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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Both these titles were cover-names for the department responsible for eavesdropping on foreign embassies and trade missions in London.
▪ He did not know his way to the foreign embassies.
▪ The queues for visas at foreign embassies are getting longer.
▪ A Soviet embassy was opened in Tirana on Aug. 13.
▪ Last week the Soviet embassy in East Berlin even signalled it would not intervene if unrest became uncontrollable.
▪ He would work within the Soviet embassy.
▪ Calling in senior embassy officials, Habib instructed them to find out within twenty-four hours who had kidnapped Kim.
▪ How he had the worst office space in the building, and the worst housing of all the embassy staff.
▪ The understanding that Faklirti had reached with Mel and Bert did not extend to anyone else on the embassy staff.
▪ The party that became notorious in the 1980s for bombing embassies and kidnapping foreigners is now preaching against rudeness.
▪ Otherwise, send the embassy your application, two photos, your passport and a $ 65 money order.
▪ The American Embassy employs 50 local people in administrative positions.
▪ Travellers in Spain who are worried about the situation are advised to contact the British Embassy in Madrid.
▪ He would work within the Soviet embassy.
▪ On July 19, a total of 19 people sheltering at the Czechoslovak embassy surrendered to the authorities.
▪ Repairs to embassy buildings and the replacement of outdated computer hardware are said to be long overdue.
▪ She had friends in high places everywhere, contacts in embassies.
▪ There were long gay parties which went on till dawn and finished with a dip in an embassy pool.
▪ We met the officials of the embassy at dinner that same evening.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Embassy \Em"bas*sy\, n.; pl. Embassies. [OF. ambass['e]e, embasc['e]e, LL. ambasciata, fr. ambasciare for ambactiare to go on a mission, fr. L. ambactus vassal, dependent, of Celtic or German origin; cf. W. amaeth husbandman, Goth. andbahts servant, G. amt office, OHG. ambaht. Cf. Ambassador.]

  1. The public function of an ambassador; the charge or business intrusted to an ambassador or to envoys; a public message to; foreign court concerning state affairs; hence, any solemn message.

    He sends the angels on embassies with his decrees.
    --Jer. Taylor.

  2. The person or persons sent as ambassadors or envoys; the ambassador and his suite; envoys.

  3. The residence or office of an ambassador.

    Note: Sometimes, but rarely, spelled ambassy.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1570s, "position of an ambassador," from Middle French embassee "mission, charge, office of ambassador," Old French ambassee, from Italian ambasciata, from Old Provençal ambaisada "office of ambassador," from Gaulish *ambactos "dependant, vassal," literally "one going around," from PIE *amb(i)-ag-to, from *ambi- (see ambi-) + *ambi- "around" (see ambi-) + *ag- "to drive, move" (see act (n.)).\n

\nMeaning "official residence and retinue of an ambassador" is from 1764. In earlier use were embassade (late 15c.), ambassade (early 15c.), from Old French variant ambassade.


n. 1 The function or duty of an ambassador. 2 An organization or group of officials who permanently represent a sovereign state in a second sovereign state or with respect to an international organization such as the United Nations. 3 A temporary mission representing a sovereign state. 4 The official residence of such a group, or of an ambassador.

  1. n. a diplomatic building where ambassadors live or work

  2. an ambassador and his entourage collectively

Embassy (TV series)

Embassy is an Australian television serial originally broadcast by ABC Television from 1990 to 1992. Three series were produced with a total of 39 episodes. The program is set in the Australian embassy of a fictional South-East Asian country called Ragaan, located half-way up the Malay Peninsula, somewhere between Thailand and Malaysia. It features stories about Australian ambassadors and their staff.

Embassy (cigarette)

Embassy is a brand of cigarettes from Imperial Tobacco. First sold in 1914 and relaunched as a coupon brand in 1962, in 1976 they were invited to sponsor the World Snooker Championships, which they did from then until 2005 at which time they had to pull out due to the UK government's ban on tobacco sponsorship.

Embassy (magazine)

Embassy is a weekly Canadian foreign policy newspaper. Founded in 2004, it covers defence, foreign policy, development and aid, trade and security news and opinion from a Canadian perspective. The Embassy offices are in Ottawa.

Embassy (horse)

Embassy (24 March 1995 - 20161) was a British champion Thoroughbred racehorse and broodmare. She won three of her four starts as a two-year-old including the Group One Cheveley Park Stakes and the Group Three Princess Margaret Stakes. She was named European Champion Two-year-old Filly at the Cartier Racing Awards, and was the highest rated two-year-old filly in the International Classification. At the end of her two-year-old season she was transferred to the Godolphin Racing team, but never ran again.

Embassy (disambiguation)

Embassy may refer to:

  • A permanent diplomatic mission
  • Embassy (cigarette), a brand of cigarette made by Imperial Tobacco
  • Embassy (professional wrestling), a wrestling stable in Ring of Honor
  • Embassy Suites Hotels, a chain of hotels owned by Hilton Hotels Corporation, which specializes in suite-style rooms
  • On the False Embassy, either of two famous judicial orations, both delivered in

In Entertainment:

  • Avco Embassy Television, a separate television production/distribution company operating from 1968 to 1976
  • Embassy (film), a 1972 film starring Richard Roundtree
  • Embassy (magazine), a division of Hill Times Publishing, Inc.
  • Embassy Pictures, an independent studio and distributor responsible for such films as The Graduate and The Lion in Winter
  • Embassy Records, a record label owned by Woolworth Ltd and sold exclusively through their stores
  • Embassy Television, an American television production company which operated from 1982 to 1998
  • Embassy (TV series) an Australian television series
  • PS Embassy
Embassy (film)

Embassy is a 1972 film based on a spy thriller novel by Stephen Coulter. It was a British film directed by Gordon Hessler, written by John Bird and William Fairchild, and with music scored by Biddu.

The film starred Richard Roundtree as a CIA officer, Ray Milland as an Ambassador, Max von Sydow as a Russian defector taking refuge at the embassy, and Chuck Connors as a KGB assassin posing as a U.S. Air Force officer. Broderick Crawford played the embassy Regional Security Officer, Frank Dunniger, who had to capture and hide the KGB man while the CIA smuggled the defector out of town.

Usage examples of "embassy".

Land Rovers screaming around the desert, men in black kit abseiling down embassy walls, or free fallers with all the kit on, leaping into the night.

I had likewise occasion to become acquainted at the Venetian Embassy with a lady from Venice, the widow of an English baronet named Wynne.

Bundesgrenzschutz a force of West German riot police who guard airports, embassies and the border and an elderly Englishman in a curious nautical uniform worn by the British Frontier Service, which acts as guides for ail British army patrols on land, air and river.

But, in this respect, the Hallichek Ambassadress and her Embassy staff were sorely hampered.

This Turkish embassy, attested only by Crantzius, is related with some doubt by the annalist Spondanus, A.

Lars Aquavit take my bag and lead me out to the embassy car at the curb.

The first and most obvious was the question of why Asad Khalil had turned himself in to the CIA liaison guy at the Paris Embassy.

Nevertheless, he dared to tell me that he was astonished at my hardihood in presenting myself at the embassy.

At that point, as Miles had hoped and foreseen, proceedings broke down in a morass of untested interplanetary legal hypotheses that threatened to engulf the Barrayaran Embassy and the Betan State Department on ever-ascending levels of personnel.

The outraged Betan was directed to take his case to the Barrayaran Embassy in person.

Opposite him was Commander Ralph Busch, the CIA representative with a short fuse, who after five years attached to the Embassy in Grosvenor Square considered himself more British than the British, and even imitated the Foreign Office style of dress to prove it.

I have worked with Commander Busch several times over the past five years and I am delighted that the American Embassy has chosen him to represent them.

The effendi told me that he had found the partner I wanted, and I answered that the musician could be had easily, if he would send a note to the Venetian Embassy, which was done at once.

Merrick exposed an opposition agent actually installed in the cypher room of the British Embassy it was going to make a nasty bang at a time when the East-West delegates were sending each other roses.

Among the public buildings destroyed or seriously damaged in this raid were the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, the former British Embassy, the administrative offices of the Waffen S.