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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Effet \Ef"fet\, n. [See Eft, n.] (Zo["o]l.) The common newt; -- called also asker, eft, evat, and ewt.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English efte, efeta "small lizard-like animal," of unknown origin (see newt).


Etymology 1 n. A newt, especially the European (vern pedia=1 smooth newt) ((taxlink Triton punctatus species noshow=1)). Etymology 2

adv. (label en obsolete) again; afterwards


n. a newt in its terrestrial stage of development


EFT or eft may refer to:

Usage examples of "eft".

The mundane offering of the Collect was done by means of electronic funds transfers, from the eft tokens all bore with them when visiting Virtu.

Since he was not to contact human society, but to restrict his adventuring to the vast wild sites, he was never issued eft tokens, nor was an account set up for him to draw upon as was usual.

The passion for spending and acquiring eft tokens left him indifferent.

The driver, a taciturn android who could be trusted never to speak of his mission, bent his lips into an expression of perfect nonhearing as Dack presented Jay Donnerjack his overnight bag, an eft stick, and much advice.

But what bothered Will more than anything was his belief that Kiel could not beat Eft Efton in the general election.

Sam thinks Eft will try to find a way to use it against me in the Washington debate.

Not only did he show up, he dragged Eft Efton in by the scruff of the neck, as it were, and debated him whether he liked it or not.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this race is how Eft Efton, at a time when the Democrats seem likely to win at least the House, and maybe the Senate, has managed to run so strongly nationally.

Looking across the stage, he could see Eft Efton, and they exchanged a wave.

Meat now and then, eft, when I could shoot one of your light-headed brothers.

Even you efts I would accept as my friends if I did not know that you wanted no more than my blood.

Heber, the Kenite, killed efter a weel-deserved but some cooardly faushion.

I hae said, and whan he didna come, I took my hat--that was about a half-hoor efter the laird left me--and gaed oot to luik for him.

Now, no long efter, a great doon-come of snow fell ding on in oor glen.

During a lull in the carousing, I dealt each of my three human companions a niobium EFT card primed with the agreed-upon stipend, plus a sizable bonus.