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official document

n. (law) a document that states some contractual relationship or grants some right [syn: legal document, legal instrument, instrument]

Usage examples of "official document".

He leaned his head back for a moment and rattled off the appropriate language for the official document.

A very simple and straightforward form, quite unlike the typical official document of the Confederacy.

Hornblower read the official document and then craned over his shoulder at Spendlove.

He felt his pocket, touched the folded paper, the official document.

There were photographs of children, which Bourne quickly replaced, a driving permit, a housing allocation certificate and an official document proclaiming the bearer to be .

He had known many men, Shepherd for instance, who were forever seeing omens and worrying about them - omens in a superior's handshake, in the misspelling of a name in an official document, in the seating arrangement of a banquet table, in a superior's asking for or offering a cigarette, in the tone of .

These pieces of paper were so vital to the working of the Empire, they were like water, food, or air to a soldier, and an official document would carry more power in its words than any courtier posturing and spouting similar verbiage.