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vb. (en-third-person singular of: contort)


Contorts (arguably) is a portmanteau, or a combination of " contracts" and " torts" originated by Grant Gilmore in his book The Death of Contract. The generally informal term refers to the continual or persistent "tortification" of Contract law. In other words, in recent years, principles from tort law increasingly have been applied to contract disputes and incorporated into the general body of contract law. The basis for "contorts" includes the widespread application of promissory estoppel (as a substitute for consideration) and the awarding of punitive damages in breach of contract claims. Consequently, at least in certain aspects, strict and rigid conceptions of contract law and contractual relationships have been eroded or deemphasized in common law and popular culture.

Alternatively, "contorts" may simply refer to a fusion of contracts and torts law rather than a process in which one area of the law erodes or overtakes another.

Usage examples of "contorts".

Nopac face contorts making his fat lips enlarge as he sees the figures of the two samurai move backward from the unconscious beast.

The young Ganyeka's dirt covered face contorts up a little extra with every aggressive grunt, or roar from the darkness.

  At the peak of its extension, the creature contorts its face and a medley of sounds is heard.

  Suddenly her face contorts with fear, she screams, and her father turns just in time to protect himself from a snarling wolf, midair in an attack.

Because differentiation and dissociation are now so thoroughly confused, culture itself becomes, not also a mode of emergent transformation that discloses deeper and wider worlds, but simply and primarily a distorting force that conceals and contorts both a pure nature and my truly pristine self.

As Grimsley comes into the stretch, his face contorts in the most unsettling way.

         It was a sophisticated wink, not one of your grimacing winks that contorts the whole of one side of the face.

If, during the torture, the old woman contorts her features with pain, they say she is laughing.