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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Confer \Con*fer"\ (k[o^]n*f[~e]r"), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Conferred; p. pr. & vb. n. Conferring.] [L. conferre to bring together, contribute, consult; con- + ferre to bear: cf. F. conf['e]rer. See 1st Bear.]

  1. To bring together for comparison; to compare. [Obs.]

    If we confer these observations with others of the like nature, we may find cause to rectify the general opinion.

  2. To grant as a possession; to bestow.

    The public marks of honor and reward Conferred upon me.

  3. To contribute; to conduce. [Obs.]

    The closeness and compactness of the parts resting together doth much confer to the strength of the union.


n. The act of one who confers. vb. (present participle of confer English)


See confer

  1. adv. compare (used in texts to point the reader to another location in the text) [syn: cf., cf, see, see also]

  2. [also: conferring, conferred]

  1. v. have a conference in order to talk something over; "We conferred about a plan of action" [syn: confabulate, confab, consult]

  2. present; "The university conferred a degree on its most famous former student, who never graduated"; "bestow an honor on someone" [syn: bestow]

  3. [also: conferring, conferred]

Usage examples of "conferring".

Narrow Leg chirped, having carried on his argument with Big Voice while Keff and Carialle were conferring, "there is undoubtedly little that they do not already know about the theory of space travel.

Big Voice was conferring energetically with the councillors on either side of him.

He seemed always to be conferring with some group or other 'I thought Makil was Governor,' the Rowan remarked acidly to Isthia, seething with worry that Jeff would work himself sick again.

The flight and hangar officers were conferring together as Killashandra passed them.

Ball normally inhabited Gal-3 but had been away conferring with the leaders of other terraformed colonies when the illness struck.

Pona said to Menolly with all the air of one conferring a favor by such conversation.

Beauty was conferring with Lazy and Mimic, who were perched on the end of the bed.

So many people flocked to the Hold, adding to all those Gatherers who had stayed over, that Jaxom, after conferring with Groghe, Lytol, D'ram, and F'lar, transferred the proceedings to the outside court.

The golds always felt as if they were conferring great honor on a bronze by permitting them to mate.

And on other days, busy days, there was the bittersweet satisfaction of seeing them conferring over a stallion's cough, or doctoring the ailing boar that some farmer had brought up to the Keep.

The page giggled, and down the hall I heard two voices conferring in amusement.

A truly ugly tapestry of King Wisdom conferring with a yellowish Elderling.

I believe it was the prospect of making a dramatic entrance and conferring with the Prince before all the merrymakers that decided him.

You will not take actions of major consequence without conferring with me first.

Afterwards, when they had repelled the dangers by their bravery, they carried help to their allies and friends, and procured alliances more by conferring than by receiving favors.