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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
caustic wit/comments/remark etc
▪ Eliot appreciated Pound’s caustic wit.
cautionary note/comment/words etc
▪ Most observers were optimistic, yet some sounded a cautionary note.
cryptic remark/comment/statement etc
▪ a cryptic note at the end of the letter
declined to comment (=refused to speak to people who report the news)
▪ The minister declined to comment about the progress of the peace talks.
disparaging remarks/comments
▪ She made some disparaging remarks about the royal family.
excite comments
▪ The film excited a lot of favourable comments, both here and in America.
hurtful remark/comment etc
provocative comment/remark/statement
▪ The minister’s provocative remarks were widely reported in the press.
sarcastic remark/comment/question
▪ He can’t help making sarcastic comments.
scathing attack/remark/comment etc
▪ a scathing attack on the government’s planned tax increases
snide remarks/comments
▪ a snide remark about her clothes
telling comment/example/detail etc
unavailable for comment (=not able or willing to talk to reporters)
▪ Officials were unavailable for comment.
▪ The owner of the magazine was not normally available for comment if the Press at large wanted to interview him.
▪ Barber was not available for comment Wednesday.
▪ Neither Mr Foot nor representatives of the Mirror's management were available for comment.
▪ Barry, who was not available for comment Thursday night, has never been a favorite of congressional Republicans.
▪ He was usually available for comment and did not talk down to journalists.
▪ Hormel was not available for comment on his donations.
▪ Tonight no one from the stables was available for comment.
▪ Neither Loral nor Lockheed Martin officials were immediately available for comment.
▪ This chapter ends with some brief comments on the nature of knowledge - scientific and mystic.
▪ Although most readers of this book are probably only too well aware of these rates, a brief comment is none the less appropriate.
▪ But first, a brief general comment about space and time in order to forestall a possible misunderstanding.
▪ The following brief comments constitute an introduction to legal research.
▪ Franks made his preliminary examination of the body, dictating brief comments to his secretary.
▪ At the meeting, Rice made a few brief comments about how he looked forward to working with the group.
▪ Although the order does not propose any great innovations, it is worth making some brief comments on its background.
▪ Liberalization and Cities: Conclusions Three brief comments might usefully be made here.
▪ Bains quoted with approval the critical comments of the management consultants, McKinsey and Co.
▪ She pushed many people away by her critical, biting comments and narrow prejudices.
▪ In Section 1.2 some critical comments were made of conventional systems analysis.
▪ There is, however, plenty of critical comment outside these works.
▪ Auction catalogues do not carry critical comments on individual items for sale, but there are sometimes introductions with criticism.
▪ The author gives useful critical comment on many of the ideas discussed.
▪ He thumbed through the applications in a knowledgeable manner and made critical comments in imitation of his superiors.
▪ Which was fair enough comment at the time.
▪ To shit oneself is to admit existence. Fair comment.
▪ To say that temperament is to a certain degree putty in the owner's hands, is fair comment.
▪ Films rather than books were the medium to aim for-#fair comment, of course, that helped me change direction.
▪ This was fair comment at the time; some of it doubtless justified.
▪ There is no wrong done if it is true, or if it is fair comment on a matter of public interest.
▪ It is important enough to justify further comment.
▪ Anyway, I felt something welling up inside, the need to make a further comment.
▪ Feelings are said to be part of the armamentarium of autonomous man, and some further comment is in order.
▪ Thursday said it had received a request for information, but declined further comment.
▪ When all agreed amendments have been implemented the documents should be recirculated for further comment as applicable.
▪ He said the White House would have no further comment.
▪ Last week, the big three held a press conference, vowing eternal friendship and no further comment.
▪ Both he and Rouse executives declined further comment.
▪ A spokeswoman for President-elect Bush, said his press office was on holiday and had no immediate comment.
▪ The Pentagon had no immediate comment on the letter.
▪ There's been no immediate comment from the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.
▪ The university had no immediate comment, spokesman Bill Gordon said.
▪ BAn Arco spokesman had no immediate comment.
▪ Police officials in San Francisco had no immediate comment on the development.
▪ Fokker declined immediate comment on teh Daimler move.
▪ His negative comments, however accurate, were converted into slights, compounded by Johnson's nationality and famous stature.
▪ Avoid at all costs unnecessary negative comments when speaking to a work-inhibited student.
▪ There was no occasion on which there was any negative or sarcastic comment to any child.
▪ Can teachers be sued for making negative comments about students in classrooms or in the teachers' lounge?
▪ Our Susan and Vera saga in Bewley's is not that far-fetched and it replaces negative comment in many cases.
▪ From a basis of low expectations, and extremely negative comments, George W's standing can probably only improve.
▪ We made amendments to our procedures on the advice of the support group, but we still expected negative comments.
▪ Every negative comment was a deep wound because he wanted everyone to love him.
▪ Those I interviewed said that nearly all the public comment they had heard had been favourable to the televising of the House.
▪ This hurried schedule is not that Fish and Wildlife is trying to do something quickly to limit public comment.
▪ A formal draft for public comment on fair value accounting is expected shortly.
▪ Hearings are planned to solicit public comment.
▪ He has made no public comment since the school began an internal investigation in November regarding recruiting.
▪ And their public comments had a mournful tone.
▪ But the agency is proposing the other steps and will seek public comment before making a final ruling.
▪ The department must then allow for a public comment period on the change in prices.
▪ She makes a snide comment, you look her in the eye and... smile.
▪ Cordova was unavailable for comment yesterday, while Maradona's lawyer, Vincenzo Maria Siniscalchi, said the accusation was groundless.
▪ Corpoven officials were unavailable for comment.
▪ Tribble was unavailable for comment but left a statement voicing an interest in serving a volume market.
▪ Clark, who is spending part of his time at Healthscape, was out of the country and unavailable for comment.
▪ However, Gaspart was unavailable for comment.
▪ Handler was unavailable for comment Wednesday.
▪ The Dobson story had yet to be substantiated, and the family were still unavailable for comment.
▪ Dean Kay was unavailable for comment Thursday.
▪ We should also, however, add a comment on a negative aspect, concerning the idea of applicability.
▪ Place the cursor where you would like to add a comment to the text. 2.
▪ They look to Goldie to support them, but her head droops, and she adds no comment but a snore.
▪ We add little comments about life outside work.
▪ Sparrow added his own comments and scraps of paper to theirs.
▪ To this third set of pictures he added appropriate disapproving comments and cut them into the action.
▪ Slowly they became the legal authorities on the religious law, adding comments and interpretations of their own.
▪ Luke adds the extra comment about the failing of the sun's light.
▪ I hope that the Minister will address her comments to these important matters.
▪ A spokeswoman for Gingrich also declined comment.
▪ Thursday said it had received a request for information, but declined further comment.
▪ A spokesman in London also declined comment.
▪ Administration officials have declined comment on the number or names of the guests, citing privacy concerns.
▪ Through a spokeswoman, Garcetti declined comment on the verdict.
▪ The company declined requests for comment.
▪ The person who makes a comment, on the other hand, is the one who actually utters it.
▪ Since then, Fidelity has banned its fund managers from making any comments about stocks.
▪ Politicians, pundits and royal watchers have all made public comment on the private life of Charles and Diana.
▪ Cohen made his comments during his first news conference since becoming defense secretary.
▪ It's another thing people tend to make crass comments about, or crass assumptions anyway.
▪ Eichert made the comments during a presentation about a new teacher evaluation system.
▪ I do not intend to speak for hours, but I should like to make a few further comments.
▪ They were doubled over, poking at each other, making cryptic comments and bursting again into laughter.
▪ I feel that I can not allow this statement to pass without due comment.
▪ In years past, the president sent the budget over and the Chamber dutifully passed it with little comment.
▪ Because persuading people to be unpaid referees is difficult it could be argued that editors have to pass the comments on.
▪ Anyone recording or passing on such a comment is in danger now that records are open.
▪ I trust you will pass the above comments to the Licensing Sub-Committee when they meet to determine this case.
▪ All this makes for a sea change in our lives, yet passes without comment during this campaign.
▪ No one could be reached for comment at Babcock's Gloucestershire headquarters.
▪ Hayden could not be reached for comment late Saturday.
▪ La Roche officials could not be reached for comment.
▪ Whitehead could not be reached for comment about his plans for the station.&038;.
▪ Mr Schwartz also could not be reached for comment.
▪ Officials at the company's headquarters in Danbury, Connecticut, could not be reached for comment last week.
▪ Prosecutor Stephen Kay could not be reached for comment late Wednesday.
▪ I look forward to receiving your comments on this.
▪ However, I received comments from members of our Executive and Branch Committees which helped in drafting our response.
▪ There is a set time allowed for the council to receive comments on an application.
▪ Outdated voting mechanisms, a decentralised, idiosyncratic procedure, and the archaic electoral college have received comment.
▪ He had received the information without comment.
▪ She asked for explanations which she received without comment, as if listening to some one who had just incriminated herself.
▪ We don't always have to agree; we should be open to both receive and give positive comment and challenges.
▪ BReid, who is a former deputy district attorney, did not return a phone call seeking comment.
▪ Saatchi executives did not return calls seeking comment.
▪ The Department of Trade is seeking further comments, which should be submitted as soon as possible.
▪ Shapiro did not return telephone calls seeking comment last week.
▪ Neither Whitacre nor his lawyers returned telephone calls seeking comment on the charges.
acid remark/comment/tone etc
fair comment
▪ Another defence to an action for defamation is that of fair comment.
▪ If its people called you a liberal subversive in the pay of effete capitalist Western powers it was regarded as fair comment.
▪ There is no wrong done if it is true, or if it is fair comment on a matter of public interest.
▪ This is fair comment; and the last clause in particular is, surprisingly, manifestly true, explain it how we may.
▪ This was fair comment at the time; some of it doubtless justified.
▪ To say that temperament is to a certain degree putty in the owner's hands, is fair comment.
pass a remark/comment
▪ Some people sitting across from us began passing remarks about the fair-skinned lady in a sari.
▪ They interrupt because they are unwilling to let pass a remark from which an intricate leap can be performed.
▪ We had a ritual, starting with the real estate pages, passing remarks on the latest tacky towers.
throwaway remark/line/comment etc
▪ He thought the remark was melancholy, sadly philosophical, a throwaway line for an aimless afternoon.
▪ Lopez says, a throwaway line for a throwaway job.
▪ Are there any questions or comments?
▪ He made some comment about my dress, then carried on reading his book.
▪ Her comments on interest rates had little impact on financial markets.
▪ OK, that's what we are suggesting - does anyone have any comments?
▪ The jurors were not available for comment after the trial.
▪ We were discussing her new movie, and Jill made some interesting comments about it.
▪ Acevedo could not be reached for comment.
▪ Bohan said county park officials are still gathering comments from the public about the proposal.
▪ But some dissenting comments made in private were unprintable.
▪ Double Glazing is where we welcome your questions, comments, and experience with Windows.
▪ Here are some examples of ways in which individual teachers have explored particular comments or happenings.
▪ Or a math or science teacher who made inappropriate comments throughout the year.
▪ That talk was fanned by comments from central bank officials.
▪ There is a set time allowed for the council to receive comments on an application.
Further comments on attaching priorities to different subjects and to different levels of material are to be found in Chapter 3.
▪ The company refused to comment further on its revised forecasts.
▪ But he said he did not want to comment further until more was known about the reasons for the bombing.
▪ I do not wish to comment further now, but I am sympathetic to his point.
▪ Through his attorney, Newton said that no art has been stolen from his house, but declined to comment further.
▪ It would be wrong to comment further.
▪ A Woolworth spokeswoman confirmed the litigation but declined to comment further.
▪ Absence of status consciousness is worth commenting on further as an effect of national culture on scores.
▪ He declined to comment on how those talks were going.
▪ There was nothing more to comment on, and no comment to be made.
▪ The president begins by diplomatically but pointedly commenting on how difficult this call has been to arrange.
▪ Medmelton eyes reversed would certainly have been commented on.
▪ I commissioned him to read the questionnaire results and comment on what they portend.
▪ Board chairman Angelo Damante said he could not comment on why Shaw left because of an agreement between the two parties.
▪ Mr. Redwood I do not intend to comment on individual cases before the courts.
▪ The lenders Dorend have refused to comment on the case.
▪ Tribal officials and attorneys declined to comment on the case.
▪ Lock, 29, said his lawyers had advised him not to comment on the case.
▪ But the hunting world won't comment until the court case is over.
▪ Deputy District Attorney Ed Nison said prosecutors would not comment on an ongoing case.
▪ San Francisco writer Jeff Stryker frequently comments on health issues.
▪ Officials for those companies declined to comment on this issue.
▪ Lloyds Bank say they won't comment because the matter is subject to legal proceedings.
▪ The police won't comment because the matter has been refered to the police complaints authority.
▪ The airline declines to comment on the matter.
▪ It has never been the Royal Family's policy to comment on private matters.
▪ Then as now government refused to comment on security matters.
▪ Neither Bouygues nor Deutsche Telekom would comment on matters relating to any talks.
▪ We want an independent inspectorate that is able to comment on all those matters.
▪ I have been asked to comment particularly on the applicability of some of these to the publishing trade.
▪ They were shown photographs by Steichen, Demachy, Puyo and others and asked to comment on them.
▪ Sixth-formers were asked to comment on the Prospectus in terms of its content, layout, readability, positive aspects and drawbacks.
▪ Rudi once asked the class to comment on a passage he had assigned.
▪ It is clear from everyone I asked to comment that I was not alone in thinking the evening was a resounding success.
▪ Mr Johnson asked his boss to comment on them.
▪ However, the new police Commissioner, Sir Philip Game, put forward fresh arguments when asked to comment.
▪ Coun Nilsson offered to withdraw her remarks saying there was no need to ask Coun Jackson to comment.
▪ He declined to comment on the parallel with the Oxleas case.
▪ Pittman declined to comment on the cost.
▪ The site's original developers, NuHomes Construction, declined to comment.
▪ Spokesmen for all four firms declined to comment.
▪ Tonight the Chanel Company declined to comment.
▪ Last night Ford declined to comment on the long-awaited Jaguar/GM statement although the company is expected to respond shortly.
▪ Rouse and Hughes Co. executives declined to comment on the negotiations.
▪ Guitarist Eric Faulkner refused to comment last night.
▪ Mr Goldinger has refused to comment.
▪ He has refused to comment on the agreement.
▪ Jobs also could not be reached for comment, but he has steadfastly refused to comment on Apple.
▪ The lenders Dorend have refused to comment on the case.
▪ They refused to comment to reporters.
▪ Officials at both Roots and Skyservice are refusing to comment on their intentions, citing competitive concerns.
▪ Reynolds and Campbell have refused to comment.
acid remark/comment/tone etc
fair comment
▪ Another defence to an action for defamation is that of fair comment.
▪ If its people called you a liberal subversive in the pay of effete capitalist Western powers it was regarded as fair comment.
▪ There is no wrong done if it is true, or if it is fair comment on a matter of public interest.
▪ This is fair comment; and the last clause in particular is, surprisingly, manifestly true, explain it how we may.
▪ This was fair comment at the time; some of it doubtless justified.
▪ To say that temperament is to a certain degree putty in the owner's hands, is fair comment.
throwaway remark/line/comment etc
▪ He thought the remark was melancholy, sadly philosophical, a throwaway line for an aimless afternoon.
▪ Lopez says, a throwaway line for a throwaway job.
▪ ""He only wears those clothes to prove that he's rich,'' commented Harold.
▪ Journalists asked General Curran how the campaign was going, but he refused to comment.
▪ Some critics have commented that the film lacks originality.
▪ The prime minister was asked to comment on the crisis.
▪ A spokesman for the administrators would not comment on whether Mr Maxwell had answered the questions.
▪ A spokesperson for Genovo declined to comment, referring all questions to Wilson, who could not be reached.
▪ Gateway and Compaq declined to comment.
▪ I got the usual stuff people get; there were always insensitive professors and they comment.
▪ I might also comment that she seemed to know what the quotation marks represented on the page.
▪ Isetan would not comment on how much the bankruptcy filing might cost it, or on Barneys' threatened lawsuit.
▪ She restrained her impulse to comment.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Comment \Com"ment\ (?; 277), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Commented; p. pr. & vb. n. Commenting.] [F. commenter, L. commentari to meditate upon, explain, v. intens. of comminisci, commentus, to reflect upon, invent; com- + the root of meminisse to remember, mens mind. See Mind.] To make remarks, observations, or criticism; especially, to write notes on the works of an author, with a view to illustrate his meaning, or to explain particular passages; to write annotations; -- often followed by on or upon.

A physician to comment on your malady.

Critics . . . proceed to comment on him.

I must translate and comment.


Comment \Com"ment\, v. t. To comment on. [Archaic.]


Comment \Com"ment\, n. [Cf. OF. comment.]

  1. A remark, observation, or criticism; gossip; discourse; talk.

    Their lavish comment when her name was named.

  2. A note or observation intended to explain, illustrate, or criticise the meaning of a writing, book, etc.; explanation; annotation; exposition.

    All the volumes of philosophy, With all their comments.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from Old French coment "commentary" or directly from Late Latin commentum "comment, interpretation," in classical Latin "invention, fabrication, fiction," neuter past participle of comminisci "to contrive, devise," from com-, intensive prefix (see com-), + base of meminisse "to remember," related to mens (genitive mentis) "mind" (see mind (n.)). The Latin word meaning "something invented" was taken by Isidore and other Christian theologians for "interpretation, annotation." No comment as a stock refusal to answer a journalist's question is first recorded 1950, from Truman's White House press secretary, Charles Ross.


early 15c., from Middle French commenter (15c.), from Latin commentari, from commentum (see comment (n.)). Related: Commented; commenting.


n. 1 A spoken remark. 2 (lb en programming) A remark in source code which does not affect the behavior of the program. vb. 1 (lb en transitive) To remark. 2 (lb en intransitive with "on" or "about") To make remarks or notes. 3 (lb en transitive obsolete) To comment or remark on. 4 (lb en transitive software) To insert comments into (source code).

  1. n. a statement that expresses a personal opinion or belief; "from time to time she contributed a personal comment on his account" [syn: remark]

  2. a written explanation or criticism or illustration that is added to a book or other textual material; "he wrote an extended comment on the proposal" [syn: commentary]

  3. a report (often malicious) about the behavior of other people; "the divorce caused much gossip" [syn: gossip, scuttlebutt]

  4. v. make or write a comment on; "he commented the paper of his colleague" [syn: notice, remark, point out]

  5. explain or interpret something

  6. provide interlinear explanations for words or phrases; "He annotated on what his teacher had written" [syn: gloss, annotate]


Comment may refer to:

Comment (computer programming)

In computer programming, a comment is a programmer-readable annotation in the source code of a computer program. They are added with the purpose of making the source code easier to understand, and are generally ignored by compilers and interpreters. The syntax of comments in various programming languages varies considerably.

As well as of direct use to any programmer reading the source code, comments are sometimes processed in various ways to generate documentation external to the source code itself by documentation generators, or used for integration with source code management systems and other kinds of external programming tools.

The flexibility provided by comments allows for a wide degree of variability, but formal conventions for their use are commonly part of programming style guides.

Comment (1958 TV series)

Comment is an Australian television series which aired 1958 to 1960 on Sydney station ATN-7. In the series, George Baker interviewed prominent people. It aired in a single city only, typical of early Australian series. Archival status is not known.

Comment (album)

Comment is an album by pianist/vocalist Les McCann recorded in 1969 and released on the Atlantic label.

Usage examples of "comment".

I was sitting there listening to her go on about abortion, I casually made an off-mike comment to my call screener that I wished I could abort this call.

None of the men in the household showed any more interest in the state of her health after Keith had commented on the acetone smell.

I said, would be some excuse, if you were not from a prominent family on Altiplano, and if you had not previously commented on the greater formality of manners there.

After that, he made a series of aphoristic comments which some have taken to be poems, and other have taken to be seeds for future scientific research.

Reesta commented while winking and giving Arak a nudge with his elbow.

Neither Gaar nor I liked that comment, but we kept silent while Arem babbled on about what a great fighter Gaar was, and how he should join the Army.

May, 2002, giving the gist of the above and also commenting that it was all a result of baseless hysteria, and there had never been a shred of evidence that insulating buildings with asbestos was harmful to health.

The nobleman commented briefly on these diverse kinds of love, but when he came to the love of God he began to soar, and I was greatly astonished to see Marcoline shedding tears, which she wiped away hastily as if to hide them from the sight of the worthy old man whom wine had made more theological than usual.

To the new and fascinating duties of his chosen profession he at once devoted himself with such ardor as to draw favorable comment from his superiors.

His comments on the habitats of certain avifauna were matters to which he had given wholehearted consideration.

Standing at the phone, Barbie covered the mouthpiece with her hand to offer the comment.

He stood up and strode toward the bawd, ignoring the shouts and ribald comments.

Ibou pored over a thick roll of yellowing parchment that smelled powerfully of sheep skin and on which, to his infinite lack of interest, various sums and comments were recorded relative to the Varna beylic for the year 1677, he popped the question.

Quant au binocle, que tu appelles, je crois, Rouxpainsel ou Ratpainsel, ou je ne sais comment, quel homme est-ce, je te prie?

Waving it to a stop, he picked four two-comet subofficers from his own group to act as an escort, shooed them into the new craft along with the biped who entered without comment or protest.