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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a desperate effort
▪ A desperate effort was made to reach an agreement.
a futile attempt/effort
▪ a futile attempt to save the paintings from the flames
▪ My efforts to go back to sleep proved futile.
a rescue attempt/effort
▪ One fire fighter was severely burned in the rescue attempt.
a team effort (=when members of a team achieve something together)
▪ It was a great team effort and all the crew did a magnificent job.
a vain attempt/bid/effort
▪ People close their windows at night in a vain attempt to shut out the sound of gunfire.
abortive attempt/effort
▪ an abortive attempt to reform local government
an effort of will (=a determined effort to do something you do not want to do)
▪ With a great effort of will, she resisted the temptation to look at the letter.
an unsuccessful attempt/bid/effort
▪ We made several unsuccessful attempts to tackle the problem.
attempt/effort to persuade sb
▪ Leo wouldn’t agree, despite our efforts to persuade him.
be worth the time/effort/work
▪ It was a great evening, and definitely worth all the hard work.
brave effort/attempt
▪ the brave efforts of the medical staff to save his life
combined effort/action/operation
▪ Dinner was a combined effort.
concentrate your efforts/attention/energy/mind etc on sth
▪ I’m concentrating my efforts on writing my autobiography.
determined attempt/effort
▪ She was making a determined effort to give up smoking.
diplomatic efforts
▪ Diplomatic efforts to end the fighting began on October 15th.
▪ I want to direct my efforts more towards my own projects.
earnest attempt/effort etc
▪ The team have worked hard and their efforts have been rewarded with success.
enormous effort
▪ The team made an enormous effort.
exert effort
▪ We exerted every effort to get there on time.
expend energy/effort/time/resources etc
▪ People of different ages expend different amounts of energy.
▪ Manufacturers have expended a lot of time and effort trying to improve computer security.
focus your attention/mind/efforts on sth
▪ She tried to focus her mind on her work.
frantic effort/attempt
▪ Despite our frantic efforts, we were unable to save the boy’s life.
heroic efforts
▪ her heroic efforts to save her family
joint effort (=two or more people worked on it together)
▪ The meal was a joint effort.
made...concerted effort
▪ Libraries have made a concerted effort to attract young people.
pioneering work/research/efforts etc
▪ the pioneering work of NASA scientists
puny effort/attempt
▪ a puny attempt at humour
relief efforts
▪ In areas severely affected by the earthquake, it is difficult to coordinate relief efforts.
solo effort
▪ a solo effort
strenuous effort
▪ Sherry’s been making a strenuous effort to lose weight.
superhuman power/strength/effort etc
▪ It will require a superhuman effort to get the job done on time.
tremendous effort
▪ She was making a tremendous effort to appear calm.
turn your attention/thoughts/efforts etc to sth/sb
▪ Many investors have turned their attention to opportunities abroad.
▪ Phil turned his gaze towards the older man.
valiant effort
▪ Tarr threw himself in front of a train in a valiant effort to save the child.
war effort
with a minumum of effort (=with very little effort)
▪ The house could be restored with a minimum of effort.
▪ She has also made a concerted effort to improve her knowledge.
▪ However, the fall was due more to commodity price rises and the strength of the dollar than any concerted national effort.
▪ Prompt response to requests would help to ease the pressure as would a concerted effort being made to increase membership.
▪ I feel that I should make a more concerted effort to leave my profession and find a new and more satisfying career.
▪ This change is part of a concerted effort to raise our profile with our international customers.
▪ Meanwhile, ministers rallied in a concerted effort to denounce rumours of a rift between Mr Lawson and Margaret Thatcher.
▪ With one concerted effort, they heaved the boar out of the water and up on to the bank.
▪ These techniques are not freely available everywhere, but with concerted effort they could be.
▪ What varies, and varies dramatically, is the conscious effort with which they are identified and undertaken.
▪ Accepting our human limitations in these high-pressure times, though, takes conscious effort.
▪ This requires a conscious effort, because it is clear that discrimination is more often unintentional than intentional.
▪ At each juncture, there is a breakdown in attention because the work requires sustained conscious effort.
▪ Make a conscious effort to drink less tea and coffee - about one or two cups per day.
▪ To break out of its solitude, it has had to make frequent and conscious efforts.
▪ The priest found his eyes drawn towards it and made a conscious effort to stop staring at it.
▪ Making no conscious effort to save or throw away old tickets, they become collectors.
▪ When a large number of products are involved this considerable effort may not be worthwhile until all overhead allocations are routinely reviewed.
▪ Qin Shihuang devoted considerable resources and effort in trying to track down this miracle plant for his own use.
▪ This is despite considerable efforts to create innovative ways of developing teacher training in the post-independence period.
▪ For many patients, those simple morning tasks took considerable effort and help from staff members.
▪ This was a sense of order that had to be worked hard for and was created with considerable effort.
▪ He appears a rather humble man; but he expends considerable effort telling his full story.
▪ Implementation next year will save considerable administrative effort at head office.
▪ Then, with a desperate effort threw himself bodily away.
▪ The independence wars are not freak events but desperate efforts at cultural survival.
▪ Fights erupted outside supermarkets as shoppers battled for parking spaces in desperate efforts to stock up with canned goods.
▪ In their distress, factories and workers engage in barter in a desperate effort to survive.
▪ Riven hung on to his mount's bridle grimly whilst it bucked and reared in a desperate effort to get away.
▪ A desperate effort was made to reach agreement.
▪ In a desperate effort to camouflage falling rents and values landlords have been offering inducements to tenants.
▪ She had returned to bed and Belinda could see that she was making an enormous effort to remain calm.
▪ The same freedom from job limits that unleashes enormous effort also encourages people to overextend themselves.
▪ Only the tightly clenched line of her jawbone revealed the enormous effort it was taking her just to stand upright.
▪ It is perhaps not fortuitous that Stein made the enormous effort to revive the publication when he did.
▪ To do the work requires an enormous amount of effort beavering away among old records, checking, copying and encoding.
▪ But no one denies that it will take enormous effort to keep her stimulated and well.
▪ Then, with an enormous effort of will, he followed them.
▪ This change led to an enormous effort to begin active treatment in the neonatal period for virtually all infants with this condition.
▪ However, objects decay despite our best efforts to conserve them.
▪ Or maybe they disapproved of or were indifferent to your best efforts.
▪ I'd only be satisfied if people knew about it and made the best possible efforts to save it.
▪ Football is a team game; offense and defense must work together to produce the best effort.
▪ Also, his best efforts did not seem sufficient to her.
▪ The best planned change efforts can be undone by a coalition of powerful executives who want to protect the status quo.
▪ People withhold their best efforts if they see little relationship between what they do and how they are rewarded.
▪ The folks at the Discovery Channel are making the best effort at pioneering original content for the Web.
▪ Many of these emotions energize greater effort but others negate effort and lead to dissatisfaction, stress and withdrawal.
▪ He held himself half sitting up with great effort.
▪ Mould lifted them with great effort.
▪ We accomplish little except as we get into a current which will bear us on without great effort.
▪ At the same time the government has made great efforts to centralise the control of information.
▪ What initially sounded like a simple experiment in fact required a great deal of effort.
▪ Disabled people find that they have to put a great deal of effort into making various authorities meet their ordinary everyday needs.
▪ Having a square root for-1, it is now no great effort to provide square roots for all the real numbers.
▪ Daisy, ever hopeful and optimistic, however, still made heroic efforts to win Perdita round.
▪ Despite heroic efforts by the scientists, these virgin-born turkeys rarely progressed beyond the stage of simple embryos.
▪ At times, by dint of heroic effort, the Elves achieved a breathing space and cleared their lands.
▪ It was a heroic effort to try to evaluate business units using some notion of market valuation.
▪ In gratitude for his heroic efforts over Henry the police had apprehended Duggie on the towpath.
▪ Nevertheless an heroic effort is being made to lick Expo into shape before Easter Monday.
▪ This joint effort by a multicompany committee produced some of the best materials on the subject yet produced.
▪ Country concerns: Trimdon children are making a joint effort to improve wildlife in the countryside around their schools.
▪ The present book is the joint effort of our chosen specialized fields.
▪ It's a joint effort by the council, health services, local businesses and volunteers ... the whole community.
▪ In fact, the most successful programs are joint efforts between a source of training and a source of employment.
▪ See it as a joint effort.
▪ The joint effort has produced remote control fuel-rod exchangers and automatic inspection systems for radioactive welded pipes.
▪ Many think that in spite of strenuous efforts by Mill, utilitarianism can not really do justice to the concept of justice.
▪ Index funds avoid making strenuous and expensive efforts to pick stocks that are expected to beat the market.
▪ Despite the strenuous efforts that were made each time to prevent them, accidents would happen.
▪ His father emphasized strenuous effort to achieve goals and total obedience to those in authority, and he ranted about corrupt politicians.
▪ This document asks doctors to avoid making strenuous efforts to prolong your life if the eventual outcome is known to be terminal.
▪ Some companies are making strenuous efforts to increase the proportion of women at all levels of employment.
▪ The government made strenuous efforts to upgrade the quality of the teaching profession.
▪ Try thinking of a single international agreement that countries have made more strenuous efforts than were strictly necessary to implement.
▪ I would like to thank staff at all levels for their tremendous efforts which contributed to this success.
▪ I would see the tremendous effort it took her to cook this dinner.
▪ With a tremendous effort of will, he straightened up and stood against the wall.
▪ But Tom made a tremendous effort to behave in the proper way.
▪ It was a tremendous effort showing some remarkable talent amongst us and contained a powerful presentation of the gospel.
▪ He was making a tremendous effort to appear calm, if possible to be calm.
▪ With a tremendous effort Ruth forced her eyes open.
▪ It takes a tremendous effort to stop, so: Be determined.
▪ More tremors hit Cairo More earth tremors have hit Cairo impeding the relief effort following the major earthquake.
▪ In a regional disaster such as a flood or earthquake, there was no way to coordinate relief efforts.
▪ A standing committee was set up to co-ordinate the international relief effort.
▪ But sending out supplies is just part of the relief effort.
▪ This factor, together with the severe damage caused to the roads and power supplies, greatly hampered relief efforts.
▪ But the escalating crisis may now force Western leaders to use military air power to protect relief efforts.
▪ The Soviet relief effort is also employing aircraft.
▪ No relief effort will work if war and politics get in the way.
▪ We also found a whole batch of papers which we thought might be vital to the war effort.
▪ Ogontz, like the rest of the United States, was drawn into the war effort.
▪ With its establishment in the Seven Years War as an integral part of the war effort at sea their victory became decisive.
▪ The mobilization of large numbers of white males for the war effort in-creased apprehension among the population at home.
▪ They planted a tree to replace one of the hundreds they'd chopped down to help the war effort.
▪ She was not sorry when she learned that he was about to be shipped out to join the war effort.
▪ A book on the First World War made no mention of women's contribution to the war effort at home or abroad.
▪ Only owners of vehicles vital to the war effort are able to obtain new tyres.
▪ Nu's efforts to bring the two men together were only partially successful.
▪ Every effort in life brings its contrary effort to oppose it, because it is the way of life.
▪ The cartel was prepared to make a special effort to bring him home early.
▪ But even a moderate discount is expected to provide a massive jumpstart to the efforts to bring the Internet to the classroom.
▪ The first efforts to bring videodisc to the consumer market flopped badly.
▪ The campaign had some of the same characteristics as the remarkable group effort that brought home the stranded astronauts of Apollo 13.
▪ She was a war widow and worked round the clock in her efforts to bring up a young family by herself.
▪ I was hoping that our humble efforts would help bring S.B. back.
▪ Instead, George concentrated his efforts on the few remaining furry areas on an otherwise bare bear.
▪ He concentrated his efforts on the posterior aspect of the eye and established the ophthalmic exam.
▪ But they were more successful in the target seats on which they had concentrated their efforts.
▪ Amelio has said Apple will concentrate development efforts on the Internet and multimedia, streamline operations and pare its unwieldy product lineup.
▪ How much might we learn by concentrating ecological effort, expertise and funding on our own backyards?
▪ That takes a lot of concentrated effort.
▪ So Microsoft is now concentrating its efforts on a product customers do want to buy: Windows.
▪ The global comparisons concentrate their efforts on the regularities that hold across a large sample.
▪ The image of the war that I sketched earlier continues to color the efforts of many honest people.
▪ The plan also says republics should continue their efforts to sell land to peasants.
▪ The liberal politicians sigh with relief and continue their efforts to enlarge the welfare state.
▪ They agreed to continue their efforts to improve their social life and to discuss openly any disagreements or suspicions which cropped up.
▪ In this mission, Momich continues to make every effort to be responsive to and sensitive of his neighbors.
▪ As the United Nations continue their efforts to find a peace in a troubled land.
▪ I continue my efforts and stand behind what I first proposed.
▪ But how best to direct our efforts for improvement is bound up with our perceptions of the reasons for the differences.
▪ A former Thompson campaign worker, Mary Crutchfield, 30, is directing the Dole effort in that state.
▪ We are committed to prudent exploration and will direct efforts to ventures which offer significant potential.
▪ This focus can be used to direct all recruitment efforts.
▪ Negotiations with Moda'i Initially, Peres directed his efforts towards winning the support of small orthodox religious parties.
▪ In the post-war period Moscow directed much effort towards overcoming its agricultural inferiority vis-à-vis the West, especially the United States.
▪ The very pleasant Dias family who own the hotel will make great efforts to help you with any activities in Goa.
▪ He had tried to ignore her and go on in an effort to help the girl.
▪ But they also knew there was a remote chance that their efforts might help to prevent catastrophe.
▪ Today, you need a coordinated effort to help you achieve success.
▪ She has also made a concerted effort to improve her knowledge.
▪ The panel has met twice in an effort to work out improved procedures.
▪ Motor industry analysts say Rover's upturn is partly down to efforts to improve its image.
▪ Yet, as this chapter demonstrates, school-to-work can contribute to broader efforts to improve schools.
▪ As a result it is often difficult to analyse the errors of a probabilistic system in an effort to improve its performance.
▪ An effort was made to improve the morale and morals of the army.
▪ Meanwhile, residential social work is hedged about with overt and unspoken rules in any effort to improve matters.
▪ Meanwhile the Government has promised to reintroduce hospital matrons in an effort to improve the quality of nursing.
▪ It must involve the minimum of effort. 2 Replicability.
▪ And it almost always involves an effort integrated with the efforts of others to form a combined final product.
▪ To create a sound involves a huge corporate effort.
▪ The proactive approach involves considerably more effort but is more likely to produce a positive result.
▪ Clinton and Gore became involved in the effort when the California project was in the planning stages.
▪ The theory was that the effort of changing would keep me pinned to the table, diligent and creative.
▪ Biblical movies usually wind up epic in scope in spite of every effort to keep them small.
▪ Chandra Shekhar's efforts at keeping his minority government afloat ended in March 1991.
▪ But Schwartz was undeterred in his efforts to keep Worldwide Plaza on a shortlist of three possible buildings to move to.
▪ Coventry-born Painter, 21, sensed trouble soon after the start and made repeated efforts to keep the headgear in place.
▪ For C-Span, books coverage is all part of an effort to keep the public informed about current events.
▪ The parole system has been making efforts to keep former convicts out of trouble.
▪ But no one denies that it will take enormous effort to keep her stimulated and well.
▪ If a shop's good enough, it's worth making a little effort to get to.
▪ Va., has announced that he intends to make an effort today to assure continued rail passenger service for West Virginia.
▪ For the sake of your health make a determined effort to stop smoking.
▪ The passages and narrow stairs made the effort very difficult, necessitating a change in the arrangements.
▪ If you do then we hope that you will make every effort to come.
▪ If you enlist them effectively these people will make extraordinary efforts to advance new visions and possibilities.
▪ Parcelforce will make every effort to deliver a parcel.
▪ As the number of blacks increased alarmingly in the colonies, some southern colonists made efforts to control the slave trade.
▪ Fewer than 200 people took part in the trial, despite efforts to persuade more homeowners to get involved.
▪ In an effort to persuade cells to respond, even more insulin is released.
▪ Despite Dycarbas's efforts to persuade Eustathius and command Emilia, they can not moderate their behaviour.
▪ William Reilly's efforts to persuade the Administration to agree to sign was reportedly the prime focus of tension between them.
▪ I shall not abandon the effort to persuade you otherwise.
▪ When efforts to persuade them to go proved fruitless, the building began to be demolished around their heads.
▪ Know the subject inside out, putting in that extra effort even if it means reading late and waking early.
▪ But Louisa did not put in that extra effort.
▪ It either makes you appreciate what you've got and put even more effort in.
▪ We put our best efforts into doing our best work for it.
▪ At best, they put in a decent effort in executing the entrepreneurial hero's grand design.
▪ Council also thanked those members of staff who had put considerable effort into running the events.
▪ Husbands may put even more effort and hours into employment outside the home to fill the void.
▪ It was really good gliding around the time hardly having to put any effort into it at all.
▪ We redoubled our efforts to control the flood of water that gushes down our field from the mountains behind.
▪ You will to the utmost maintain a middle attitude and redouble your efforts to carry out our policy.
▪ But Sheffield, who had survived two spot kick claims against goalkeeper Alan Kelly and full-back Ward, simply redoubled their efforts.
▪ When the United States intervened, the Front redoubled its efforts.
▪ The company is redoubling efforts to make its young advertising salesforce more professional.
▪ An appropriate response, it seemed, would have been for the company to redouble its efforts to improve its own offering.
▪ But the 90-strong band of pensioners are determined not to be down hearted and they have redoubled their fund raising efforts.
▪ When Chutra saw that I was laughing, he redoubled his efforts until we were at war with hundreds of monkeys.
▪ These disasters are an expected pan of the system, although strenuous efforts are made to reduce the frequency of the occurrences.
▪ Also, construction sites, mines, farms and landfills will be required to boost their efforts to reduce dust.
▪ The dispute has left the bipartisan efforts to reduce the deficit in, at least temporary, tatters.
▪ This may be an effort to reduce the impact of whatever case Starr does bring or to intimidate him against bringing one.
▪ It is subversive to companies that sell remediation-which explains why solid waste companies often block efforts to reduce the volume of garbage.
▪ The potential for divergent interpretations of visible metaphors, requiring relatively little resolving effort, is fairly minimal.
▪ Also, construction sites, mines, farms and landfills will be required to boost their efforts to reduce dust.
▪ Elias noted that to adopt this approach in our work requires a special effort of detachment.
▪ In fact, the new conditions of work require a coordinated effort and activities that are much more proactive and far-reaching.
▪ Taking a stronger interest in birds requires more effort.
▪ At each juncture, there is a breakdown in attention because the work requires sustained conscious effort.
▪ This requires a conscious effort, because it is clear that discrimination is more often unintentional than intentional.
▪ But that will require a major effort.
▪ Unions at the car factory say they are delighted that bosses have rewarded workers for their efforts with major investment.
▪ They gave bonuses of up to $ 1, 000 per person to reward outstanding group effort.
▪ The sailors rewarded Taff for his efforts with several packets of cigarettes.
▪ Although well able to acclimatise to most aquarium conditions most Rasboras will reward any efforts made to accommodate their particular requirements.
▪ The clause is relatively mild, requiring international agencies to commit themselves to support eradication efforts.
▪ Since my first days in the Congress, I have supported efforts to turn off the faucet of big-money campaign contributions.
▪ Some of the Act's underlying principles can support efforts to overcome suspicion between travellers and welfare authorities.
▪ The Human Rights Campaign is supporting an effort by Sen.
▪ The military called on all citizens' to share our concern for securing peace and to support our efforts for this.
▪ We need to support teachers in their efforts to steer our children in this direction.
▪ He also angered some colleagues by supporting efforts to strip Sen.
▪ In a widely supported effort that ended in December, black leaders, including the Rev.
a last-ditch attempt/effort etc
▪ Despite his bulk, he jumped several fences in a last-ditch attempt to escape.
▪ Horrified by his latest intentions, they were perhaps genuinely considering a last-ditch attempt to save him from himself.
▪ Last night, Mr Jones said he was involved in a last-ditch effort to save the unit.
▪ Munich had inspired a last-ditch attempt to bring down Chamberlain and save the peace.
▪ Not as a second-rate effort or a last-ditch effort.
▪ So finally, in a last-ditch attempt to salvage the exercise as a whole, the following workshop activity was developed.
▪ The Republican victories came despite a last-ditch effort by the president to help Democratic candidates.
be a waste of time/money/effort etc
▪ An unrealistically low offer is a waste of time.
▪ As I said, many of these divisions of investigation will be a waste of time.
▪ But it was a waste of time.
▪ He may protest to the auditor that this is a waste of time.
▪ I feel annoyed, it is a waste of time.
▪ Marx thought that scholarly contemplation was a waste of time.
▪ Which was a waste of time really, because all I wanted to do was join Granpa on the barrow.
▪ While some thought that they did a good job, a substantial minority felt that they were a waste of time.
bend your mind/efforts to sth
▪ But Mrs Totteridge was clearly bending her mind to other things.
collaborative effort/work/project etc
▪ But from the start, feature animation was a collaborative effort.
▪ Combined with virtual reality capabilities, the team can design its own ideal collaborative work space without the constraints of physical reality.
▪ One of the most powerful forms of learning to which I was exposed on my course was active collaborative work.
▪ Since their Nobel lectures describe one collaborative effort, I suggest that we listen to them without interruption.
▪ The activities would demand collaborative work, role allocation and sharing.
▪ The early deadline gave little time for meetings and collaborative effort, or a very considered response to the new timetabling arrangements.
▪ The project being proposed by the Commission would put up £450 million for collaborative work in computers and automation.
▪ When it came time for his second album, he decided to make it a collaborative effort.
concerted effort/action/attack etc
▪ As part of a concerted effort to reinvigorate residential communities, 2, 000 new houses have sprung up since 1990.
▪ He said the pledge was meaningless unless a concerted effort was made to find legislative time for outstanding recommendations.
▪ However, with a concerted effort, this research could be completed within 2 years.
▪ If we are going to maintain the modern world, then concerted action for the future is urgently needed.
▪ Prompt response to requests would help to ease the pressure as would a concerted effort being made to increase membership.
▪ She has also made a concerted effort to improve her knowledge.
▪ The end of the story, of course, is that the students' concerted efforts around the nation worked.
▪ This change is part of a concerted effort to raise our profile with our international customers.
conscious effort/decision/attempt etc
▪ Accepting our human limitations in these high-pressure times, though, takes conscious effort.
▪ And each time the child has to make a new conscious effort like that, there is an opportunity to lose concentration.
▪ I made a conscious decision to do more than persevere in the remaining years I have with my voice.
▪ In both examples, a conscious attempt has been made-to segment the market. 11.
▪ It's a conscious decision and I think it's important that men understand a woman who is offering an alternative lifestyle.
▪ Just lately I have made a conscious effort to really look at the book.
▪ Other subjects - like calculus or computing - can not be learned without some conscious effort.
▪ What varies, and varies dramatically, is the conscious effort with which they are identified and undertaken.
full/top marks for effort/trying/persistence etc
▪ You had to give Anthony top marks for persistence, she thought to herself.
▪ You had to give the woman full marks for persistence.
redouble your efforts
▪ Society should redouble its efforts to give everyone equal opportunities.
▪ An appropriate response, it seemed, would have been for the company to redouble its efforts to improve its own offering.
▪ But Sheffield, who had survived two spot kick claims against goalkeeper Alan Kelly and full-back Ward, simply redoubled their efforts.
▪ Instead of rethinking their programme, they redoubled their efforts to implement it.
▪ The punishment, as it were, is so severe that they redouble their efforts to avoid encountering it again.
▪ We redoubled our efforts to control the flood of water that gushes down our field from the mountains behind.
▪ When Chutra saw that I was laughing, he redoubled his efforts until we were at war with hundreds of monkeys.
▪ When the United States intervened, the Front redoubled its efforts.
▪ You will to the utmost maintain a middle attitude and redouble your efforts to carry out our policy.
spare no expense/effort
▪ Branson spared no expense in getting Event off the ground.
▪ He is totally dedicated to his calling, his art, and spares no expense to fulfil it.
▪ It attracted more retail savings than even the government, which spares no effort to tap the market.
▪ Mrs Grindlewood-Gryke had spared no expense to feed the multitude.
▪ She was often ill, and Hubert spared no effort to make her well again.
▪ They spared no expense when the New York Public Library was built at the turn of the century.
▪ We spared no expense in preparing ourselves for a long strike and the decertification of the unions.
wasted journey/trip/effort etc
▪ As processes improve, it cuts out much of the wasted effort and rework, thus enhancing productivity.
▪ By providing clear goals and objectives, it minimises frustration and wasted effort. 4.
▪ If no-one answered soon he would have to chalk it up as a wasted trip, and Montgomery would not be amused.
▪ It could save you a lot of wasted effort and money.
▪ Not a wasted journey, after all, but she was anxious to carry on.
▪ Not that it was a completely wasted trip, what with the hardware store right next door.
▪ Pembrooke had a wasted journey to Downpatrick yesterday.
▪ What a ridiculously wasted effort this was, Bill.
work/effort etc involved in doing sth
▪ A further disadvantage is the work involved in returning the manure to the field.
▪ It is also often used to pay for the preliminary work involved in making applications for civil and criminal legal aid.
▪ She would like to know their reaction to the work involved in taking the course. 14.
▪ The chief drawback to small-scale silage-making is the extra physical work involved in handling the green crop with its high water content.
▪ The effort involved in constructing such circles was enormous.
▪ The work involved in writing this summation must have been back-breaking, and certainly took years of research.
▪ We have to do the more general piece of work involved in clearing one more bias from our morality.
▪ After all the effort I put in, they had better be satisfied!
▪ All his efforts to convince Lucy failed.
▪ Children are hard work, of course, but worth the effort.
▪ Cleaning up polluted rivers will take considerable time and effort.
▪ Faster and faster he pulled on the rope, gasping with the effort.
▪ He mounted the slope with effort, breathing hard.
▪ His last piece does require some effort from the listener, but it's well worth it.
▪ I've spent a lot of time and effort getting this far. I'm not giving up now.
▪ I could have told you it would be a waste of effort.
▪ It seemed like a lot of effort for a very small gain.
▪ The climb is arduous, but well worth the effort, as the views from the top are spectacular.
▪ The company has announced 500 job losses in an effort to cut costs.
▪ The former method takes a bit more effort, but the results are more reliable.
▪ The workers went on strike after efforts at negotiation with management broke down.
▪ This exercise isn't difficult - it shouldn't require much effort.
▪ Vicki has hardly put in any effort, yet she's expecting the same rewards as everyone else.
▪ But Caps suggests that if an effort is made, community institutions can still be made to work.
▪ But equally important to the Clinton effort was the emphasis on change.
▪ First it needs to boost its efforts to get wind of military-useful technology at an early stage.
▪ Generally, the construction industry still limits its delivery effort to an eight-hour period, Mondays to Fridays.
▪ Indeed this is so clear that I sometimes wonder why so much effort usually goes into attempting to prove it.
▪ It seems he devotes much time, much effort, to his body.
▪ Yet, the lynchings and the surveillance of blacks in an effort to prevent the development of rebellion continued.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Effort \Ef"fort\, n. [F. effort, OF. esfort, for esfors, esforz, fr. esforcier. See Efforce.]

  1. An exertion of strength or power, whether physical or mental, in performing an act or aiming at an object; more or less strenuous endeavor; struggle directed to the accomplishment of an object; as, an effort to scale a wall.

    We prize the stronger effort of his power.

  2. (Mech.) A force acting on a body in the direction of its motion.

    Syn: Endeavor; exertion; struggle; strain; straining; attempt; trial; essay. See Attempt.


Effort \Ef"fort\, v. t. To stimulate. [Obs.] ``He efforted his spirits.''

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 15c., "laborious attempt, strenuous exertion," from Middle French effort, from Old French esforz "force, impetuosity, strength, power," verbal noun from esforcier "force out, exert oneself," from Vulgar Latin *exfortiare "to show strength" (source of Italian sforza), from Latin ex- "out" (see ex-) + Latin fortis "strong" (see fort).\nEffort is only effort when it begins to hurt. [Ortega y Gasset, 1949]\nRelated: Efforts "voluntary exertion," also "result of exertion."


n. The work involved in performing an activity; exertion. vb. 1 (context uncommon intransitive English) To make an effort. 2 (context obsolete transitive English) To stimulate.

  1. n. earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something; "made an effort to cover all the reading material"; "wished him luck in his endeavor"; "she gave it a good try" [syn: attempt, endeavor, endeavour, try]

  2. use of physical or mental energy; hard work; "he got an A for effort"; "they managed only with great exertion" [syn: elbow grease, exertion, travail, sweat]

  3. a series of actions advancing a principle or tending toward a particular end; "he supported populist campaigns"; "they worked in the cause of world peace"; "the team was ready for a drive toward the pennant"; "the movement to end slavery"; "contributed to the war effort" [syn: campaign, cause, crusade, drive, movement]

  4. a notable achievement; "he performed a great deed"; "the book was her finest effort" [syn: deed, feat, exploit]


Effort may refer to:

  • Effort, Pennsylvania, a CDP in Monroe County, Pennsylvania
  • Effortfulness, the subjective experience of exertion when performing an activity

Usage examples of "effort".

According to her friends, Laci put a great deal of effort into her appearance.

Maintaining a heightened military status does not require a great deal in the way of additional effort or expenditure.

Festina, however, had put down her fists, and Aarhus was making no effort to prepare for attack.

Callao and Guayaquil to Nicaragua and Guatemala, under pretext of going for pitch and other things, and then often go from there to the port of Acapulco to lade Chinese cloth, in return for a great sum of silver which they carry, practicing many efforts and frauds.

While Makerakera the expert on aggression sweated frantically to weld together a scratch team of whoever could be spared to join him - Choong from Hong Kong, Jenny Fender from Indiana, Stanislaus Danquah from Accra, and some trainees - the little Greek Pericles Phranakis turned his back on the catastrophe and went away down a path of his own, to a land where success had crowned his efforts with a wreath of bay.

As the events are described we see all the great Achaean heroes, familiar to us from battle-scenes, locked now not in combat but in the fierce effort of peaceful contest.

However, the new resident commissioner at Passy, John Adams, required closer study, and in an effort to inform London, Alexander provided an especially perceptive appraisal: John Adams is a man of the shortest of what is called middle size in England, strong and tight-made, rather inclining to fat, of a complexion that bespeaks a warmer climate than Massachusetts is supposed, a countenance which bespeaks rather reflection than imagination.

By early January, 1787, Adams had rushed the first installment of his effort to a London printer.

Persisting in his futile effort, Adams made himself a mockery, even among some who were on his side.

Faced with the prospect of war with France, Adams was determined to make a fresh effort at negotiations in Paris, to bring about a reconciliation, which he believed possible and desirable.

Now, in the eleventh hour of the election, Hamilton lashed out in a desperate effort to destroy Adams, the leading candidate of his own party.

Jefferson had indeed encouraged and paid Callender for his efforts, and he had spoken of Adams in quite unflattering terms on a number of occasions.

IN EARLY 1805, after four years at Quincy, during which he had made little effort to contact others, Adams decided to send a letter of greetings to his old friend Benjamin Rush.

As efforts were made to give Adams more comfort, by changing his position, he awakened.

Bin Ladin, whose efforts in Afghanistan had earned him celebrity and respect, proposed to the Saudi monarchy that he summon mujahideen for a jihad to retake Kuwait.