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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dopant \Dop"ant\ (d[=o]p"ant), n. a foreign substance added to a material to alter its properties; -- a process used. e.g., in making semiconductors from pure silicon in the manufacture of semiconductor chips and integrated circuits.


n. A substance added in small amounts to a pure semiconductor material to alter its conductive properties.

Dopant (Kamen Rider)

The are the fictional antagonists in the Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider W. Dopants are normal humans who use Gaia Memories. The Gaia Memories are aspects of the true , the knowledge of everything on the Earth. These were originally accessed due to Philip's link to the Gaia Memory by means of the . But after he was taken from them, the Sonozaki Family uses a strange temple underneath their mansion to access the Gaia Memory. They then sell these to the highest bidder or to common criminals, both types used as guinea pigs to study the Gaia Memories as part of the Gaia Impact project. The name comes from the English words " dopant" and " doping".


A dopant, also called a doping agent, is a trace impurity element that is inserted into a substance (in very low concentrations) to alter the electrical or optical properties of the substance. In the case of crystalline substances, the atoms of the dopant very commonly take the place of elements that were in the crystal lattice of the base material. The crystalline materials are frequently either crystals of a semiconductor such as silicon and germanium for use in solid-state electronics, or transparent crystals for use in the production of various laser types; however, in some cases of the latter, noncrystalline substances such as glass can also be doped with impurities.

Usage examples of "dopant".

If Genghis ripped her, the sharp edges could slash him, the dopants poison him.