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see cf.


abbr. 1 (abbreviation of Charlie Foxtrot English) 2 (abbreviation of cluster fuck English) 3 cf. - from Latin: confer, 'compare' 4 (context baseball English) (abbreviation of center field English) 5 (context baseball English) (abbreviation of center fielder English) 6 (context Canada military English) (abbreviation of Canadian Forces English) 7 (context computing English) (abbreviation of w:.NET Compact Framework .NET Compact Framework English) 8 (context computing English) (abbreviation of w:Collaborative filtering Collaborative filtering English) 9 (context finance English) (abbreviation of cash flow English)


adv. compare (used in texts to point the reader to another location in the text) [syn: cf., confer, see, see also]


CF, Cf, cf and similar may refer to:

Usage examples of "cf".

At the request of Michael York, MI5 had then asked their French counterparts, the Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire, to ascertain whether Talal Asir had had any dealings with CFS Electronique.

These include Alert on Ellesmere Island in the Northwest Territories, which for decades has monitored Russian over-the-pole communications, and CFS Masset in British Columbia, which also has a giant elephant-cage antenna.