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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eddoes \Ed"does\, n. pl. (Bot.) The tubers of Colocasia antiquorum. See Taro.


See eddo

  1. n. edible starchy tuberous root of taro plants [syn: taro, cocoyam, dasheen]

  2. [also: eddoes (pl)]

Usage examples of "eddoes".

Not many of the taxi drivers on the island could afford a car shipped from the States, and they looked at Eddoes enviously.

Occasionally, another driver would flat out ask Eddoes how it was that he could afford the car and still have money to burn.

Finally, an hour or more after the ship had docked, the group that interested Eddoes came down the gangplank, looking toward the by now diminishing line of taxis.

It was one of those glorious, sundrenched daysbright blue sky with a few puffy little white clouds that looked like playful sheepthat Eddoes was positive one could find only in the Caribbean.

Since Eddoes had never been off the island, he had to depend on TV to show him the horrors of winter.

Quickly Eddoes motioned to the taxi that had just pulled up behind him to come around.

It would be an hour or more before their fares returned, so this was goofoff time, Eddoes smiled at the thought of a short respite.

Gerald said, giving Eddoes what he thought was a rather curious glance.

Clancy said in a disinterested tone, while Edna merely looked at Eddoes briefly and then got in the car.

The town was teeming with traffic and people, causing Eddoes to inch along to the street that led to the port.