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n. (plural of document English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: document)

Documents (magazine)

Documents was a Surrealist art magazine edited by Georges Bataille. Published in Paris from 1929 through 1930, it ran for 15 issues, each of which contained a wide range of original writing and photographs.

Documents was financed by Georges Wildenstein, an influential Parisian art dealer and sponsor of the Surrealists. Given its title and focus, the magazine initially listed an eleven-member editorial board including Wildenstein himself (with Bataille listed as "general secretary"); however, by the fifth issue, Bataille was the only editorial member to remain on the masthead.

Called "a war machine against received ideas" by Bataille, Documents brought together a wide range of contributors, ranging from dissident surrealists including Michel Leiris, André Masson, and Joan Miró, to Bataille's numismatist colleagues at the National Library's Cabinet of Coins and Medals. The publication's content was even more wide-ranging, juxtaposing essays on jazz and archaeology with a photographic series fetishizing the big toe, an entire issue dedicated to Picasso, and paeans to the "ominous grandeur" of the slaughterhouses photographed by Eli Lotar. A regular section of the magazine called the "Critical Dictionary" offered short essays on such subjects as "Absolute," "Eye," "Factory Chimney," and " Keaton (Buster)."

Documents was a direct challenge to "mainstream" Surrealism as championed by André Breton, who in his Second Surrealist Manifesto of 1929 derided Bataille as "(professing) to wish only to consider in the world that which is vilest, most discouraging, and most corrupted." The violent juxtapositions of pictures and text in Documents were intended to provide a darker and more primal alternative to what Bataille viewed as Breton's disingenuous and weak brand of Surrealist art. By presenting explicit, often profane imagery side by side with "intellectual" writing, Bataille used Documents to propel Surrealism in a direction he felt Breton dared not: toward an overturning of all hierarchies of art and morality, and a complete democracy of form.

Usage examples of "documents".

Constable bent down, pulled off one of the lawyer s shoes and socks and wiped the blood off the table as best he could and covered the rest with documents and pads of paper.

Priory vowed that no matter how long it took, these documents must be recovered from the rubble beneath the temple and protected forever, so the truth would never die.

Their true goal in the Holy Land was to retrieve the documents from beneath the ruins of the temple.

As the Vatican closed in, the Priory smuggled their documents from a Paris preceptory by night onto Templar ships in La Rochelle.

Because the documents remain the source of constant investigation and speculation even today, they are believed to have been moved and rehidden several times.

Current speculation places the documents somewhere in the United Kingdom.

You just told me the Sangreal is a collection of documents that reveals some dark secret.

The documents gave the Knights Templar so much power because the pages revealed the true nature of the Grail.

Priory, in order to keep their powerful documents safe, had been forced to move them many times in the early centuries.

The Vatican is made up of deeply pious men who truly believe these contrary documents could only be false testimony.

Nonetheless, he is correct about the modern clergy believing these opposing documents are false testimony.

The Sangreal documents include tens of thousands of pages of information.

The documents that have been the object of countless Grail quests throughout history.

If people are searching for documents, why would you call it a search for the Holy Grail?

A tomb containing the body of Mary Magdalene and the documents that tell the true story of her life.