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a. (en-comparativecocky)


See cocky

  1. adj. overly self-confident or self-assertive; "a very cocky young man"

  2. [also: cockiest, cockier]

Usage examples of "cockier".

He was giving Pierce a lot of leeway, and Pierce was growing a little cockier, letting Brandt make statements that Brandt would have a rough time explaining in cross-examination.

He was almost as tall as Brock, but cockier, more cynical rather than shadowed.

Both of us were younger and cockier, confident in the bounty of molecular genetics, ready to use science to confound nature.

Every day, Anthoney seemed a little cockier and more upbeat, as if he were feeling on top of the world rather than sitting in a murder trial.

He was a lot cockier now than he had been, a result no doubt of the fact that he was getting used to the situation.

Even Givens, whom Raeder had secretly hoped would be cockier than was called for, proved to be a superb pilot.