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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Congou \Con"gou\, Congo \Con"go\, n. [Chin. kung-foo labor.] Black tea, of higher grade (finer leaf and less dusty) than the present bohea. Also called English breakfast tea. See Tea.

Of black teas, the great mass is called Congou, or the ``well worked'', a name which took the place of the Bohea of 150 years ago, and is now itself giving way to the term ``English breakfast tea.''
--S. W. Williams.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

African nation, named for the river that runs through it, which is from a Bantu word meaning "mountains" (i.e., the river that flows from the mountains). As an adjective, Congoese is native English (1797) but has been supplanted by Congolese (1900), from French Congolais.


The term Congo may refer to two countries that border the Congo River in central Africa:

  • the larger Democratic Republic of the Congo to the southeast (capital: Kinshasa), formerly known as Zaire and sometimes referred to "Congo-Kinshasa"
  • the smaller Republic of the Congo to the northwest (capital: Brazzaville) and sometimes referred to Congo-Brazzaville

Congo or Kongo may also refer to:

Congo (novel)

Congo is a 1980 science fiction novel by Michael Crichton. The novel centers on an expedition searching for diamonds and investigating the mysterious deaths of a previous expedition in the dense rain forest of Congo. Crichton calls Congo a Lost World novel in the tradition founded by Henry Rider Haggard's King Solomon's Mines, featuring the mines of that work's title.

Congo (film)

Congo is a 1995 action adventure film loosely based on Michael Crichton's novel of the same name. It was directed by Frank Marshall (a frequent collaborator of Steven Spielberg, who directed another film based on Crichton's work, Jurassic Park). It stars Laura Linney, Dylan Walsh, Ernie Hudson, Tim Curry, Grant Heslov, and Joe Don Baker. The film was released on June 9, 1995, by Paramount Pictures. Congo opened to negative reviews but performed better than Paramount expected.

Congo (chimpanzee)

Congo (1954–1964) was a chimpanzee who learned how to draw and paint. Zoologist and surrealist painter Desmond Morris first observed his abilities when the chimp was offered a pencil and paper at two years of age. By the age of four, Congo had made 400 drawings and paintings. His style has been described as "lyrical abstract impressionism".

Congo (loa)

In the Voodoo faith, Congo is a handsome but apathetic loa.

In the Congo Savanne aspect, he is a fierce petro loa. He is a powerful man-eating loa, who's patron color is white.

Category:Vodou gods Category:African mythology

Congo (pinball)

Congo is a Williams pinball machine released in November 1995. It is based on the motion picture of the same name.

Congo (song)

"Congo" was the first single from the Genesis album ...Calling All Stations..., released in September 1997. The single marked the debut of Ray Wilson as the lead vocalist for the band. It was a hit across Europe.

Congo (BBC TV series)

Congo is a 2001 BBC nature documentary series for television on the natural history of the Congo River of Central Africa. In three episodes, the series explores the variety of animals and habitats that are to be found along the river’s 4,700 km (2,922 mi) reach.

Congo was produced for the BBC Natural History Unit and the Discovery Channel by Scorer Associates. The series writer/producer was Brian Leith and the executive producer was Neil Nightingale. Series consultants were Michael Fay, Kate Abernethy, Jonathan Kingdon and Lee White.

Little filming was possible in the Democratic Republic of the Congo which encompasses the vast majority of the river's watershed. (The one exception to this is the brief sequence of Livingstone Falls.) The reason for this is that the Second Congo War (1998–2003) was underway during filming (1999–2000).

The series forms part of the Natural History Unit's Continents strand and was preceded by Andes to Amazon in 2000 and succeeded by Wild Africa later that year in 2001.

Congo (chess variant)

Congo is a chess variant invented by Demian Freeling in 1982 when he was nearly eight years old. His father (Dutch abstract games designer Christian Freeling) encouraged him to design a variant using a 7×7 gameboard. Demian was already familiar with chess and xiangqi, and the result blends some features from both. Congo became the second-most popular chess variant at the Fanaat games club in Enschede, the Netherlands.

For his Congo engine, Ed van Zon won "Best of the Zillions" First Contest, Best Chess-Related Category in March 2001.

Usage examples of "congo".

Those tribes having for their customs the practice of compound major mutilations are the Fiji Islanders, Sandwich Islanders, Tahitians, Tongans, Samoans, Javanese, Sumatrans, natives of Malagasy, Hottentots, Damaras, Bechuanas, Kaffirs, the Congo people, the Coast Negroes, Inland Negroes, Dahomeans, Ashantees, Fulahs, Abyssinians, Arabs, and Dakotas.

The reds, as a rule, are affected by acids, and, therefore, it is not possible to use an acid bath with Benzopurpurine, Congo red, with the possible exception of the Titan reds and scarlets, Diamine scarlet, Benzo fast scarlet, Purpuramine, which are faster to acetic acid than the other reds of this class of dye-stuffs.

She wrote a brief note to Glover telling him to tuck into the shoebox of stacked and Saran-wrapped Congo Bars she had baked for him, and she wrote a second note to Brooks and Rollins to say she hoped they enjoyed the shoebox of stacked and Saran-wrapped Congo Bars she had baked for them with second thoughts in the event they discovered she had baked for their older brother and not for them, should, in this flurry of letter writing, Congo Bars ever be mentioned.

Divine rams in one guise or another, with one meaning or another, carry on right down through the Cameroons into the remote basin of the Congo.

Congo for many generations exploiting the resources for a lucrative European market for redwood, camwood powder, wax, ivory, tin, copper, lead, and palm oil.

They are Diamine Gold, Diamine Scarlet B, Diamine Scarlet 3 B, Diamine Bordeaux S, Diamine Blue R W, and Diamine Green G, Diamine Red N O and B, Chicago Blue G and R R W, Brilliant Purpurine R, Diamine Scarlet B, Deltapurpurine 5 B, Chrysamine, Titan Blue, Titan Pink, Congo Oranges G and R, Erie Blue 2 G, Congo R, Brilliant Congo R, Erika B N, Benzopurpurine 4 B and 10 B, Chrysophenine, Titan Yellow, Titan Brown Y, R and O, Congo Brown G, Sulphon Azurine B, Zambesi Black D.

I shall try certain other diptera from the interior, and I have sent to Doctor Vandervelde at Nyangwe for some of the Congo types.

Evans, the Commander-in-Chief, on a scrambler phone to tell him he had just heard from Colonel Dick Fulbright that the first of the B-26Ks for the Congo would be ferried to Hurlburt Field, Florida, almost immediately.

B-26Ks to the Congo, he knows most of the Cubans Dick Fulbright hired to fly them.

Benin, Togo, Ghana, and the Ivory Coast to the west, and Cameroon, Rio Muni, Fernando Po, Gabon, and Congo to the south.

Nor did they have the overlong arms, the flat noses depressed at the base common to the Gabun, Congo, or Mozambique types.

Congo, called by the natives Zaire, and now known as the second of African rivers, the true counterpart of that western Nile, which every geographer since Ptolemy had reproduced and which, in the Senegal, the Gambia, and the Niger, the Portuguese had again and again sought to find their explanation.

EBOLA VIRUS IS named for the Ebola River, which is the headstream of the Mongala River, a tributary of the Congo, or Zaire, River.

It will compel thefatcats of Kinshasa to pull out their corrupt soldiers from East Congo and leave us to manage ourselves.

God-fearing Kivutian, who loves the Congo and wishes to remain a Congolese patriot under one decent and efficient government in Kinshasa if you wish to drive the Rwandan butchers and exploiters back across their borders one and all then kindly stay exactly where you are.