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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Also patron of confessors, professors, and theologians.
▪ He was in demand as a confessor, from a few parishioners, a few neighbouring clergy, a few old students at Lincoln.
▪ His patronage to confessors is attributed to the large crowds he attracted to the confessionals.
▪ She and her confessor ran away from her incestuous father, a pagan chieftain.
▪ Some were in religious orders and acted as confessors, others were lay people.
▪ Such as Saint Maximus the confessor whose tongue was cut out preventing him from speaking.
▪ The confessor was murdered and Dymphna was beheaded for refusing to return home.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Confessor \Con*fess"or\ (?; 277), n. [OF. confessor, F. confesseur, fr. L. & LL. confessor.]

  1. One who confesses; one who acknowledges a fault, or the truth of a charge, at the risk of suffering; specifically, one who confesses himself a follower of Christ and endures persecution for his faith.

    He who dies for religion is a martyr; he who suffers for it is a confessor.

    Our religion which hath been sealed with the blood of so many martyrs and confessors.

  2. A priest who hears the confessions of others and is authorized to grant them absolution.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late Old English, "one who avows his religion," especially in the face of danger, but does not suffer martyrdom, from Latin confessor, agent noun from confiteri (see confess). Meaning "one who hears confessions" is from mid-14c.; this properly would be Latin confessarius, but Latin confessor was being used in this sense from the 9th century.\n

\nEdward the Confessor (c.1003-1066, canonized 1161), last Anglo-Saxon king, was pious enough but does not seem to fit his title; perhaps so called to distinguish him from another Anglo-Saxon saint/king, Edward the Martyr, who does fit his.


n. 1 One who confesses faith in Christianity in the face of persecution, but who is not martyred. 2 One who confesses to having done something wrong. 3 (context Roman Catholicism English) A priest who hears confession and then gives absolution

  1. n. a priest who hears confession and gives absolution

  2. someone who confesses (discloses information damaging to themselves)


Confessor is a title used within Christianity in several ways.

Confessor (band)

Confessor is a doom metal band from North Carolina, United States. By their technically complex interpretation of traditional doom style, they are also a well-known name within progressive metal circles. To date, the band has released two full-length studio albums.

Following the release of their 1991 debut album, Condemned, Confessor disbanded in 1993 while the band was already planning a second album, but reformed in 2002 and is still active today.

Confessor (disambiguation)

Confessor is a Christian title.

Confessor may also refer to:

  • Confessor (band), a doom metal band
  • Confessor (novel), the eleventh novel in Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series
    • Confessor, a fictional occupation from The Sword of Truth series
  • Confessor (comics), a fictional comic book hero in Kurt Busiek's Astro City series
  • Confessor, a unit in Command & Conquer 3
  • Itirafçı - former members of the PKK working with Turkish security forces (the word is often translated "confessor")
Confessor (comics)

The Confessor is a fictional character in the comic book series Astro City. Created by writer Kurt Busiek and artists Brent Anderson and Alex Ross.

Confessor (novel)

Confessor is the eleventh novel in Terry Goodkind's epic fantasy series The Sword of Truth, and the last in the Chainfire trilogy bringing an end to the current story arc involving the Imperial Order. The book was announced on February 20, 2007 on the author's official website. The book was released November 13, 2007.

Usage examples of "confessor".

God Almighty, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and of the holy canons, and of the undefiled Virgin Mary, the mother and patroness of our Saviour, and of all the celestial virtues, angels, archangels, thrones, dominions, powers, cherubims and seraphims, and of the holy patriarchs, prophets, and of all the apostles and evangelists, and of the holy innocents who in the sight of the Holy Lamb are found worthy to sing the new song, of the holy martyrs and holy confessors, and of the holy virgins, and of all the saints, and together with all the holy and elect of God: we excommunicate and anathematise him or them, malefactor or malefactors, and from the threshold of the holy church of God Almighty we sequester them, that he or they may be tormented, disposed and delivered over with Dathan and Abiram, with those who say to the Lord God, Depart from us, we desire not Thy ways.

Indulgence to the effect following, namely, that as long as they continue in the verity of the faith, the unity of the Holy Roman Church, in obedience and in devotion to your holiness and your successors, the Chief Pontiffs of the Holy Roman Church, who shall be canonically elected, so long a suitable Confessor chosen by them shall have power under the authority of the Apostolic See to grant to them when in articulo mortis full remission of all sin which they may have confessed with contrition of heart.

Intensive canvassing of the area around the Biltmore had thus far yielded no verified sightings, the records of convicted sex loonies and registered sex offenders were still being combed, the four drool case confessors were still being held at City Jail awaiting alibi checks, sanity hearings and further questioning.

This occasioned him to send for a Confessor from the Carthusian monastery, that he might have an opportunity of unburthening his conscience.

My own soul was blackened almost beyond redemption, and I knew that soon I would have to go to Cracow to see my own confessor, Bishop Ignacy.

Her mother had never spoken bitterly of losing her husband to the Confessors, but explained instead the honor Cyrilla and Harold had of sharing blood with the Confessors, even if it was mostly unspoken.

Though Cyrilla knew they must have emotions like anyone, Confessors were trained to subjugate them.

Since the selection was made in secrecy, Cyrilla knew little about the succession of Confessors, except that it was done without animosity or rivalry, and had to do with the strength of power weighed against age and training.

A silk band, which goes round the other half, passes through this hole, and the two ends are connected with the axle of a wheel which is turned by someone until the prisoner gives up the ghost, for the confessor, God be thanked!

Unpractised in business, and not gifted with that intuitive quickness which supplies experience and often baffles it, Ratcliffe Armine, who had not quitted the domestic hearth even for the purposes of education, was yet fortunate enough to possess a devoted friend: and this was Glastonbury, his tutor, and confessor to his mother.

He ought to bow to her and leave, he ought to go to his confessor at once, he ought to insist that she find another Hospitaler to escort her.

Especially they produced in her confessor, Father Lacombe, such a ruling admiration, reverence, and tenderness, that he was subdued into a caricature of her.

She was so overscrupulous that she was in the habit of going to her confessor twice a week, and every time her confession lasted at least one hour.

Pere Veret, the confessor of the nuns, Mathurin Rousseau, and Nicolas Benoit, canons, and Conte, a doctor, from whom they learned that Grandier had not been an instant out of their sight for the last two hours.

After Mass of the Presanctified he sat in his study with his confessor, while his chaplain in black passed through on tiptoe from the private chapel, and his chamberlains, tired out by the ceremonies of yesterday, dozed on their stools in the outer hall.