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The Collaborative International Dictionary

croc \croc\, n. a contraction for crocodile. [informal]


n. (context informal English) A crocodile.

Croc (game designer)

Christophe Réaux (born in France in December 16, 1965), largely and mainly known by the pseudonym Croc, is a games French designer, specialized in role-playing games (RPG) although he also has designed at least both a board game (L'Âge des dieux, "Age of Gods") and a miniatures game (Hell Dorado). He is considered in his own country as a role-playing games pioneer and one of the most important designers in the ambit of such games. Croc's games are edited by Siroz (a homophone of the French word cirrhose, meaning "cirrhosis"), now called Asmodée éditions, French for Asmodeus. Croc met the founders of Siroz (Nicolas Théry, Éric Bouchaud and Laurent Tremmel) in the "20 Naturel" RPG club of Vélizy (near Versailles) in the mid-1980s at secondary school (high school).

One of his games, In Nomine Satanis/Magna Veritas (1989), led to the less controversial English-language game, In Nomine.


CROC (CROC incorporated) is a Russian systems integrator and one of the top 10 IT companies in Russia.

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In 2015, CROC’s total revenue increased by 4.2% YoY to reach ₽27.493 billion.

Croc (film)

Croc is a 2007 made-for-television natural horror film produced by RHI Entertainment that premiered in Canada on the video-on-demand channel Movie Central On Demand in July 2007. It aired in the United States on the Syfy Channel on November 4, 2007. It is the 6th film in the Maneater Series produced under an agreement with Syfy. Filmed in Thailand, the film revolves around the efforts of the owner of a crocodile-farm, an animal welfare agent, and a hunter trying to kill a large saltwater crocodile that has begun killing people in the area.

Croc (magazine)

Croc was a Canadian French-language humour magazine published monthly in Montreal, Quebec from 1979 until 1995.

Usage examples of "croc".

Fuzzy kept watch over the writhing croc trapped in the wall-hole, they danced safely by.

Black fluid flooded out from the sidewalls, falling a clear 200 feet down them into the croc lake.

Thunder obscured all other sound, but I could have sworn I felt the croc close behind, the awful gravity of the beast swinging its head round to bite.

If he could get the croc going all out, he might be able to run away from his late hosts.

The bodies lolled lifelessly as three big crocs took great crunching bites out of them.

Lily out of the water and onto the walkway flanking the lake not a moment before six more crocs attacked the carcass of the dead one.

Less than ten yards from where I stood, a wide, flat spur of tawny rock extended out from the Mogado side of the bank some twenty-five feet over the river, and upon it, slithering atop one another, stacked almost to the height of a man, were dozens of crocs, perhaps more than a hundred.

As I watched, one of the crocs dropped off the pile and went with a heavy splash into the murky water.

But crocs only bellow when their territory is threatened, and I was no threat, I was mere prey.

And as he dances he begins speaking in bursts: a rap of the crocs, a rap of speech.

For instance: it struck me early on that, while there were indications of other feet at work two pairs of highly active rubberised soles on hard floor, and one pair of light leather which I tentatively awarded to the catlike Tabizi there was no slapping of crocs, thereby leading me to the conclusion that Haj was either suspended above the ground in some way, or shoeless, or both.

As he does so, I hear the slow slap of slime-green crocs on hard floor.

He was, he knew it, a snarler, a croc, as his Mama might have put it, in the river of life.

As I watched, one of the crocs dropped off the pile and went with a heavy splash into the murky water.

But crocs only bellow when their territory is threatened, and I was no threat, I was mere prey.