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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The aim of our study was to assess the efficacy and longterm effectiveness of treatment with endoscopy in Dieulafoy's disease.
▪ All in all it was a wide variety of clinical situations in which to assess the efficacy of homoeopathic treatment.
▪ Six prospective randomised trials have evaluated the efficacy of elemental diets in Crohn's disease.
▪ In conclusion, this study has evaluated the efficacy of four commercial serological tests in comparison with standard biopsy related tests.
▪ These findings are surprising since it is more difficult to show efficacy when the majority of patients have remission/mild disease.
▪ Several studies have shown the efficacy of 6-mercaptopurine and azathioprine in the treatment of both ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.
▪ Products must continue to show adequate antimicrobial efficacy at the end of the shelf-life.
▪ A trial is first performed to show efficacy and, within limits, to quantify the effect.
▪ Trials have not yet shown the clinical efficacy of this approach; they have shown its safety.
▪ Each is adorned with silken cloths and has its tusks shod with iron for the greater efficacy of killing criminals.
▪ Evaluate vaccine efficacy and the costs and benefits of vaccination programs for emerging infections.
▪ Franz Kafka perfectly exemplifies the efficacy of art in counteracting emotional wounds, if not in healing them.
▪ It is a controversy over the issues of risk versus efficacy.
▪ Salmeterol could therefore reduce the efficacy of salbutamol when the two are given in combination.
▪ Struan, because of its direct descent from a traditional ritualistic practice, still retains a trace of sacramental efficacy.
▪ Sufficient data on safety and efficacy of long-term use of Ritalin in children are not yet available.
▪ This effect, essentially an increase in the efficacy of transmission between pre- and postsynaptic cells, was termed potentiation.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

efficacy \ef"fi*ca*cy\, n. [L. efficacia, fr. efficax. See Efficacious.] Power to produce effects; operation or energy of an agent or force; production of the effect intended; as, the efficacy of medicine in counteracting disease; the efficacy of prayer. ``Of noxious efficacy.''

Syn: efficacy.

Syn: Virtue; force; energy; potency; efficiency.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1520s, from Latin efficacia "efficacy, efficiency," from efficax (genitive efficacis) "powerful, effectual, efficient," from stem of efficere "work out, accomplish" (see effect (n.)). Earlier in same sense was efficace (c.1200), from Old French eficace (14c.), from Latin efficacia; also efficacite (early 15c.), from Latin efficacitatem.


n. (context uncountable English) Ability to produce a desired amount of a desired effect.


n. capacity or power to produce a desired effect; "concern about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine" [syn: efficaciousness] [ant: inefficacy]


Efficacy is a term used in the practice of pharmacology and related areas of medicine that refers to both the maximum response achievable from an applied or dosed agent in research settings, and to the capacity for therapeutic effect or beneficial change of a given therapeutic intervention in clinical settings.

Usage examples of "efficacy".

Its efficacy may be increased in this disease by adding to each bottle one ounce of the acetate of potash, and, when thus modified, it may be administered in the same manner as if no addition had been made to it.

A position demanding a sudden burgeoning of his ego, the unassailable belief in his own efficacy.

Since colchicine retards cell-division, a propulsion spell was used to ensure its efficacy.

However, the American Diabetes Association cannot ensure the safety or efficacy of any product or service described in this publication.

But the efficacy of this system depends entirely on the proselytism of individuals, and grounds its merits, as a benefit to the community, upon the total change of the dietetic habits in its members.

But nevertheless it is true and practicable that marches in pursuit may be so planned as to have this tendency, and that the efficacy of the pursuit is very much enchanced thereby.

This is a tonic nervine of unsurpassed efficacy, combined in such a manner, that, while it quiets nervous irritation, it strengthens the enfeebled nervous system, restoring it to healthful vigor.

Dead instruments, passive tools as they are, it is the spirit of the English communion that gives all their life and efficacy to them.

At times this has meant that a statute was construed so strictly in order to avoid constitutional difficulties that its efficacy was impaired if not lost.

If the cursing about you and your family done by Thyne here is any measure of Horn efficacy, I think I prefer having Ysanne Isard opposing me.

Diemerbroeck, Bonet, Baglivi, Kercher, and Desault mention the efficacy of melody in phthisis, gout, hydrophobia, the bites of venomous reptiles, etc.

Golden Medical Discovery is well adapted to remove morbid states of the disease, in consequence of its direct action on the mucous membranes of the air-passages, and its efficacy in allaying irritation of the laryngeal, pharyngeal, and pneumogastric nerves.

This effect, essentially an increase in the efficacy of transmission between pre- and postsynaptic cells, was termed potentiation.

A liberated sigil retains its efficacy, without exacting the former pain-price.

I was nearly spoiling the efficacy of the operation when I saw the grimaces they made in trying to keep serious.