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n. 1 A coqui frog. 2 A (vern: coqui francolin).


n. coqui frog

Coqui (NASA)

The Coquí and Coquí 2 (Coquí Dos) campaign involved a sequence of sounding rocket launches in order to study the dynamics of the E- and F-region ionosphere and increase our understanding of layering phenomena, such as sporadic E layers. The studies were supported by the United States' National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and carried out in 1992 and 1998 respectively.

NASA launched sounding rockets from the Puerto Rican coastal town of Vega Baja, about 20 miles west of San Juan. Among the stated goals were to study how the Earth's ionosphere reacts to naturally occurring phenomena by artificially simulating these phenomena using a high-frequency (HF) radar and study the ionospheric response with both the Arecibo Observatory ionospheric radar and with instruments and chemical tracers carried aboard the sounding rockets. The campaign was named for the coqui frog, which is common on Puerto Rico.


Coquí is the common name for several species of small frogs in the Eleutherodactylus genus that are native to Puerto Rico. They are onomatopoeically named for the very loud mating call which the males of two species, the common coquí and the mountain coquí, make at night. The coquí is one of the most common frogs in Puerto Rico with more than 16 different species found within its territory, including 13 in the El Yunque National Forest. Other species of this genus can be found in the rest of the Caribbean and elsewhere in the Neotropics, in Central and South America. All species of Eleutherodactylus are characterized by direct development in which eggs hatch into small frogs, the tadpole stage being passed in the egg itself.

Coqui (song)

Coqui or alternatively, Oh Coqui, is a song by Puerto Rican boy band Menudo. It was featured on the band's 1982 film Una Aventura Llamada Menudo and it also was on the film's score album. Along with other hits such as Sube a mi Motora, Senora Mia and Quiero Ser, Coqui was one of the group's top hits during the era.

Charlie Masso was the song's lead singer.

The song is dedicated to a type of frog, the Coqui, that is commonly heard during nights in Puerto Rico; the frog is a national symbol of the small country and the song borrows its name from it.

Usage examples of "coqui".

The air was fragrant with honeysuckle and frangipani, and the little coqui chirruped in time with accordion music wafting from a gypsy band playing outside the theater.

Maxwell Brown has also traced the perpetual discovery and rediscovery of America from the days of the Aalesund tablets and the early Chinese inscriptions in the caves near Bahia Coqui to the final establishment of uninterrupted communications across the Atlantic by the Western Europeans in the fifteenth century C.

Even the coqui, the little green frogs that lived in the trees had stopped croaking.

The penetrating call of the coqui francolins floated up to the old man and the tall young one where they stood on the edge of the escarpment watching the brown-speckled birds picking their way gingerly through the wet grass.

The word coquis had come out of her mouth as though she had heard it a hundred times.

Three's a crowd, she thought, with a giddy sense of horror and black humor, remembering the sound of the coquis in the trees.

She focused on the engine's whine, trying to drown out the coquis, the sounds of which seemed to be mocking her in some horrible fashion from the depths of her memory.

All the bustle muted the sound of the coquis still singing in her ears.