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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Even people like me became more self-confident in Art when he was the teacher.
▪ To Dexter the producer seemed much more self-confident than on the morning after the murder, talkative and charming.
▪ I eventually became more self-confident as a public speaker.
▪ Jess was only 12, but she was very self-confident.
▪ She was supremely self-confident, with the gift of being able to talk on any subject whenever the camera was rolling.
▪ Dan Reynolds, a self-confident engineer with twenty years' experience with large companies, was laid off in 1992.
▪ Even people like me became more self-confident in Art when he was the teacher.
▪ He was loud and self-confident, but he had a right to be: he had a knack for picking winners.
▪ It also shows why most aggressive, self-confident executives would rather be paid in stock than cash.
▪ Students are bright, articulate, self-confident and surprisingly mature.
▪ The literature further suggests that transracial adopters are often very self-confident people with a resilience to stress.
▪ These anecdotes give us an idea of the self-confident arrogance of the Arabs.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Self-confident \Self`-con"fi*dent\, a. Confident of one's own strength or powers; relying on one's judgment or ability; self-reliant. -- Self`-con"fi*dent*ly, adv.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1610s, from self- + confident. Related: self-confidently.


a. Confident in one's abilities.


adj. showing poise and confidence in your own worth; "hardly more than a boy but firm-knit and self-confident" [syn: self-assured]

Usage examples of "self-confident".

Don Jose Avellanos touched elbows with the other foreign diplomat, a dark man with a quiet, watchful, self-confident demeanour, and a touch of reserve.

Seeing the self-confident and refined expression on the faces of those present he was always expecting to hear something very profound.

In the sixties, when Cadillacs were futuristically self-assured, I was also self-confident and forward-looking.

Good-looking in his own way, if not on such showy lines as Comus, always well turned-out, witty, self-confident without being bumptious, with a conspicuous Parliamentary career alongside him, and heaven knew what else in front of him, Courtenay Youghal certainly was not a rival whose chances could be held very lightly.

That had been the last major renovation, in the expansive and self-confident years just before the Great War, when the African territories were well pacified and the Draka were pleasantly engaged in dreaming of further conquests, rather than performing the hard, actual work.

But a Wellearn transformed, bigger, huskier, and infinitely more self-confident than the callow youth who had set forth in spring.

Some of the smart onesthose who were smart as well as madmurdered the janissaries as soon as they were self-confident enough.

He decided that Campion must be very self-confident to have abandoned his safer and inevitably rapid progress up the network corporate ladder.

She was a fine, aristocratic-looking woman with dark hair, a self-confident way of moving, and sleek body lines.

Being insanely self-confident, she decided to do an in-depth interview with our local gangster.

Wars declined, the labor market fluctuated wildly as developing countries joined in—exacerbated by nano and other forms of automation—and through most of the dataflow world a class of therapied, superfit workers arose, highly skilled and self-confident professionals who demanded an equal say with corporate boards.

He swashed about (cautioned though he was to maintain silence concerning his past theatrical relationships) in such a self-confident manner that he was like to convince every one of his identity by mere matter of circumstantial evidence.

Tail-wagging, rolling on their back and exposing their tender neck, the tail-between-the-legs routine, the self-confident bound and posturing of the top dog - all these and many similar body gestures of greeting, submission and dominance are common to many related canine species, whether wolf, hyena, dog or jackal.

I hated the abrupt self-confident tone of his voice, his admiration of his own witticisms, which were often frightfully stupid, though he was bold in his language.