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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a conference centre
▪ Westgate Hotel has sixty bedrooms and a conference centre.
a party conference
▪ He will give a speech at the Tory party conference this morning.
a peace conference
▪ Will the US be sending a delegate to the Middle East peace conference?
address a meeting/conference etc
▪ He addressed an audience of 10,000 supporters.
annual report/meeting/conference
conference call conference
▪ The Green Party held a press conference the next day.
news conference
▪ The chairman told a news conference that some members of staff would lose their jobs.
press conference
▪ The Green Party held a press conference the next day.
sporting/conference/concert etc venue
▪ His announcement at the annual conference of the Association of Children's Reporters in Peebles received an immediate welcome from childcare agencies.
▪ An annual black communications conference was instituted to debate issues and encourage black recruitment by the networks and major publications.
▪ Waldegrave threw out the challenge to the physics community last week at the annual conference of the Institute of Physics in Brighton.
▪ Gabbidon is calling for directors to support an annual or biennial conference for these women and staff.
▪ Agriculture Department said Friday at its annual outlook conference.
▪ The Institute of Water and Environmental Management will be holding its annual conference concurrently.
▪ Friday's announcement came at the association's annual conference in Orlando, Fla.
▪ More societies are expected to announce mortgage rate increases during the Conservative Party conference this week.
▪ As I said at the Conservative party conference, I want to make it clear that our policy is colour blind.
▪ The Prime Minister and other ministers are expected to attend a Conservative conference in Cheltenham next spring.
▪ For instance, the Home Secretary is regularly criticised for leniency on such issues from this lobby at the Conservative Party conferences.
▪ They want the Prime Minister to use the Conservative Party conference next week to slap down this turbulent priest.
▪ Mr Parkinson is to defend the Government's stand at the Conservative Party conference next week.
▪ For the first time there will be a creche for children of representatives at the Conservative conference.
▪ Last week at the Conservative conference Mr Howard said prison life should not be a picnic.
▪ Michael made a good recovery, and was well enough to enjoy the international conference given at the time of his retirement.
▪ Lawyers, politicians and environmentalists have called for such action at an international conference in London organized by Greenpeace.
▪ In recent years Applied Linguistics at Edinburgh has been closely involved in the organisation of international seminars and conferences.
▪ It has been designed to be different from the usual run of the mill international tax conference.
▪ His proposals also called for an international peace conference on the Middle East.
▪ Active planning and discussion of an international conference occupied the early months of 1944.
▪ In this situation an international socialist conference demanding peace short of victory would not be at all helpful.
Joint concluding press conference At their joint concluding press conference on June 3 the two leaders pronounced their summit a success.
▪ On June 3 they held a joint news conference.
▪ It is the first time aviation experts and the rescue services have held a joint conference on the importance of working together.
▪ They should have held a joint conference.
▪ Some things never change at a Labour conference.
▪ It is rather like a Labour Party conference, without the block vote.
▪ Morris had once done as much at a Labour Party conference in Blackpool.
▪ They've lobbied every Labour conference since 84.
▪ Neil Kinnock has again declined an invitation to brief the media's industry hacks at the Labour party conference.
▪ Who cast a shadow over the Labour conference by quitting the Shadow Cabinet? 2.
▪ They were at the Labour Party conference together last year and that's when it began.
▪ At a national conference I met a woman convenor of a local group of refuse collectors; she had ten children.
▪ Tshisekedi had refused to accept ministers from outside the national conference.
▪ The question of whether a national conference should be held was reportedly also under discussion.
▪ They advocated an immediate end to military rule and the holding of a national conference of all political forces.
▪ Some parties had called for a national multiparty conference to be held first.
▪ The national conference will bring together chairmen and chief executives of business partnerships, City Challenges and TECs.
▪ The reforms will have to be passed by the national conference where they will face considerable opposition.
▪ Any appointments made by Tshisekedi would need to be ratified by the national conference.
▪ Much of the discussion at recent conferences has been on the recession and how hard it is hitting the industry.
▪ The awards were given during a recent engineers' conference.
▪ Chancellor Nigel Lawson's Tory conference speech had little impact.
▪ Less than 2 weeks ago, Mr Heseltine had the party faithful squirming with delight at the Tory Party conference.
▪ Their warnings came amid bleak forecasts that sterling will plunge to a new low during this week's Tory conference at Brighton.
▪ And they clearly hope to get them down further before the Tory conference next month.
▪ A Tory conference probably has more than its due share of savers.
▪ Perhaps he ought to remember those days and get around to living up to the promise he made to the last Tory conference.
▪ The strong integrationist call dominates two-thirds of the 37 resolutions on Northern Ireland affairs submitted for next month's Tory conference.
▪ Voters expecting to meet him were asked instead to watch a video and listen to a telephone conference call.
▪ The next afternoon at three, the conference call goes through.
▪ Participants in the conference call included Gingrich, other Republican leaders, and one of his lawyers, former Rep.
▪ Public disclosure of the conference call has sparked a political firestorm.
▪ The Times published excerpts from the conference call on Friday.
▪ Video links were set up in Tucson and Phoenix for family therapy conference calls.
▪ The conference call has been rearranged for later in the week.
▪ A conference call was arranged, and the three founders gathered at the tiny office.
▪ It should be noted, however, that this case was decided when parental attendance at case conferences was rare.
▪ He is also concerned about the low take-up of conducting case conferences by telephone.
▪ A case conference should consider what will happen in the future if violence occurs.
▪ However, case conferences are not just a forum for professional decision making.
▪ A special case conference was held in 1986 because he was not thriving as he should have done.
▪ No multi-disciplinary case conferences were held prior to these children being taken from their homes.
▪ The resident should be advised of the reasons for the case conference and the result.
▪ Meanwhile, Unix System Labs has negotiated a Unix showcase area squat at the front door of the conference centre.
▪ But the playroom is to be absorbed into the retreat and conference centre next year.
▪ Ideally situated close to the town and conference centre, on the Brighton border and just off the seafront.
▪ Around the conference centre, the party rocks on with blithe disregard for the economic and political turbulence beyond.
▪ The conference centre contained one of the main entrances to the bunker.
▪ Size of conference centre 194 points 4.
▪ Located in a perfect position close to the seafront, entertainment, town centre and conference centre.
▪ They are just as important though as what goes on in the main body of the conference centre.
▪ We carried out a survey to determine how buyers of conference facilities selected venues.
▪ With conference facilities to cater up to 300 people.
▪ Of the local hotels 11 have conference facilities.
▪ It will also provide additional conference facilities which have become so important to College income.
▪ It is a two storey structure which contains conference facilities and computer facilities for the University as a whole.
▪ The Leofric is also marketing its conference facilities aggressively.
▪ He arrived at the conference hall after having a Campaign Group leaflet thrust into his hand.
▪ A conference hall for the under elevens.
▪ Their debate on Labour's plight rages far above the brawling oratory in the conference hall.
▪ Unfettered loyalty inside the conference hall.
▪ Anyway, at last night's show in a Wembley conference hall, there was only one contestant.
▪ Heartened by this exchange, Joshua re-entered the conference hall just as Norman Tebbit was getting to his feet.
▪ A programme is not just what happens in the conference hall.
▪ Fujimori and Montesinos held what turned out to be a fateful news conference on August 21.
▪ Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, in a taped statement broadcast at the news conference.
▪ She later closed the news conference with a song she made up.
▪ At the news conference, Bennett played the radio ads along with excerpts from the rap music in question.
▪ On June 3 they held a joint news conference.
▪ D., said at a news conference also attended by Sens.
▪ The news conference in the state building was arranged by Sen.
▪ This first session dealt mainly with co-operation between the two countries at the forthcoming Middle East peace conference.
▪ It was hoped that a formal accord would be signed at a national multiparty peace conference on Sept. 14.
▪ The peace conference in Madrid seems to me to subsume all past resolutions.
▪ In his view peace conferences were a waste of time; the old elm had outlived its usefulness.
▪ Because of international insistence on it, Resolution 242 is undoubtedly the entry ticket to an international peace conference.
▪ During his visits Baker attempted, unsuccessfully, to arrange a regional Middle East peace conference.
▪ And he could gain much at a peace conference, without having to fight for it.
▪ Not even glasnost and all its press conferences could change that.
▪ Its cameras followed the candidates around on the campaign, showing unabridged speeches, press conferences, walkabouts.
▪ There is no better example of journalism as part of the show than the press conference.
▪ After Clarke was sentenced, Jonathan's family held a press conference, begging others to stay away from drugs.
▪ A Treasury spokesman said there was no need to hold a press conference with every rate change.
▪ It was seventeen hours later, on Wednesday morning, that Landless held his own press conference.
▪ One difference: He disclosed those deals loudly, in very public press conferences.
▪ They get summoned into the conference room.
▪ Project team members will rent hotel conference rooms for the duration of the project, working on portable computers and call-forwarding.
▪ Behind the elegant partitions, leading to our private conference rooms, something roars.
▪ For years, the supervisors have shared bathrooms and conference rooms and worked in cramped offices.
▪ It has a wide variety of rooms and ten well appointed conference rooms.
▪ The meeting took place a few days later in a hotel conference room.
▪ Large sliding doors open from the oak-floored corridor in the pavilion into the conference rooms.
▪ The massage takes place in conference rooms, where employees relax in massage chairs.
▪ The Doctor was hovering above the conference table in the classic lotus position.
▪ They sit at conference tables and discuss them in a civilised manner.
▪ The room has corporate gray carpeting and a conference table.
▪ A rectangular conference table and four chairs, of a type provided for senior public servants, stood between the tall windows.
▪ That is, unless you happened to be about to meet them across a conference table.
▪ The weekly meeting was held in his office at the conference table set in front of the south window.
▪ But did they talk headily around the conference table?
▪ These are some of the questions to be addressed at the conference.
▪ He is not down to address the conference at all.
▪ Yesterday I attended a conference for the Edmonton Clergy on Marriage.
▪ And inside, his biography, copies of which were distributed to the media attending the news conference.
▪ This was what they attended conference for, or at least why they bothered to turn up for the speeches.
▪ He used to attend teacher conferences.
▪ He had spent the last twenty years attending the Party conference, four days of gin and oratory.
▪ George Bell, retired, fatigued, soon to die, attended the conference against the advice of his doctor.
▪ On April 7 Modai attended the inaugural conference of his new party, the New Liberals.
▪ In 1830, the National Association held its first conference.
▪ And why do they hold news conferences but never tell the public anything?
▪ You may hold or attend press conferences to announce news or show a product range.
▪ Prescott could have done something easy, like hold a new conference or issue a press release.
▪ Establish a Cabinet committee on health promotion. Hold a conference with voluntary organisations on implementing the 1993 community care programme.
▪ No one held a news conference to tout this one, and days passed before anyone caught wind of it.
▪ Last week, the big three held a press conference, vowing eternal friendship and no further comment.
▪ A Treasury spokesman said there was no need to hold a press conference with every rate change.
▪ He has given the nurses every support in their efforts to gain recognition, and will speak at their conference.
▪ Ellsworth, based in Los Angeles, spoke at the conference.
▪ Ulster Unionist leader Jim Molyneaux is billed to speak at two conference fringe meetings.
▪ He was speaking at a conference which follows three months of public consultation on changes to the telecommunications laws.
▪ Mr Mugabe did not speak at the conference.
▪ She was speaking at a conference looking at problems facing the countryside.
▪ I spoke at the press conference to launch this booklet.
▪ The original plan did not envisage a commercial use, he told Reuter after speaking at the conference.
▪ It is not sufficient to tell the conference that there will be no return to mass picketing.
▪ On July 3 he told the conference that individual and group rights were inseparable.
summon a meeting/conference etc
▪ Baxter was in Boston attending a conference on the environment.
▪ Didn't you give a talk at the conference last year?
▪ Lewis recently spoke at a conference of women business leaders.
▪ Representatives from over 100 countries attended the International Peace Conference.
▪ She's an organizer of the International Conference on AIDS that the university has every year.
▪ Texas A&M won the Southwest Conference title last week with a 65-6 victory over SMU.
▪ The Institute of Accountants is holding its conference in Edinburgh this year.
▪ Besides Stanford, whom the Ducks have yet to play, Washington is the toughest opponent in the conference.
▪ Do they come to the conference?
▪ In an attempt to quieten things down, executive producer George Harrison arranged for a press conference in London.
▪ James Brady is just one of hundreds of experts and survivors at a top level conference on brain injuries.
▪ The alliance, unveiled at a Windows hardware conference in San Jose, marks the entry of Dolby into the computer arena.
▪ We know this because White practically calls a news conference every day to relate those facts.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

League \League\ (l[=e]g), n. [F. ligue, LL. liga, fr. L. ligare to bind; cf. Sp. liga. Cf. Ally a confederate, Ligature.]

  1. An alliance or combination of two or more nations, parties, organizations, or persons, for the accomplishment of a purpose which requires a continued course of action, as for mutual defense, or for furtherance of commercial, religious, or political interests, etc.

    And let there be 'Twixt us and them no league, nor amity.

  2. Specifically: (Sports) An association of sports teams that establishes rules of play, decides questions of membership in the league, and organizes matches between the member teams. In some cases a sports league is called a conference, as in the National Football Conference.

    Note: A league may be offensive or defensive, or both; offensive, when the parties agree to unite in attacking a common enemy; defensive, when they agree to a mutual defense of each other against an enemy.

    The Holy League, an alliance of Roman Catholics formed in 1576 by influence of the Duke of Guise for the exclusion of Protestants from the throne of France.

    Solemn League and Covenant. See Covenant,2.

    The land league, an association, organized in Dublin in 1879, to promote the interests of the Irish tenantry, its avowed objects being to secure fixity of tenure, fair rent, and free sale of the tenants' interest. It was declared illegal by Parliament, but vigorous prosecutions have failed to suppress it.

    Syn: Alliance; confederacy; confederation; coalition; combination; compact; co["o]peration.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1550s, "act of conferring," from Middle French conférence (15c.), from Medieval Latin conferentia, from Latin conferens, present participle of conferre (see confer). Meaning "formal meeting for consultation" is from 1580s.


n. 1 The act of consulting together formally; serious conversation or discussion; interchange of views. 2 (context politics English) A multilateral diplomatic negotiation. 3 (context science English) A formalized event where scientists present their research results in speeches, workshops, posters or by other means. 4 (context business English) An event organized by a for-profit or non-profit organization to discuss a pressing issue, such as a new product, market trend or government regulation, with a range of speakers. 5 (context sports English) A group of sports teams that play each other on a regular basis. 6 (context obsolete English) The act of comparing two or more things together; comparison. 7 (context Methodist Church English) A stated meeting of preachers and others, invested with authority to take cognizance of ecclesiastical matters. 8 A voluntary association of Congregational churches of a district; the district in which such churches are. vb. (context transitive education English) To assess (a student) by one-on-one conversation, rather than an examination.

  1. n. a prearranged meeting for consultation or exchange of information or discussion (especially one with a formal agenda)

  2. an association of sports teams that organizes matches for its members [syn: league]

  3. a discussion among participants who have an agreed (serious) topic [syn: group discussion]


A conference is a meeting of people who "confer" about a topic.

  • Convention (meeting), meeting of a, usually large, group of individuals and/or companies in a certain field
  • Academic conference, in science and academic, a formal event where researchers present results, workshops, and other activities.
  • Business conference, organized to discuss business-related matters
  • Conference call, in telecommunications, a call with more than two participants at the same time
  • Conference hall, room where conferences are held
  • News conference, an announcement to the press (print, radio, television) with the expectation of questions, about the announced matter
  • Parent-teacher interview (conference), a meeting with a child's teacher to discuss grades and school performance
  • Peace conference, a diplomatic meeting to end conflict.
  • Professional conference
  • Settlement conference, a meeting between the plaintiff and the respondent in lawsuit, wherein they try to settle their dispute without proceeding to trial
  • Trade conference, or trade fair, with wider participation and providing the opportunity for business people and the general public
  • Unconference

Conference may also refer to:

Usage examples of "conference".

Earl, finding Miss Morville in conference with Abney, was a little conscience-stricken.

I take Ulric abovestairs so that you may continue with your conference?

Mikolajczyk also accepts that part of the decisions of the Crimea Conference which deals with the eastern frontiers of Poland.

Mikolajczyk an explanation as to whether he also accepts that part of the decisions of the Crimea Conference on Poland which deals with the eastern frontiers of Poland.

Fleming and Hees had no idea of the furor they had caused in Canada, until they landed in Rome the day after the Accra conference.

Yusef Shah, the Afridi chief, his three headmen and his American ally, and who had turned the friendly conference suddenly into a holocaust of murder.

Mother Aglee sought her iffling, Mother Miaree, wearing the robes of the first lady of all the Artonuee, entered a large conference room to be briefed on the state of the system.

The day after their meeting she had found Aunt Alphonsine all a dry frightened gibber, holding a whitefaced conference with Grandmother in the parlour, and they had asked her if she had known that Peacey had left Torque Hall that morning.

TALKED WITH Ellis Alves again, alone, in a small conference room on the thirty-second floor at Cone, Oakes and Baldwin.

I was glad therefore on her account, even more than on my own, when, a scratch at the door having obtained admission for an amba, it placed before me a message from Esmo requesting a private conference.

He had, as we have seen, turned down the Russian proposal for a conference after the Anschluss to discuss means of opposing further German aggression.

Litvinov had proposed - as he had just a year before, after the Anschluss - a European conference, this time of France, Britain, Poland, Russia, Rumania and Turkey, which would join together to stop Hitler.

Stuttgart Conference which Belongs to this picture of my first encounter with Anthroposophy, and gave it special weight for anyone in my situation at that period.

America organised the first global antidrug conference in Shanghai in an attempt to persuade other nations to ban the Far Eastern opium trade.

How would you feel if the Christian right held a press conference, putting out rumors to promote its antigay agenda?