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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a car door/engine/key etc
▪ She left the car engine running.
a glass window/door
▪ The doors had two round glass windows in them.
an entrance gate/door
▪ Soldiers were guarding the entrance gate.
an exit door
▪ Exit doors shouldn’t be blocked at any time.
back door
▪ His father works there, so he got in through the back door.
connecting doors (=doors that join the rooms)
▪ We’d like two rooms with connecting doors .
door key
▪ I’ll get a new door key cut for you.
door knob
▪ a brass door knob
door prize
door/window/picture frame
early doors
▪ We were well on top early doors.
fire door
French doors
front door
front door/garden/porch etc (=at the front of a house)
▪ We walked up the front steps and into the reception area.
live next door to
▪ A rather odd family came to live next door to us.
next door
▪ Have you seen next door’s new car?
next door
▪ the boy next door
opened its doors
▪ The centre has been a great success since it opened its doors a year ago.
out of doors
▪ The kids spent all their time out of doors.
patio doors
pet door
put a key in a lock/the door
▪ I put the key in the lock, but it wouldn’t turn.
revolving door
▪ The park director position has been a revolving door for seven appointees.
screen door the door (=go with you to the door, to say goodbye)
▪ Let me see you to the door.
sliding door
stage door
storm door
swing door
swinging door
the bedroom door/window etc
▪ Did you shut the bedroom window?
the click of a latch/door/lock etc
▪ The click of the latch told me Michele was back.
the front/back door key
▪ She felt in her pocket for the front door key.
the garage door
▪ She locked the garage door.
the key to a door/house/cupboard (=the key that opens a door/house/cupboard)
▪ Has anyone seen the key to the garage door?
▪ He was disturbed when his 2 attackers crashed in through a back door.
▪ The back door was open and I caught the spicy scent of yeast and cinnamon through the screen.
▪ Seeing her husband, she set it down by the back door and came across to the stable.
▪ And I went out the back door.
▪ The man in the donkey jacket began to walk towards the back door.
▪ Sills testified he heard some one banging on his back door and he found the three brothers had let themselves into the kitchen.
▪ Real's punishment was to play subsequent matches behind closed doors.
▪ A closed door stops draughts spreading the flames, and dramatically slows the progress of a fire.
▪ Behind closed doors ... the paint job the public will never see.
▪ Paige frowned at the closed door.
▪ They climbed the stairs together past all the closed doors of Bluebeard's castle.
▪ He crossed the floor silently and listened at the closed door.
▪ There were three rows with his father, behind closed doors, then they reached agreement.
▪ Newcastle held their annual general meeting last night behind closed doors.
▪ Her building was between Avenues B and C and did not have a front door.
▪ At length he reached his hotel and was thrust through the front doors by the sheer momentum of the crowd.
▪ A residence was entered by forcing a front door.
▪ Before a concert in Dublin, a hand-written note was pinned to the front door of the venue.
▪ Behind him, near the front door, his wife was pruning the roses, oblivious.
▪ Then she walked to the front door, which was never used, and did the same thing there.
▪ It was only as my sister reopened the front door to let out her pet cat that I was noticed.
▪ The balcony above the main door has figures of miners on either side.
▪ Two girl-sized statues of angels holding fonts of holy water stood by the main door.
▪ It's possible that he tiptoed down the passage and came in by the main door.
▪ This is the main cabin door which also serves as an emergency exit.
▪ He glanced at the main door.
▪ The stone steps to the main door were chipped, crumbling, and dangerous for old people and toddlers.
▪ He ran out through the main doors and looked to his right and left.
▪ Weatherstrip your main doors and you should stop that.
▪ Ruth knocked on the now open door and then stepped into the suite.
▪ He also throws open the rear door, revealing a video screen.
▪ He was passing the open door, caught the odour of cigarette smoke.
▪ I jerked open the side door and went into the house.
▪ The sudden breeze introduced through the open door disturbed the orbit of the drone and sent the Doctor drifting slowly backwards.
▪ The dimness against the far wall was broken by light pouring out through an open door.
▪ She darted for the open doors and down the stone step to the garden.
▪ McAlister threw open the door and ran for the hospital entrance.
▪ For instance, every bathroom door is painted green, every toilet door, yellow.
▪ While she starts the bath water I wheel my chair into the bedroom, just beside the bathroom door.
▪ Paul sits on the floor by the bathroom door.
▪ The bathroom door opened and Renie hurried out, buckling his belt.
▪ A policeman attempted to open the bathroom door with a crowbar, denting the wood.
▪ They would never knock on any bathroom door she might be behind, that was for sure.
▪ She shut and bolted the bathroom door.
▪ The appraiser shut the bathroom door, and everyone looked around with faint smiles.
▪ There was a light on downstairs, and as my bedroom door opened, all sounds ceased from inside the house.
▪ Inspired, I clipped it out of the paper and taped it to my bedroom door.
▪ We came to a stop outside my bedroom door and he made a lurching movement.
▪ They were waiting for him, and the bedroom door was closed.
▪ I rose from the edge of the bed as she came to the bedroom door.
▪ The argument erupts just as he reaches the bedroom door.
▪ He leaned on his bedroom door, as if trying to shut out the world.
▪ The man fired a shot from a small caliber handgun while speaking to officers through the closed bedroom door, he said.
▪ His job was to open car doors for Quigley.
▪ A slow pressure rolled through me as I sat ramrod-straight, motionless against the car door.
▪ He opens the car door on to a sleeting night rain.
▪ She was moving slowly along the edge of the pavement when a car door swung open in front of her, blocking her path.
▪ He saw Raymo heaving open the car door, a stutter motion, each segment leaving a blur behind.
▪ Mrs Wright opened the car door for him.
▪ There was the slamming of a car door.
▪ She seized hold of the door handle and tried to open it.
▪ His head bobbed like some leftover party balloon Lois had tied to the door handle.
▪ Satisfied his intended victim was asleep, he gripped the door handle and turned it slowly.
▪ In the river bottom, where we finally stopped, the grass was above the door handles.
▪ Paint the door handle silver if liked.
▪ I told him to shut up and I seized the door handle and gave it a good tug.
▪ Nine-stone Deirdre, 39, halted the driverless car by pulling on the door handle.
▪ The door handles fell out of their doors when guests turned them to enter their rooms.
▪ He had gone out through the kitchen door.
▪ Susan took off her traveling dress and washed in the basin by the kitchen door.
▪ Such machines have an incidental use on carpeting and may find therefore a role beyond the kitchen door.
▪ Ma Three quick raps on the kitchen door tugged her back.
▪ I went and stood in the kitchen door, while he watched the vriki.
▪ The heat is on and the kitchen door is bolted shut.
▪ Blowing out the candle, Tilly crept to the kitchen door and gingerly opened it.
▪ Carla cringed behind the kitchen door.
▪ He pushed open the driver's side door and clambered out, unsure whether to approach the Montego or wait.
▪ I can slip out the side door, and the man in black will never know what hit him.
▪ The captain invited us brusquely to sit on a bench before the table and hurried out of a side door.
▪ Returning to the side door, he stood just inside it for a while and then stepped out to the sidewalk.
▪ A side door led straight into a street.
▪ He heard the procession return and, after a while, Father Reynard appeared out of the side door of the church.
▪ He turned the key in the lock, and went in the side door of the old parish hall.
▪ He received it the next morning when he took his usual letter to the stage door.
▪ Musicians were so desperate to hear Michelangeli that they borrowed violin cases and sneaked in through the stage door.
▪ Just before I turned into the stage door, I passed Charles Fox, the theatre make-up shop.
▪ He stopped by on his night off, was let in the stage door, and stood in the wings.
▪ Cards and flowers had already come to the stage door, and Bernie was making mocking remarks at every opportunity.
▪ Before each performance, he slid casually through an unnoticeable stage door into a world unknown to most.
▪ He heard a thunk as some one hit the crush bar on the inside of the stage door.
▪ Eliza went out the stage door into the alley.
▪ Yesterday traders tracked down show chairman Alistair McCloud to his hotel room in Aylesbury, but he refused to answer the door.
▪ Yet it was clear to Sarn Fong that he should not go outside or answer the door after dark.
▪ When traders tracked him down to his hotel room, he wouldn't answer the door.
▪ There was a rule in the Ackerman house that whoever was least busy had to answer the door and the phone.
▪ The family's home in Stockton appeared deserted with all the curtains drawn and no-one was answering the door.
▪ Manuel Gustavo arrives, and when no one answers the door, comes in the back way.
▪ He was even answering the door, her door!
▪ Her granddaughter says the old woman was afraid to answer the door, terrified that once again city officials would come knocking.
▪ Presumably she bolted the door after her for that was how the police had found it in the morning.
▪ Gordy commanded her to sit back down then bolted out the door.
▪ Then she locked the door, bolted the garden doors and prepared for bed.
▪ She turned and bolted out the door.
▪ Safe in her own hallway, Miss Worthington bolted the front door, turned the master key.
▪ For a moment she surprised herself in the thought of bolting for the door.
▪ Just long enough for Jinny to bolt the door.
▪ Faced with a bolted door, Seymour did what thousands of pentecostal preachers have done in similar circumstances ever since.
▪ It was 10.30 ... I closed the door behind me and locked it.
▪ He tiptoed into the bedroom and closed the door.
▪ The decision closes the doors on to hundreds of potential appeals by convicted drink-drivers.
▪ Acknowledging our equal claims to it, we close the door and try again.
▪ He hadn't the strength to close the doors.
▪ I closed the door and tried the third.
▪ He paused for a moment, checking the hall and stairs before stepping into the room and closing the door behind him.
▪ She grabbed the toy and shelved it in the back behind closed doors.
▪ He would expect his visitor to come back through the door to the kitchen.
▪ He shows up often, thanking those who come through the door.
▪ It came through the door leading to the boarders' annexe.
▪ As a child, I watched hundreds of people from all walks of life come through our front door.
▪ When people came to the doors they stood on the step talking and looking over at our side of the street.
▪ The employees seem to know everyone who comes through the door.
▪ After a few minutes a young woman came out of the street door below them and walked away.
▪ Then she heard them coming through the door.
▪ At the Model school burglars ransacked the music centre after forcing open the main door.
▪ Property was stolen from a residence entered by forcing a rear door.
▪ The raiders smashed their way into the trailer to silence Bob's barking before forcing the shop door.
▪ No one had forced any doors or windows, because they didn't need to, did they?
▪ A residence was entered by forcing a front door.
▪ He forced the door and entered the room.
▪ He was just laying the cards down for another game, when he heard the door open behind him.
▪ When he hears the bedroom door open, Carlos puts his ear up against the front panel.
▪ He heard the door close behind him and hurriedly wiped his cheeks.
▪ A few moments later, I heard the front door shut.
▪ She heard the door close behind her, but not before the sound of laughter had followed her down towards the lift.
▪ When he heard the heavy doors open, the loud voices, he knew what to expect.
▪ I heard the outer door shut.
▪ The Collector and half a dozen Sikhs were still managing to hold the door into the drawing-room, but only just.
▪ He held the door open for her.
▪ He gets out and holds our door open.
▪ A pleasant-looking young man, slicked up in new jeans and white sneakers, smiled and held open the courtroom door.
▪ If uncollected, they will be held on the door at the venue.
▪ You could see part of the uniformed arm that held the door open for him.
▪ The porter holds the car door as if restraining a very strong, young Galapagos tortoise from doing what it pleases.
▪ But again, I do the right thing and hold the door for the guy.
▪ She was working on her hands and knees when she kicked the door.
▪ He kicked the door shut, then reached past her and took a glass from the cup board.
▪ He shouted her name, but she only let him in after he threatened to kick down the door.
▪ They kicked open the door and tossed us out into the snow through the back fire exit.
▪ He slammed out on to the landing, and kicked open the door to the next room.
▪ They went into his room and he kicked the door to behind him.
▪ Taking no notice of her breathless protest, he barely halted his stride as he kicked open the bedroom door.
▪ He kicked open the car doors and they both managed to get out, even thought they were on fire.
▪ He smiled, thanked me and patted me on the head before knocking at our door.
▪ But a kiss denied, for Phillis was knocking on the door.
▪ Some say migrant workers knock on their doors asking for water and food.
▪ When I knocked at the door, Mr Rochester's old servant, John, opened it and recognized me.
▪ I was sleeping and somebody knocked on the door.
▪ There was knocking on the front door.
▪ He knocked loudly on the door.
▪ It is important, however, to ensure that you have left as many doors open as possible in terms of future requirements.
▪ She smiled and left, closing the door.
▪ Mr Gorbachev is resisting centrifugal pressure, but leaving the door open for future change in party's status.
▪ Back when me and my buddies were barricading the front door, who left the back door open?
▪ The weaver shook his head but the messenger dared not leave his door till his master's errand had been fulfilled.
▪ I would not leave this door until some one came to open it.
▪ He went, leaving the door standing open.
▪ The Coach House originally provided stabling for a wealthy rector who lived next door.
▪ The Yorkes lived next door to the Shergolds and might have gleaned some scraps of information that he could wheedle out of Harriet.
▪ His only friend was six-year-old Louis, who lived next door.
▪ I once lived next door to a giant of a man with feet like Yeti slippers.
▪ Benjy sat on his sagging back steps with six-year-old Louis Klubock, who lived next door.
▪ Freda Berkeley misses her and another neighbour, the writer Patrick Kinross, who lived two doors away.
▪ She played with her Challiss cousins, who lived next door.
▪ Nevil locked the door and slammed it and then indicated to her to lead on.
▪ Apparently, the Altar Guild had been in to arrange the flowers and had forgotten to lock the side door.
▪ He locked the door of his room.
▪ This time the stepmother locked the door.
▪ After a few minutes he came back and locked the door behind him.
▪ Then I pushed her into the hallway and locked the door.
▪ The gaoler followed, locking the door behind him.
▪ Once the bailiff had locked the door, the jury foreman called for all the evidence.
▪ The noise is footsteps moving away from the door.
▪ Quietly he stood up from his chair and moved closer to the door.
▪ Thomas moved to the door and slammed his arms into it.
▪ He moves to the window alongside, and sees her inside the office moving away from the door.
▪ I feel Joe move towards the door behind me.
▪ They were moving away from the fire door when there was a loud report, like a large cannon going off.
▪ She pushed open the door without knocking.
▪ Then the Jesuit volunteers pushed open the shelter doors and the worshipers followed the cross into a misty rain.
▪ Rachaela pushed open the door and went in.
▪ Curtis pushed the door open and sat down, still glowering.
▪ Inside the caravan her elder daughter was pushing at the door to come out.
▪ We woke before it was light, as some one was pushing the doors open.
▪ She pushed the parlour door open and tiptoed in.
▪ Quinn pushed the door open, walked through the lobby, and rode the elevator to the eleventh floor.
▪ They had reached the door, and the motor was waiting to convey them back to Hampstead.
▪ He reached for that door in the same mechanical, unafraid way and threw it open.
▪ There was no need for the accused to reach the restaurant door.
▪ Her nightdress fell to the floor as she reached the door.
▪ They had reached her door, and instinct took over.
▪ As she reached the doors they came open, the button pressed by two people outside.
▪ As she reached the door she dipped her head, as if she had something caught in her eye.
▪ By the time Cornelius had reached the door, the youth employment officer was already tidying his desk.
▪ I don't shut all the internal doors and I certainly don't pull most plugs out at the socket.
▪ He shut the door quickly behind him.
▪ Neil followed them in and shut the door.
▪ I shut the door to one when I entered the other.
▪ Unfortunately I had shut the stable door after the horse had fled.
▪ Saskia tossed her burden into Tabitha's hands as Mogul shut the door.
▪ I just missed him as he went into his room alone and shut the door.
▪ He walked out of the room and slammed the door.
▪ I said, slamming the door shut.
▪ McQuaid slammed the car door and walked towards the house.
▪ Miguel stepped out and slammed the door, leaving Cristalena sitting inside like a porcelain doll.
▪ She hastened back into the corridor and slammed the door.
▪ The rector fished the key from his pocket as the man got out of the truck and slammed the door.
▪ Unable to wait to slam the door hard shut behind him, she followed him into the hall.
▪ He was going to say the line and slam the door.
▪ I stood at the sliding doors of Crosshouse Hospital, my arm around my grandmother.
▪ Interior screens can range from fabric-covered triptych folding ones you can move around to sliding doors to a climbing house plant.
▪ Her fears were groundless and she slid the door back.
▪ Untraveledroadie: You and only you see the sliding glass door in me.
▪ Tea-break is ten minutes away, so I slide through the pass door to check my costume before dress run.
▪ I slid the door open and saw a Malay with a wet mop.
▪ He re-entered the hangar and searched for the switch to slide the double doors open electrically.
▪ To our left, the sliding glass door absorbed our profiles.
▪ I stood by the door feeling very nervous.
▪ We walked through the station house and stood outside the door for a moment scanning the dark village.
▪ I stood thinking at the door.
▪ One dancer standing outside the door recalls screams and curses.
▪ Maria, who showed her in, was frightened and stood at the door shivering.
▪ They stood together by the door.
▪ She lifted her feet, one by one, pressed them down on to the boot-scraper that stood by the back door.
▪ He stood in the door of the milking house, holding out the buckets for her to take.
▪ The door of a garden shed had swung open.
▪ John watched a swinging door compress the air behind her.
▪ When he swung the door open he found a young man in a World Cup T-shirt and brown suede shorts.
▪ I crossed to the rear and opened the swinging door to the kitchen.
▪ If that crossroads was lost, then Napoleon would have successfully swung the two doors apart.
▪ He came out before the smoke had cleared and swung the door quietly on well-oiled hinges.
▪ I walked through the swinging doors and fell in love.
▪ It turned and the door opened.
▪ When he turned at the door.
▪ She twisted the metal handle and her eyes glinted with satisfaction when it turned and the door opened easily.
▪ Taking my final leave of the President, I turned toward the door, erect and with a dignified, purposeful bearing.
▪ Just before I turned into the stage door, I passed Charles Fox, the theatre make-up shop.
▪ Everybody stops playing cards and Monopoly, turns toward the day-room door.
▪ The next moment she had her face under control, turning towards the door with a polite smile.
▪ But that debate should not obscure the fact that private investment was the key that unlocked the Channel Tunnel door.
▪ I unlocked the door and went in and lay face down on the bed.
▪ I unlocked the door and led the way in.
▪ Inside the truck Donald Fish, 39, of Bridgewater, unlocked the door and opened it.
▪ She unlocked the door and got back in the shower.
▪ You arrive home, unlock the door, and realize you are very hot and sweaty.
▪ She unlocked the scullery door at seven-fifteen this morning - actually, she was late.
▪ She walks towards the arrival doors.
▪ She walked through the revolving door into the lobby.
▪ Few would question Lloyd's determination to win business which now walks past its door and into rivals such as Commercial Union.
▪ I walked through the swinging doors and fell in love.
▪ She walks up to her front door, a picture of sophistication in her Armani suit.
▪ She turned round and quickly began to walk back towards the door.
▪ It was just a question of walking in the door, entering the stream of things.
answer the phone/a call/the door
be at death's door
▪ His skin was so pale, he looked like he was at death's door.
be knocking on the door
▪ But a kiss denied, for Phillis was knocking on the door.
▪ Soon Pugwash was knocking on the door.
beat a path to sb's door
▪ People are going to beat a path from all over to play these golf courses.
beat the door down
behind closed doors
▪ Although America is a democracy, a lot of key decisions are made behind closed doors by unelected advisers.
▪ The board members met behind closed doors to discuss the deal.
▪ And, unlike most other House panels, the ethics committee conducts virtually all of its business behind closed doors.
▪ As the jurors deliberated behind closed doors, the judge huddled with lawyers from both sides in his chambers.
▪ Real's punishment was to play subsequent matches behind closed doors.
▪ Schmoke spent most of his time behind closed doors.
▪ The hearings are behind closed doors, Newsweek says, and it has not discovered the names of the companies implicated.
▪ We think, but we don't really know what they were saying to each other behind closed doors.
close your doors (to sb)
▪ By the end of 1986 Seadocs had closed its doors.
▪ Equitable's managing director quit and the group closed its doors to new business.
▪ In 1976, Stax closed its doors.
▪ It will close its doors for much of the process, which will be complete in 2004-5.
▪ Leisure centres close their doors because of a lack of sufficient funds to operate them.
▪ The acclaimed restaurant closed its doors a few months ago, sending many a fan into deep depression.
▪ The troubles will not close our doors.
▪ Thousands of businesses closed their doors.
force a door/lock/window
▪ He'd forced a window to get into the ground floor maisonette in the Belmont area of Hereford.
▪ House raid: Intruders forced a window at the front of a house in Ripon.
▪ The forced door especially terrified me.
▪ The burglars are believed to have forced a window.
get in through the back door
get/have/keep your foot in the door
keep the wolf from the door
▪ But it was worth it to keep the wolves from the door.
▪ No sign of any more money than is needed to keep the wolf from the door.
kick a door in
knock on doors
▪ All I've done since seems to be walk around and knock on doors.
▪ And gathering that information means knocking on doors and asking people questions.
▪ As a young girl I volunteered to knock on doors and enrol pets in the Tailwaggers Club.
▪ I could go up to Albany and knock on doors, and I could almost always get in.
▪ Landlords knocking on doors, demanding money.
▪ Peter: Well, cause trouble, you know; play knocking on doors, throw stones at windows and that.
▪ She sent Talivaldis to the store for a large loaf of Wonder Bread and knocked on doors, issuing invitations.
lay sth at the door of sb/sth
louvre window/door
never darken my door again
next door to sth
open the door/way to sth
▪ He lifts open the door to throw in another pine slab.
▪ I opened the door to find Mrs Puri standing to attention outside.
▪ Lonnie Ali opens the door to the kitchen.
▪ Once you open the door to things that are not related to the Holocaust, where do you draw the line?
▪ She opened the door to the living room.
▪ This design decision was taken to open the door to integration of hypermedia mail, news, and information access.
▪ This was when somebody opened the door to the inner sanctum where the support band was playing.
post sth through sb's door/letterbox
show sb the door
▪ A couple of security guards showed me the door after they saw my camera.
▪ She lost her temper, started screaming, and was immediately shown the door.
▪ Then one of his bodyguards showed me the door.
▪ Hanmer said as he showed me to the door.
▪ His neighbours, who regard him as a hero, respectfully show you to the door.
▪ I hope that a general election will be held quickly, so that we can show the Government the door.
▪ In a slightly awkward movement, he shows her out the door.
▪ It's the polite way of showing you the door.
▪ Mrs Teal merely wished that Annie show Lois to the door.
▪ So they made it necessary for him to quit, gave him $ 3. 8 million and showed him the door.
▪ This means that you do not just show him the door.
shut sth in the door/drawer etc
shut the door/drawer etc on sth
▪ Come in, lads, come in and shut the door on the fog.
▪ Even so, Wickham was not ready to shut the door on the possibility.
▪ Everyone has been going for national contracts and that has shut the door on the small company.
▪ It watched her, unwinking, until she reached the room behind the shop and shut the door on its crimson gaze.
▪ Madeleine grimaced after she'd shut the door on him.
shut/close the stable door after the horse has bolted
slam the door in sb's face
the door is open
▪ After that, panic ... He was shouting, the door is opened, somebody puts a rifle barrel through the window.
▪ Fitted wardrobes can have internal lights worked by pressure switches that operate when the door is opened.
▪ He is reported to flee from class when the door is opened.
▪ Improve it and the door is open to summer invasions like that of the Lake District.
work the door
▪ A Sturmabteilung opened the door that led into the cabin and Frick walked through, the others following.
▪ At 44, she found most doors slammed shut.
▪ He got out of bed and tiptoed to the door to listen.
▪ He kept walking up and down, up and down, on the pavement opposite her door.
▪ He stepped outside, closed the doors, switched off the flashlight and walked back up the slope to the cottage.
▪ I'd allowed the door to swing to behind me and just as it clicked shut, some one knocked.
▪ We had the trap door, the back door.
be at death's door
▪ His skin was so pale, he looked like he was at death's door.
behind closed doors
▪ Although America is a democracy, a lot of key decisions are made behind closed doors by unelected advisers.
▪ The board members met behind closed doors to discuss the deal.
▪ And, unlike most other House panels, the ethics committee conducts virtually all of its business behind closed doors.
▪ As the jurors deliberated behind closed doors, the judge huddled with lawyers from both sides in his chambers.
▪ Real's punishment was to play subsequent matches behind closed doors.
▪ Schmoke spent most of his time behind closed doors.
▪ The hearings are behind closed doors, Newsweek says, and it has not discovered the names of the companies implicated.
▪ We think, but we don't really know what they were saying to each other behind closed doors.
get in through the back door
get/have/keep your foot in the door
keep the wolf from the door
▪ But it was worth it to keep the wolves from the door.
▪ No sign of any more money than is needed to keep the wolf from the door.
louvre window/door
next door to sth
shut/close the stable door after the horse has bolted
the door is open
▪ After that, panic ... He was shouting, the door is opened, somebody puts a rifle barrel through the window.
▪ Fitted wardrobes can have internal lights worked by pressure switches that operate when the door is opened.
▪ He is reported to flee from class when the door is opened.
▪ Improve it and the door is open to summer invasions like that of the Lake District.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Door \Door\, n. [OE. dore, dure, AS. duru; akin to OS. dura, dor, D. deur, OHG. turi, door, tor gate, G. th["u]r, thor, Icel. dyrr, Dan. d["o]r, Sw. d["o]rr, Goth. daur, Lith. durys, Russ. dvere, Olr. dorus, L. fores, Gr. ?; cf. Skr. dur, dv[=a]ra. [root]246. Cf. Foreign.]

  1. An opening in the wall of a house or of an apartment, by which to go in and out; an entrance way.

    To the same end, men several paths may tread, As many doors into one temple lead.

  2. The frame or barrier of boards, or other material, usually turning on hinges, by which an entrance way into a house or apartment is closed and opened.

    At last he came unto an iron door That fast was locked.

  3. Passage; means of approach or access.

    I am the door; by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved.
    --John x. 9.

  4. An entrance way, but taken in the sense of the house or apartment to which it leads.

    Martin's office is now the second door in the street.

    Blank door, Blind door, etc. (Arch.) See under Blank, Blind, etc.

    In doors, or Within doors, within the house.

    Next door to, near to; bordering on.

    A riot unpunished is but next door to a tumult.

    Out of doors, or Without doors, and, [colloquially], Out doors, out of the house; in open air; abroad; away; lost.

    His imaginary title of fatherhood is out of doors.

    To lay (a fault, misfortune, etc.) at one's door, to charge one with a fault; to blame for.

    To lie at one's door, to be imputable or chargeable to.

    If I have failed, the fault lies wholly at my door.

    Note: Door is used in an adjectival construction or as the first part of a compound (with or without the hyphen), as, door frame, doorbell or door bell, door knob or doorknob, door latch or doorlatch, door jamb, door handle, door mat, door panel.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Middle English merger of Old English dor (neuter; plural doru) "large door, gate," and Old English duru (fem., plural dura) "door, gate, wicket;" both from Proto-Germanic *dur- (cognates: Old Saxon duru, Old Norse dyrr, Danish dør, Old Frisian dure, Old High German turi, German Tür).\n

\nThe Germanic words are from PIE *dhwer- "a doorway, a door, a gate" (cognates: Greek thyra, Latin foris, Gaulish doro "mouth," Gothic dauro "gate," Sanskrit dvárah "door, gate," Old Persian duvara- "door," Old Prussian dwaris "gate," Russian dver' "a door").\n

\nThe base form is frequently in dual or plural, leading to speculation that houses of the original Indo-Europeans had doors with two swinging halves. Middle English had both dure and dor; form dore predominated by 16c., but was supplanted by door.A door is what a dog is perpetually on the wrong side of. [Ogden Nash]


n. A (l/en: portal) of entry into a building, room or vehicle, consisting of a rigid plane movable on a (l/en: hinge). Doors are frequently made of (l/en: wood) or (l/en: metal). May have a (l/en: handle) to help open and close, a (l/en: latch) to hold the door closed(,) and a (l/en: lock) that ensures the door cannot be opened without the key. vb. (context transitive cycling English) To cause a (l/en: collision) by opening the door of a vehicle in front of an (l/en: oncoming) (l/en: cyclist) or (l/en: pedestrian).

  1. n. a swinging or sliding barrier that will close the entrance to a room or building or vehicle; "he knocked on the door"; "he slammed the door as he left"

  2. the entrance (the space in a wall) through which you enter or leave a room or building; the space that a door can close; "he stuck his head in the doorway" [syn: doorway, room access, threshold]

  3. anything providing a means of access (or escape); "we closed the door to Haitian immigrants"; "education is the door to success"

  4. a structure where people live or work (usually ordered along a street or road); "the office next door"; "they live two doors up the street from us"

  5. a room that is entered via a door; "his office is the third door down the hall on the left"

Door -- U.S. County in Wisconsin
Population (2000): 27961
Housing Units (2000): 19587
Land area (2000): 482.718703 sq. miles (1250.235648 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 1887.109352 sq. miles (4887.590577 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 2369.828055 sq. miles (6137.826225 sq. km)
Located within: Wisconsin (WI), FIPS 55
Location: 44.966330 N, 87.290784 W
Door, WI
Door County
Door County, WI
Door (disambiguation)

A door is a panel or barrier used to cover an opening in a wall or partition.

Door or doors may also refer to:

Door (album)

"Door" is the eighth album of the Japanese pop rock group Every Little Thing, released on March 5, 2008.


A door is a moving structure used to block off, and allow access to, an entrance to or within an enclosed space, such as a building or vehicle. Doors normally consist of a panel that swings on hinges on the edge, but there are also doors that slide or spin inside of a space. Similar exterior structures to doors are called gates.

Typically, doors have an interior side that faces the inside of a space and an exterior side that faces the outside of that space. In many cases the interior side of a door mostly matches its exterior side, but in some other cases there are sharp contrasts between the two sides, such as in the case of the vehicle door.

When open, doors admit people, animals, ventilation or light. The door is used to control the physical atmosphere within a space by enclosing the air drafts, so that interiors may be more effectively heated or cooled. Doors are significant in preventing the spread of fire. They also act as a barrier to noise. Many doors are equipped with locking mechanisms to allow entrance to certain people and keep out others. As a form of courtesy and civility, people often knock before opening a door and entering a room.

Doors are used to screen areas of a building for aesthetics, keeping formal and utility areas separate. Doors also have an aesthetic role in creating an impression of what lies beyond. Doors are often symbolically endowed with ritual purposes, and the guarding or receiving of the keys to a door, or being granted access to a door can have special significance. Similarly, doors and doorways frequently appear in metaphorical or allegorical situations, literature and the arts, often as a portent of change.

Usage examples of "door".

I will now go and skin that troll who went so nigh to slay thee, and break up the carcase, if thou wilt promise to abide about the door of the house, and have thy sword and the spear ready to hand, and to don thine helm and hauberk to boot.

Henry helped her up the steps, through the door and into the foyer, and Abigail gasped in admiration.

The heavy door exploded inward, blasted into splinters, and Aunt Pol stood in the shattered doorway, her white lock ablaze and her eyes dreadful.

With a hasty glance toward the ablution facility, Abe raced after the others, to find them by the locked door.

His carriage, with his wife and two daughters already aboard and Cram scowling on the box beside the driver, stood by the front door.

He urged her back against the closed door and kissed her neck, the bristle from his shaven jaw abrading her and making her skin tingle.

The door hinged smoothly shut behind me, muffling the music, and a body thudded against the frosted glass ahead with an abruptness that made me twitch.

Conal now sat on its sculpted door, and absently traced a slender finger along an air intake, glowering at the envelope.

Behind that door was evidently the place of moneyed secrets and decisions, and Guil told himself that Aby had been right and this banking thing evidently did work.

Police SWAT teams in chic basic black accessorized with tear gas and semiautomatic weapons are charging in past the doorman holding the door in his gold braid.

He had been spotted by some little girls en route to Acequia Madre grade school, who chased the beast into a garage and shut the door behind him.

I ventured outside, Achates in my arms, wondering if the Llangarlian guards beyond the door would allow me to walk about the town.

I think we can show that if this idea is adopted, it will open the door toward eventually making many of those reductions and achieving most of our goals.

The door is opened by man through shunning evils as sins as if of himself with the acknowledgment that he does so from the Lord.

I lost my trouble and my time, for I did not become acquainted with the shore till the octave of Christmas, and with the small door six months afterwards.