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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a debit card (also check card American English) (= one you use to pay for things directly from your account)
▪ The store only accepts debit cards.
debit card
debit note
direct debit
▪ Payment of subscriptions by direct debit, either annually or quarterly, makes more efficient use of Association resources.
▪ Forms to arrange direct debit payment are available on request.
▪ It's simple to do this now by filling in the direct debit and covenant on the back of the donation form.
▪ In many cases, higher rates apply for those holders who do not pay their accounts by direct debit.
▪ Easy Payment Direct debit is by far the most convenient way to pay.
▪ I instruct you to pay direct debits from my account at the request of Campaign for Real Ale Limited.
▪ You get a cheque book, and can arrange direct debits and standing orders as you would through a normal bank.
▪ Standing orders and direct debits - the easy way to pay gas, electricity and other bills and expenses.
▪ The resultant figure is a net liability and so the minority interest is a debit balance.
▪ In this situation, the calculation of minority interest gives rise to a debit balance in the balance sheet.
▪ Page 33 Switch applications: Barclays and Lloyds banks have applied to join the Switch debit card network.
▪ A recent development with current accounts has been the introduction of debit cards.
▪ Visa Delta is a debit card network linked with the Visa credit card network.
▪ Yet Barclays and Lloyds have spent much time and energy privately rubbishing Switch, in efforts to promote their own debit cards.
▪ Betting on the day is only through credit or deposit accounts, or by debit card.
▪ Access would be by debit card, and the use of credit cards would diminish.
▪ On the debit side, he frustratingly falls short of any overarching analysis.
▪ The implication of the latest moves are that humans have moved to the debit side and become liabilities.
▪ It was one more item to be added to the debit side of Georgina's account.
▪ On the debit side, Newfoundland gave up exclusive control of its offshore resources.
▪ In fact this is a debit side to the food intake.
▪ I instruct you to pay direct debits from my account at the request of Campaign for Real Ale Limited.
Pay inside cash? Pay inside debit?
▪ More than 6,000 members have their subscription paid by direct debit from their firm's account.
▪ Customers can pay electronically using debit or credit card accounts.
▪ Direct debits or standing orders are liable to make money disappear from your account stealthily, which may be very confusing.
▪ Direct debits, standing orders and debit-card payments are cleared entirely by computer.
▪ Every debit must have a corresponding credit and vice-versa.
▪ From the national viewpoint there are some credits and one massive debit.
▪ It's simple to do this now by filling in the direct debit and covenant on the back of the donation form.
▪ On the debit side, he frustratingly falls short of any overarching analysis.
▪ Page 33 Switch applications: Barclays and Lloyds banks have applied to join the Switch debit card network.
▪ How can they debit my account without me signing anything?
▪ It shows that the customer has debited the seller's account with the value of the goods returned.
▪ Please authorise us to debit your account and, where possible, give a day-time telephone number in case of query.
▪ The amounts are variable and are to be debited annually.
▪ The appropriate fee should either accompany the application form, or will be debited to your firm's credit account where appropriate.
▪ The total sum is then debited to your Current Account.
▪ Under a Direct Debit, you authorise us to debit your Current Account with the cost when each bill is due.
▪ What I found particularly worrying was that the money was debited from the account without even informing me.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Debit \Deb"it\, n. [L. debitum what is due, debt, from debere to owe: cf. F. d['e]bit. See Debt.] A debt; an entry on the debtor (Dr.) side of an account; -- mostly used adjectively; as, the debit side of an account.


Debit \Deb"it\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Debited; p. pr. & vb. n. Debiting.]

  1. To charge with debt; -- the opposite of, and correlative to, credit; as, to debit a purchaser for the goods sold.

  2. (Bookkeeping) To enter on the debtor (Dr.) side of an account; as, to debit the amount of goods sold.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., from Middle French debet or directly from Latin debitum "thing owed, that which is owing," neuter past participle of debere "to owe" (see debt). As a verb from 1680s. Debit card is attested from 1975.

  1. 1 of or relating to process of taking money from an account 2 of or relating to the debit card function of a debit card rather than its often available credit card function {as used by US Postal Service, Walmart, and other payees n. 1 In bookkeeping, an entry in the left hand column of an account. 2 A sum of money taken out of a bank account. Thus called, because in bank's bookkeeping a cash withdrawal diminishes the amount of money held on the account, i.e. bank's debt to the customer. v

  2. 1 To make an entry on the debit side of an account. 2 To record a receivable in the bookkeeping.


n. an accounting entry acknowledging sums that are owing [syn: debit entry] [ant: credit]


v. enter as debit [ant: credit]

Debit (grape)

Debit is a white wine grape variety grown primarily along the Northern & Central Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. The fruit are medium-sized golden yellow color and in clusters of medium size or large.

Debit (disambiguation)

A debit is one side of a debits and credits entry in a double-entry bookkeeping system.

Debit may also refer to:

  • Debit card, a type of payment card
    • Visa Debit, a brand of debit card
    • Debit MasterCard, a brand of debit card
  • "Debits Field", a derisive name for Citi Field
  • Bank account debits tax, an Australian tax
  • Bombino bianco, an Italian grape variety known as "debit"
  • Debit (grape), a Croatian grape variety
  • Debit commission, a commission in the Holy Roman Empire
  • Debit spread, a financial trading concept

Usage examples of "debit".

The debit balance is heavy when you consider the number of British troops and batteries locked up there, and the very exiguous Indian forces which, after a year of war, have reached the field.

In his mind he laid out a spreadsheet of credits and debits, adding in everything he and that biologist McCollum up on Prime had been able to figure out about Vuukan physiology since his arrival here.

The Physiocrats allow themselves to posit only the material reality of goods, which means that the formation of value in exchange becomes a process costly in itself and must be debited against existing goods.

Obviously, my weight gain was a debit to the transaction, but an even larger one was that the branch of the Burvelle family in Old Thares had not sold off their daughter to an old nobility family.

We know what's right but we don't do it because it's too hard, it asks too much, and even trying to cure Mrs Cortenza or Barmy Brian is no guarantee of anything, so I somehow end each day in debit rather than credit.

All debits, but on the plus side Dudley's ranting didn't put out information restricted to Lesnick's files, leaving that avenue of manipulation still open.

Now, alone in her room, Katherine, considering the drawbacks to life in Roxburgh and Owlsden, began to make a mental list of debits that she had been willing to ignore until the events of the afternoon.

She found herself methodically adding up the credits and the debits of life at Owlsden, as she had done once before, but she had different results than the first time.

In the Architectural Center there were debits for failure but no extra credits for success.

But when you were a i-Dayman like the Investigator, the avoidance of any debits would become enormously important.

Everything he looked upon wasreduced to debits and credits, profits and loss, all weighed in thebalance, counted to the penny, and chalked up into one column oranother.

He adjusted the specta cles carefully on his nose, picked up his pen, waved a negligent hand in acquiescence, and returned to his credits and debits, his additions and subtractions.

The so-called 'psychotically depressed' person who tries to kill herself doesn't do so out of quote 'hopelessness' or any abstract conviction that life's assets and debits do not square.

I had the meal debited from my petty cash account, then left the restaurant and slid back to the office, my excitement mounting as I neared the Braxton Building.

But banks themselves were not without their compromised accesses, where stsho were concerned, since stsho had set up the banking system, all through Compact space: stsho technology, stsho procedures, stsho rules of accounting and the stsho system of transfers and debits.