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n. difference


Dif is a settlement divided between Kenya's Wajir County and Somalia's Lower Juba region.

DIF (technique)

DIF is a greenhouse technique involving temperature control for the purpose of controlling plant internode length and thus elongation rates. DIF's effectiveness has led to a reduction in the need and use of chemical plant growth regulators. Although many common greenhouse plants do react strongly to -DIF, there are some plants which show little or no response to -DIF.

Usage examples of "dif".

They're working directly under a group of Chiss, who report directly to Dif Scaur.

At the end of the table was Intelligence Director Dif Scaur, whose thin human frame withstood the crowding at the table better than most.

Second, Intelligence Director Dif Scaur has an announcement of critical importance.

As Chief of State, I order Dif Scaur to continue the Alpha Red project.

He cast one regretful glance at Luke, then stood and made his rapid way out, followed with equal rapidity by Dif Scaur.

As Dif Scaur marched Luke and Mara into the office, Cal stared for a moment at a fragrant fruit-filled pastry that had been provided for his breakfast, and then with a look of disgust swept it from his desk.

The influence of the council as a whole might tip the balance against Dif Scaur and his plan.

The dif ference between fact and fiction went into the Center's research fund.

What woke him was a strange dif ficulty with breathing, a sense of heat and the terror of suffocating in his own sweat.