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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ a cocky 15-year-old boy
▪ a cocky young lieutenant
▪ My brother can be a little bit cocky sometimes.
▪ She didn't come off well in the interview - she was a bit too cocky, a bit too sure of herself.
▪ A cocky, selfish veteran who loves nothing but his AK-47, Sacha is at home in the cynical ambience of combat.
▪ Another self portrait of a cocky young man.
▪ But Tranmere, cocky even before the equaliser, played with skill and tenacity.
▪ By this point I had become a cocky pilot on dry asphalt, but snow and ice were something else.
▪ Not cocky enough not to watch my speed, though, nor to keep looking in the rearview mirror.
▪ Oh, he got cocky and only applied to about five schools.
▪ The general seemed altogether too cocky.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cocky \Cock"y\, a. [See Cocket.] Pert. [Slang]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"arrogantly pert," 1768; originally "lecherous" (1540s); from cock (n.1) + -y (2). Related: Cockiness.


Etymology 1 n. 1 Abbreviation of cockatoo; ''used when pretending to talk to such a bird, as in "hello cocky"''. 2 (context Australia New Zealand colloquial English) A cockatoo farmer. 3 (context New Zealand informal English) A sheep farmer. Etymology 2

a. Overly confident, arrogant and boastful.

  1. adj. overly self-confident or self-assertive; "a very cocky young man"

  2. [also: cockiest, cockier]

Cocky (album)

Cocky is Kid Rock's fifth album released with Atlantic Records, his fifth studio album overall, released in 2001. This is Kid Rock's first album on country music. The release of "Picture" featuring Sheryl Crow revived the struggling album in 2003, and in May 2011 it was certified 5× platinum by the RIAA. It has sold 5,344,000 copies in the US as of December 2013.

According to his official website that made a timeline for his 45th birthday in January of 2016, Cocky was certified 6 X platinum on August 26,2008. A picture of a plaque of a star with picture of he and band members over the 6 disc are shown. However RIAA only certified the album at 5 X platinum.

The album was dedicated to Joe C who died the year before. 75 songs written for the album, but only 30 of them were recorded as a song for the album. One of the recorded songs that did not make the album was "If I Was President", a standard blues song that Rock plays frequently in concert. Another song left off the album was "In Your Lifetime", which was a eulogy to Joe C. "Picture" received a CMA nomination in 2003 for Vocal Event of the Year and would go on to be Rock's first gold single.

Cocky (mascot)

Cocky is the costumed mascot of the University of South Carolina athletics teams. He represents a cartoon version of a gamecock (a fighting rooster).

The current version of Cocky made his debut, by Robert Lane, at the Homecoming game of 1980. He was portrayed as the son of Big Spur, a large, gangly barn yard rooster that had been attending games since 1978 as a mascot of the university. Big Spur had been introduced as a fraternity pledge class project headed by student Chuck Eaton. Eaton served as the mascot from 1978 until 1980 when the role was taken over by USC students Robert Lane and John Routh. Big Spur was seen as too large and unwieldy with limited mobility. Therefore, Cocky, Big Spur's "son", was brought in to replace Big Spur. At the introduction of Cocky, he was originally booed off the field by students and fans who thought he was not "dignified enough".

After spending a year as the mascot for the women's teams as a female Cocky, he gained general acceptance primarily during the baseball season, and he slowly took over for Big Spur. in 1981 and 1982 Cocky was invited to be the official mascot of the NCAA Baseball College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska. He was chosen in a nationwide contest in 1986 as America's First 'National Mascot' - by the Universal Cheerleading Association, Ford Motor Company, and American Airlines. He was mascot champion in 1986 and again in 1994, and the Capital One mascot championship in 2003. Cocky, portrayed by Blake Edmunds, has picked up another national title in April '09 by winning the 2009 NCA Mascot National Title. Cocky was a member of the Capital One Bowl All-America Mascot Team in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, and 2008.

The original Cocky was John Routh, 1980-1982, who became the mascot for the University of Miami, and later became Billy the Marlin for the Florida Marlins. Charlie Fitzsimmons followed in 1983-1985. The anonymous JH had the longest tenure from 1985–1992. He redesigned Cocky from the inside-out to allow for more mobility and a kinder more adroit, cartoon-like character. He was fluent in American Sign Language (ASL), which delighted audiences. In the summer of 1985 at the Universal Cheerleading Summer Mascot Camp, he was voted by the other college mascots as the Best Of The Best, and received the Master Key to Spirit Trophy.

JH was the winner of the first National Mascot contest ever held in 1986, based on the 1985–1986 season of performances. (He held the title of "National Mascot" from 1985–1987.) That year he was recognized with a Concurrent Resolution by the SC House of Representatives as "Goodwill Ambassador of the State of South Carolina". The national attention became intense...over the years he met Pope John Paul II, President Reagan, President Bush, and many other celebrities. After winning Nationals, he received a call from The Tonight Show. They wanted him to do a skit, then disrobe and talk to Johnny. JH strongly believed in anonymity and that the character should remain the focus and gain all of the attention for USC...creating a mystique surrounding the character. For these reasons, he turned down The Tonight Show request. In a 1990 survey taken of SC Residents Cocky was noted as the "most positive and easily recognizable image of the University of SC". He was hired by the University of SC in 1988 to continue representing USC and the State of SC as a Goodwill Ambassador. At that time he was one of only two college mascots in the nation that were hired as a full-time mascot.

In 1992, the university decided to move Cocky from under the umbrella of Athletics/Public Relations to Student Affairs. From that point forward Cocky was to be portrayed by a series of students. JH left USC (after seven years/1378 appearances) and at the recommendation of SC Coach Emeritus Frank McGuire he became a mascot for Shinn Enterprises (Charlotte Hornets NBA, and the Charlotte Knights AAA International League Baseball). JH, as Homer the Dragon for the Charlotte Knights, performed with his predecessor from USC, John Routh as the Florida Marlin when the teams played each other in 1996. When Charlotte was not playing, he was hired by other teams to provide entertainment in stadiums across the nation. The National Baseball Congress in Wichita, Kansas hired him as entertainer for their World Series in 1995. In 1986 he became Mascot Director for the National Cheerleading Association (NCA). He founded the "National Mascot School" for NCA, wrote a curriculum and handbook and trained a staff who traveled the United States teaching "the art of Mascot" at High School and College summer camps.

JH stated that the most important and most memorable thing he did as Cocky was to visit terminally ill children and adults across the state. There were five "last request" situations in which people wanted a visit from Cocky. He made four of those visits, but regrettably was too late for the fifth.

Tommy Donavan portrayed Cocky beginning in 1992, and later became the Carolina Panthers mascot, Sir Purr. Ironically, Routh and Donovan appeared together in 1991 at the Japan Bowl in Tokyo, an all-star football game...Donovan as Cocky, and Routh as The Miami Maniac, the mascot of University of Miami baseball. Jamie Ballentine is one of the longest-serving student Cocky at four years from 2002-2006, during which he won Capitol One's Mascot Bowl. Cocky is a beloved fan favorite, chosen by many young fans as who they dress up as on Halloween.


Cocky may mean:

  • boldly or brashly self-confident
  • Australian slang for cockatoo
  • Australian and New Zealand slang for farmer
  • Cocky (mascot), the mascot for the University of South Carolina athletics teams, a stylised gamecock
  • Cocky (album), by Kid Rock

Usage examples of "cocky".

He recognized Pip and Bets, as he walked up with his cocky little stride.

He was giving Pierce a lot of leeway, and Pierce was growing a little cockier, letting Brandt make statements that Brandt would have a rough time explaining in cross-examination.

He was almost as tall as Brock, but cockier, more cynical rather than shadowed.

Both of us were younger and cockier, confident in the bounty of molecular genetics, ready to use science to confound nature.

Every day, Anthoney seemed a little cockier and more upbeat, as if he were feeling on top of the world rather than sitting in a murder trial.

He was a lot cockier now than he had been, a result no doubt of the fact that he was getting used to the situation.

Even Givens, whom Raeder had secretly hoped would be cockier than was called for, proved to be a superb pilot.

The best and cockiest cock will win, and he is the one who will sire many more chicks to swell my flock.

 The warglobes launched blue lightning at the oncoming human forces, vaporizing a dozen of the fastest, cockiest Remoras.

Emily pasted on her cockiest smile, determined to boast her way past these half-naked rogues.

Or it had been, until one lightning look from a cocky flyboy shocked her nerve endings to life again.

A Second Look by Marianna Heusler He watched her walking towards him, cocky and self-assured, her skirt hitched up way above her hefty thighs, her scarlet sweater outlining her ample curves as well as her flabby rolls, her makeup caked on her face, her lips slippery with colored Vaseline, her hair sprayed and gelled in some elaborate do.

Talk about cocky: Bulldozers went to work on the 14,000-seat stadium on April 1three weeks before Circuit Judge Gerald Wetherington was scheduled to hear the lawsuit.

He would take us on after the other instructors had worked us over and we were beginning to feel cocky and pretty good at itthen he would put the polish on.

By the time the biscop arrived, flanked by stewards carrying handsome ceramic lamps, the battle lines had been drawn: the servingwomen huddled in the pallet, all chattering accusations so loudly that Hanna thought she would go deaf, the steward and servants off to one side, licking their wounds, and Lord Wichman and his pack of wormy dogsa dozen scarred, cocky, brash young noblemenstanding defiantly by the smoldering hearth.