the Triple J Hottest 100 of All Time, the largest music poll in the world.

Epic (Kostick novel)

Epic is a novel written by Conor Kostick. It is the first book in the Avatar Chronicles trilogy and was published in 2004 by The O'Brien Press Ltd.

EPIC (form factor)

Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing (EPIC) is a computer form factor, a standard for an industrial-quality SBC that at fits in size between PC/104-Plus and EBX standards.

Epic (genre)

An epic is traditionally a genre of poetry, known as epic poetry. However, in modern terms, epic is often extended to other art forms, such as epic theatre, films, music, novels, plays, television shows, and video games, wherein the story has a theme of grandeur and heroism, just as in epic poetry.

Epic (web browser)

Epic is a privacy-centric web browser developed by Hidden Reflex and based on Chromium source code. It is the first web browser from India.

Epic (R. Kelly album)

Epic is a compilation album by American R&B musician R. Kelly, released September 13, 2010, in Europe through Jive Records and Sony Music. The album is a collection of hit ballads by Kelly such as " The World's Greatest", " If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time", " I'm Your Angel" and " I Believe I Can Fly". He also recorded five new ballads for the record including the official 2010 FIFA World Cup anthem and first single " Sign of a Victory".

Epic (Sharon Van Etten album)

epic is the second album by American singer–songwriter Sharon Van Etten. The final song on the album, "Love More" has been covered in concert by high-profile artists such as Bon Iver, Dave Alvin, and The National. The album was released on September 21, 2010 to critical acclaim.

Epic (Sandro Silva & Quintino song)

"Epic" is a song credited to Dutch producers Sandro Silva and Quintino but Maarten Vorwer really Ghost Produced this song. It was released on 3 October 2011. The song was co-written by Sandro Silva, Quintino, and Maarten Vorwerk, Jesse Van Terrerk, and Silva. It is considered the first true big room house song. The single became a success in The Netherlands by reaching the peak position in both the Dutch Top 40 and the Mega Single Top 100 (see charts and certifications). "Epic" is the twelfth full instrumental number-one hit in the Dutch Top 40. The track was also featured on Swedish House Mafia's compilation album Until Now. caused controversy with his track " Bang Bang" as the drop is extremely similar to the drop from this track, however no permission was used. was involved in another sampling scandal on the same album . Eventually, all three of the songwriters of "Epic" were added to the credits of "Bang Bang".

Epic (Blood on the Dance Floor album)

Epic is the third studio album by US electronica duo Blood on the Dance Floor, released on October 5, 2010. The album is the group's first with Jayy Von Monroe, and also their first to appear on the US Billboard charts. Several of the tracks appeared on previous Blood on the Dance Floor releases and reappear here in a rerecorded format. For reasons unclear, the album had an unusually large number of singles released.

Epic (1984 film)

Epic is a 1984 Australian animated feature by Yoram Gross, who later called it "a rather Australian film - I can't say very successful, a little bit too much experimental film, too much abstract story."

EPIC (TV channel)

The EPIC Channel is an Indian television station that airs action, drama, comedy and narrative non-fiction programming with a focus on Indian history, folklore and mythology genre. Launched by EPIC Television Network Pvt. Ltd on 19 November 2014, it airs programmes in Hindi. Some of its programmes like Raja, Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyaan, Kahi Suni, Dharmakshetra, Sanrachana have been added to Netflix and have been popular with the Indian diaspora.

Epic (2013 film)

Epic (stylized as epic) is a 2013 American 3D computer animated action- adventure film loosely based on William Joyce's children's book The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs. It was produced by Blue Sky Studios, written by William Joyce, James V. Hart, Daniel Shere, Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember and directed by Chris Wedge, the director of Ice Age (2002) and Robots (2005). The film stars the voices of Colin Farrell, Josh Hutcherson, Amanda Seyfried, Christoph Waltz, Aziz Ansari, Chris O'Dowd, Pitbull, Jason Sudeikis, Steven Tyler, and Beyoncé Knowles. The film was released on May 24, 2013 by 20th Century Fox. Epic received mixed reviews from critics and earned $268 million on a $93 million budget.

Usage examples of "epic".

The rivalry between Arjun and Karna is the leading thought of the Epic, as the rivalry between Achilles and Hector is the leading thought of the Iliad.

For five days Drona held his own against the Pandavs, and some of the incidents of these days, like the fall of Abhimanyu and the vengeance of Arjun, are among the most stirring passages in the Epic.

Last comes the crowning event of the Epic, the final contest between Arjun and Karna, the heroes of the Epic, and the war ends in a midnight slaughter and the death of Duryodhan.

MAY-FLOWER--of Delft Haven-- poor, common-looking ship, hired by common charter-party for coined dollars,--caulked with mere oakum and tar, provisioned with vulgarest biscuit and bacon,--yet what ship Argo or miraculous epic ship, built by the sea gods, was other than a foolish bumbarge in comparison!

MAY-FLOWER--of Delft Haven --poor, common-looking ship, hired by common charter-party for coined dollars,--caulked with mere oakum and tar, provisioned with vulgarest biscuit and bacon,--yet what ship Argo or miraculous epic ship, built by the sea gods, was other than a foolish bumbarge in comparison!

Apollonius Rhodius, Quintus Calaber, Nonnus, Lucan, Statius, or Claudian, have sought even to fulfil a single condition of epic truth.

At times he made it sound like some kind of epic battle, him against me, some kind of gigantomachy, two gods at war.

The Epic of Dante is Johannite and Gnostic, an audacious application, like that of the Apocalypse, of the figures and numbers of the Kabalah to the Christian dogmas, and a secret negation of every thing absolute in these dogmas.

But a pacifist saboteur and a stowaway Middler Xi master have different ideas, which lead to an epic voyage through alternate science and philosophy.

You have commanded me to make feature-length cartoon epics and I did obey, and they do open at the Paramount to sensational grosses, and we do re-release them to the nabes year on year, without end.

I had enjoyed far more bizarre experiences, but nothing quite like holding a conversation about the socioeconomics of dream-visions on the rolling back of a gigantic pachyderm with a mythological hero who had enjoyed the privilege of seeing his own future epic and was now bound to live it.

For a rememberer, the most tragic death is to die young, because one can never read the complete epic, and therefore dies unfulfilled.

It reminded Ragnar of the way the skald would speak when quoting the epics of Russ and the All Father.

This dictates their form, as verse, in this case dactylic hexameter: the stichic, or line-by-line, verse form as common to Greek and Latin epic as iambic pentameter is to English.

The play was replete with tyrannicide and the reasons behind ita tragedy of epic proportions.