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Coletta may refer to:

  • Coletta (genus), an extinct genus of basal procolophonid parareptile
People with the surname
  • Chris Coletta (born 1944) - professional baseball player
  • John Coletta (1932–2006) - English music manager and music producer.
  • Carol Coletta, American arts administrator
  • Steve Coletta, one of the top Surfboard shapers in the world
Coletta (genus)

Coletta is an extinct genus of basal procolophonid parareptile from Early Triassic ( Induan stage) deposits of Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. It is known from the holotype GHG 228, skull with fragmentary lower jaws. It was collected on the farm Brakfontein 333 in the Cradock District. It was found in the Katberg Formation of the Beaufort Group ( Karoo Basin) and referred to the Lystrosaurus Assemblage Zone. It was first named by Christopher E. Gow in 2000 and the type species is Coletta seca.