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Delia, KS -- U.S. city in Kansas
Population (2000): 179
Housing Units (2000): 58
Land area (2000): 0.113944 sq. miles (0.295113 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 0.113944 sq. miles (0.295113 sq. km)
FIPS code: 17525
Located within: Kansas (KS), FIPS 20
Location: 39.239321 N, 95.964543 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 66418
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Delia, KS
Delia (clothing)

The delia is a garment worn by male szlachta (nobility) of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The delia is similar to a coat or cloak, and was worn over the żupan.

The delia was usually fashioned from wool, cotton, or velvet, and finished with fur. The typical delia had short, loose, unsewn sleeves, and was fastened with metal buttons over the breast. The delia was of eastern origin and the word itself came to Poland in the mid-16th century from Turkey.

Delia (fly)

The genus Delia is part of the fly family Anthomyiidae.

The genus Delia contains approximately 300–340 species worldwide (excluding Neotropical species). At present about 170 species are recorded from the Palaearctic Region, and 162 species from the Nearctic Region, 44 of which are Holarctic. Afrotropical fauna includes 20 Delia species. Griffiths described 49 new species in his recent revision of the Nearctic species, nearly a third of the present Nearctic total, and similar intensive revisions in other parts of the world are expected to produce many more, especially in the Middle East, mountainous regions of Central Asia, Nepal, and Mongolia.

Delia (festival)

In classical antiquity, Delia ( Gr ) were festivals and games celebrated at the great celebratory gathering, or panegyris in the island of Delos, the centre of an amphictyony to which the Cyclades and the neighboring Ionians on the coasts belonged. This amphictyony seems originally to have been instituted simply for the purpose of religious worship in the common sanctuary of Apollo Delios, the patron god (, theos patroos) of the Ionians, who was believed to have been born at Delos. The Delia, as appears from the Homeric Hymn to Apollo (147), had existed from very early times, and were celebrated every fourth year, possibly in the Athenian month of Hieros, or in Thargelion, to apply to Delos the Athenian calendar. The members of the amphictyony assembled on these occasions in Delos, in long garments, with their wives and children, to worship the god with gymnastic and musical contests, choruses, and dances. That the Athenians took part in these solemnities at a very early period, is evident from the Deliastoi (afterwards called Theoroi, ) mentioned in the laws of Solon; the sacred vessel , moreover, which they sent to Delos every year, was said to be the same which Theseus had sent after his return from Crete. The Delians, during the celebration of these solemnities, performed the office of cooks for those who visited their island, whence they were called .

In the course of time, the celebration of this ancient panegyris in Delos ceased, and it was not revived until the sixth year of the Peloponnesian War, in Olympiad 88 year 3 (426 BC), after the Athenians had expiated the Island of Delos, removing all the contents of their graves there to Rheneia, and ordaining that henceforth nobody should either be born or die on the island. The Athenians restored the ancient solemnities, and added horse-races, which had never before taken place at the Delia. After this restoration, Athens being at the head of the Ionian confederacy took the most prominent part in the celebration of the Delia; and though the islanders, in common with Athens, provided the choruses and victims, the leader , who conducted the whole solemnity, was an Athenian ( Plutarch Nic. 3; Wolf. Introd. ad Demosth. Lept. p. xc.), and the Athenians had the superintendence of the common sanctuary (see Amphictyons).


DeLiA is a literary prize of Germany.

Category:German literary awards

Delia (disambiguation)

Delia is a popular given name. It may also refer to:

Usage examples of "delia".

Morag undisturbed abovestairs, Delia went alone to her workbox in the parlour.

But the concept itself was solid, as he proceeded to explain in rapid Italian to the press corps when he floated back into the large private room that Delia had booked.

Peachy and Delia prancing about and hardly able to regulate their satisfaction the expedition promised to be a lively one, though the harum-scarum pair calmed down in the presence of Miss Bickford, and assumed a deportment of due decorum.

There were swags of spruce, ropes of longleaf pine, loose branches of dense and burry fir, and a huge Delia Robbia-style wreath thick with berries and cones.

Some sheepherders she knew talked a blue streak to the dogs, the rocks, the porcupines, they sang songs and played the radio, read their magazines out loud, but Delia let the silence settle into her, and, by early summer, she had begun to hear the ticking of the dry grasses as a language she could almost translate.

In it, he was sitting at home in front of the television, trying to concentrate on the football game as his shrewish, dough-faced wife, dressed in a food-stained dressing gown, hectored him about his sleeping with Delia, the cute secretary from the steno pool, and how she was going to sue him for a divorce and collect a fat alimony, on which she was going to move to Mexico and enjoy the good life, and if that included a hot-blooded young Mexican with the stamina of a stallion, so much the better.

Rosina, the junior theatre Sister, and Delia, in charge of the Accident Room, were both off duty too, and the three of them took a bus to Regent Street where Katrina bought a pair of strappy sandals at Raynes in champagne kid and a leghorn hat swathed with a chiffon scarf in a rich cream.

May to September, Delia took the Churro sheep and two dogs and went up on Joe-Johns Mountain to live.

Sheep were smarter than people commonly believed and the Churros smarter than other sheep she had tended, but by mid-summer the coyotes always passed the word among themselves, buen' carne, and Delia and the dogs then had a job to work, keeping the sheep out of harm's way.

The company rented it for ten months of the year at a nominal sum to Nigel Philiman and his wife Delia, who, it turned out, happened to be managing director and company secretary respectively of the holding company that had set up Zephyr.

When he grinned up at her, the hat tipped rakishly on his sweat-curled hair, and the light of the devil in those golden eyes, Delia softened.

He eased his next stroke a little deeper, and Delia couldn't hold out.

Now that the thick foliage was gone, Delia could make out the long, narrow lap pool that edged Woodruff's back porch, and the hot tub that sat adjacent.

Delia wanted to give them a chance to back away without losing face.

Delia, because she wanted the kids to realize that they really weren't in a position to just build the sewing machines in their back yard, that the game was starting to get real.