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n. (plural of correction English)

  1. n. the department of local government that is responsible for managing the treatment of convicted offenders; "for a career in corrections turn to the web site of the New Jersey Department of Corrections" [syn: department of corrections]

  2. the social control of offenders through a system of imprisonment and rehabilitation and probation and parole


In criminal justice, particularly in North America, correction, corrections, and correctional, are umbrella terms describing a variety of functions typically carried out by government agencies, and involving the punishment, treatment, and supervision of persons who have been convicted of crimes. These functions commonly include imprisonment, parole and probation. A typical correctional institution is a prison. A correctional system, also known as a penal system, thus refers to a network of agencies that administer a jurisdiction's prisons and community-based programs like parole and probation boards;. This system is part of the larger criminal justice system, which additionally includes police, prosecution and courts. Jurisdictions throughout Canada and the US have ministries or departments, respectively, of corrections, correctional services, or similarly-named agencies.

"Corrections" is also the name of a field of academic study concerned with the theories, policies, and programs pertaining to the practice of corrections. Its object of study includes personnel training and management as well as the experiences of those on the other side of the fence — the unwilling subjects of the correctional process. Stohr and colleagues (2008) write that "Earlier scholars were more honest, calling what we now call corrections by the name penology, which means the study of punishment for crime."

Corrections (disambiguation)

Corrections is society's handling of persons after their conviction of a criminal offense.

Corrections may also refer to:

  • Corrections (film), a 2008 Australian short
  • The Corrections, a 2001 novel by Jonathan Franzen
  • The Corrections (band), a British rock band
  • Department of Corrections (New Zealand)
Corrections (film)

Corrections is a short film, taking viewers on a disturbing trip through the lens of a horror fan.

Usage examples of "corrections".

Here's the dope: You planned to blast back to match your predicted speed, then made side corrections for position.

I had never seen Bonforte, I had had nothing from him but a few scrawled corrections on typescript.

But head for it now and as soon as I can work out the data, I'll give you corrections to warp you into your proper trajectory.

I am in trouble with Blackwell who has set up my translation of Pearl, and needs corrections and an introduction.

In July, Allen & Unwin sent Tolkien the proofs of a new edition of The Hobbit, incorporating minor corrections to the text, and – much to Tolkien's surprise-substituting, for the original, the new version of part of Chapter V, 'Riddles in the Dark', which he had sent them in 1947 merely as 'a specimen of rewriting' (see no.

Tolkien himself was given a copy of the typescript, and he made a number of annotations and corrections to it, which are incorporated into the text which is here printed.

Not being satisfied nor indeed (frankly) wholly reassured, I have made out a list of all the emendations, insertions, and corrections of the main text which do not yet appear in the proofs.

Volume I has now been gone through and the number of necessary or desirable corrections is very small.

But as soon as Corrections gets here I'll close it and make sure it stays closed.

The door to the autopsy suite quietly shut as the Department of Corrections guards left just as abruptly as they had appeared.

She said that Corrections gave her his watch and ring and explained that he had donated his books, poetry, and so on to the N-double-A-C-P.

It suspended Copernicus’s book until corrections were made in it, “so that this opinion may not spread any further to the prejudice of Catholic truth.

As Galileo probably knew from his correspondents across Europe, no astronomer in France, Spain, Germany, or England had even bothered to make the required corrections to De revolutionibus published in 1620.

Sections Galileo had composed at different times in different formats now needed to be handwritten page by page in perfect penmanship for publication, with corrections and additions pasted in as necessary.

He promised Father Riccardi he would write the necessary corrections back home at Bellosguardo and then return with the revised manuscript in autumn.