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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

old French silver coin, 1704, from French écu, "a shield," also the name of a coin, from Old French escu (12c.) "shield, coat of arms," also the name of a coin with three fleur-de-lys stamped on it as on the shield, formerly escut, from Latin scutum "shield" (see hide (n.1)). First issued by Louis IX (1226-1270); so called because the shield of France was imprinted on them.


alt. (context dated English) The European Currency Unit (symbol ₠), a currency used in the European Community before the euro. n. (context dated English) The European Currency Unit (symbol ₠), a currency used in the European Community before the euro.


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The term écu or crown may refer to one of several French coins. The first écu was a gold coin (the écu d'or) minted during the reign of Louis IX of France, in 1266. Écu (from Latin scutum) means shield, and the coin was so called because its design included a shield bearing a coat of arms. The word is related to scudo and escudo. The value of the écu varied considerably over time, and silver coins (known as écu d'argent) were also introduced.

Usage examples of "ecu".

Kenna was even fatter and more benevolent appearing, if in a bibulous fashion, than Ecu remembered.

So, indeed, if those memoirs were in fact produced, Ecu would be fascinated by how many ways Kenna could find to avoid the simple fact that he was, and had been since he was a baby ballot-box-stuffer, Crooked to the Gunwales.

The liviecaster misidentified one being, but Ecu knew him well: Solon Kenna.

Emperor had asked Ecu if he might have the pleasure of talking to Sten alone for a few moments.

Maybe until we put together some kind of coalition like Ecu would have overseen?

AM2 was what would prevent, Ecu finished morosely, finding any real solution to this problem.

I can promise you a thousand golden ecu if you tell us of an entrance, twice that if you take us there.

I am bourgeois, as you see, and having a small estate of fifty ecus have all that suffices for the simple needs of a citizen such as I.

What with one thing and another there is steel in the air at present, and a stout heart and a good sword such as you are may make an estate of fifty ecus five hundred or more.

Know you that Monsieur Broussel is a philosopher, who has found contentment in--fifty ecus a year, did you not say, monsieur?

You and your soldiers had taken more than fifty ecus worth of forage from me, as well as a cow and two sheep.

Jon-Tom began to blast out raw-edged stanzas full of free trade, reduced tariffs, and an international standard of taxation based on ecus instead of the dollar.

French merchandize was again seized, and Mexican traders whose storehouses contained such goods were fined 500,000 ecus, although the same storehouses contained English and Dutch goods which were left unnoticed.

He wanted outright cession of Guienne, Calais, and all the former Plantagenet holdings in France, plus an enormous ransom of three million ecus for Jean, in return for which he would give up his claim to the French crown.

By the Treaty of London he surrendered virtually all of western France from Calais to the Pyrenees, and agreed to an augmented and catastrophic ransom of 4 million gold ecus, payable at fixed installments, to be guaranteed by the delivery of forty royal and noble hostages, of whom Enguerrand de Coucy was designated as one.