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duvet day

n. A day spent at home, ostensibly in bed, and sanctioned by one's employer/school, when one is feeling stressed or fragile.

Duvet day

A duvet day is a formal allowance of time off given by some employers, most commonly in the United Kingdom and United States.

It can be stipulated formally in a contract of employment and is considered part of the remunerations package along with holiday allowance. The term has also since become used by people to reference taking a day off work for no normally accepted reason (such as mild sickness, grievance or holiday) even if they have no official duvet day entitlement with their employer.

It differs from holiday allowance in that no prior notice is needed. Employees receive an allocation of days where if they do not want to go to work for any reason they can use a duvet day.

Originally given to employees by UK company August.One Communications in 1997, it has grown in popularity as some companies aim to address the changing work-life climate where people work longer hours.