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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A detonator had failed to set it off.
▪ Benedita was a six-foot, three-inch detonator who exploded books full of theories and generalizations in minutes.
▪ It fires beer cans stuffed with concrete and dynamite detonators.
▪ Later, the guard was forced to put on a belt packed with plastic explosives and connected to a detonator.
▪ The bomb consisted of 30 sticks of dynamite rigged to three separate detonators.
▪ The wires had no detonators attached to the ends of them.
▪ They had some Lewes bombs, but no detonators, and thus could not carry out their mission.
▪ They jointly chose to ignore their employer's orders and statutory safety regulations, by testing detonators without taking shelter.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Detonator \Det"o*na`tor\ (d[e^]t"[-o]*n[=a]`t[~e]r), n. One that detonates; specif.:

  1. An explosive whose action is practically instantaneous.

  2. Something used to detonate a charge, as a detonating fuse.

  3. A case containing detonating powder, the explosion of which serves as a signal, as on railroads.

  4. A gun fired by a percussion cap. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1822, agent noun in Latin form from detonate. For suffix, see -er (1).


n. 1 A device used to detonate an explosive device etc. 2 (context rail transport UK English) a small explosive device attached to the railhead to provide an audible warning when a train passes over it. 3 (cx archaic English) Any explosive whose action is practically instantaneous. 4 (cx obsolete English) A gun fired by a percussion cap.


n. a mechanical or electrical explosive device or a small amount of explosive; can be used to initiate the reaction of a disrupting explosive [syn: detonating device, cap]


thumb|250px|top: small nonel detonator with 25ms delay for chaining nonel tubes, middle: class B SPD detonator, bottom: class C SPD detonator

A detonator is a device used to trigger an explosive device. Detonators can be chemically, mechanically, or electrically initiated, the latter two being the most common.

The commercial use of explosives uses electrical detonators or the capped fuse which is a length of safety fuse to which an ordinary detonator has been crimped. Many detonators' primary explosive is a material called ASA compound. This compound is formed from lead azide, lead styphnate and aluminium and is pressed into place above the base charge, usually TNT or tetryl in military detonators and PETN in commercial detonators.

Other materials such as DDNP ( diazo dinitro phenol) are also used as the primary charge to reduce the amount of lead emitted into the atmosphere by mining and quarrying operations. Old detonators used mercury fulminate as the primary, often mixed with potassium chlorate to yield better performance.

Detonator (album)

Detonator is the fifth studio album by American glam metal band Ratt, released in August 1990.

Though their previous album Reach for the Sky went platinum, it met with some criticism regarding the quality of their songs. In an attempt to regain the popularity that Ratt had in the mid-1980s, the band parted ways with long-time producer Beau Hill. Hitmaker Desmond Child and his personal sound engineer Sir Arthur Payson were hired to helm the project. The album is notable for featuring Ratt's only ballad, " Givin' Yourself Away". The band also gravitated towards a more glam metal/pop metal sound on Detonator.

This is the last Ratt album to feature guitarist Robbin Crosby and bassist Juan Croucier. Crosby departed the group in 1991 following the Japanese leg of the Detonator Tour, and died in 2002 following a heroin overdose.

Detonator (railway)

A railway detonator (torpedo in North America) is a coin-sized device that is used to make a loud sound as a warning signal to train drivers. It is placed on the top of the rail, usually secured with two lead straps, one on each side. When the wheel of the train passes over, it explodes emitting a loud bang. It was invented in 1841 by English inventor Edward Alfred Cowper.

Detonator (Worlds of Fun)

Detonator is a Space Shot ride at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri. It made history as the first Space Shot ride in the United States, as well as the first in the world to have a twin-tower form. Detonator launches riders 150 feet in the air only to fall right back down.

Detonator (film)

Detonator (film) may also refer to:

  • The Detonator, a 2006 film starring Wesley Snipes
  • Death Train, also known as Detonator, a 1993 made-for-TV movie featuring Pierce Brosnan and Patrick Stewart
  • Detonator, a 2003 film starring Randall Batinkoff and Elizabeth Berkley
Detonator (game)

Detonator is a drinking game involving smashing a beer can on one's head. It is played across the United States, and supposedly originated among college students attending Gonzaga University.

Detonator (disambiguation)

A detonator is a device used to trigger an explosive device.

Detonator may also refer to:

  • Detonator (railway), a railway device used to make a loud warning sound to train drivers
  • Detonator (album), a 1990 music album by Ratt
  • Detonator (EP), a 2002 music album by Fearscape
  • Detonator (Worlds of Fun), a "space shot" amusement park ride at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Detonator (Thorpe Park), a drop tower amusement park ride at Thorpe Park in Chertsey, Surrey, England
  • Death Train, also known as Detonator, a 1993 made-for-TV movie starring Pierce Brosnan and Patrick Stewart

The Detonator or The Detonators may refer to:

  • The Detonator, a 2006 film starring Wesley Snipes
  • The Detonators (TV series), a documentary series on the Discovery Channel
  • The Detonators, a novel in the Matt Helm series

Usage examples of "detonator".

Trinity River, now boasting a set of rapids it had never had before, Bernoulli recovered his detonator, got in his Hummer, and drove south.

When Garcia severed it, he tripped the detonator, which in turn caused an electrical charge to be sent to nitroglycerin charges concealed within the crossbeams of the suspension spans.

Once the explosive was disarmed the detonators were out in seconds but to Luis it seemed an hour he jumped to his feet and took this new physique of his on its first flat-out run.

The sleeper contained microcapsules of a sedative agent and a tiny detonator.

Ryan, Nara stopped counting under her breath and pressed the detonator with both thumbs.

And you can get an electrical detonator the size of a watchcase these days.

Baradium was the same substance that made thermal detonators such fearsome weapons, and the missile was carrying enough of the explosive to equip an entire assault division.

The team was down to a dozen thermal detonators - now eleven - and perhaps twice that many grenades, but at least they had not lost anyone since Ulaha.

House of Thul will gladly reimburse the Jedi for all detonators used on my behalf.

Jacen pulled one of two thermal detonators from his belt, thumbed the fuse to the first click, and used the Force to hurl it into her path.

We are testing some new detonators that must fire through a bank of high-voltage condensers in the same one-millionth of a second.

One hand rested on the belt control for the holographic disguise, the other hand held the grenadelike shape of a powerful thermal detonator.

In the basement, he used a shielded penlight, hiding plastique explosive in a furnace duct, attaching a radioactivated detonator.

Smoke from detonators curled out, and white-armored stormtroopers charged in, blasting at the shuttle.

It was the detonator sticking out of it that he treated with delicate respect, unclipping and separating, and stowing the pieces away in several pockets.