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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ At Byblos she was a serpent-goddess whose cobra symbolized the eye of wisdom.
▪ Being in this school is like being in a cage with a cobra.
▪ Holly's hand moved, the lightning strike of the cobra.
▪ I saw a king cobra over there.
▪ Its poised, out-thrust head gave it the appearance of a cobra, a white cobra.
▪ Miss McFawn could stare down a cobra.
▪ The next foliage to watch for, Lamb predicts, will be ferns and cobra leaves.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Copra \Co"pra\, n. [Malay['a]lam koppara or Hind. khopr[=a].] (Com.) The dried meat of the cocoanut, from which cocoanut oil is expressed. [Written also cobra, copperah, coppra.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1802, short for cobra capello (1670s), from Portuguese cobra de capello "serpent (of the hood)," from Latin colubra "a snake, female serpent" (source of French couleuvre "adder"), which is of uncertain origin. So called for the expandable loose skin about its neck. The word came to English via Portuguese colonies in India, where the native name is nag (see naga).


acr. 1 (context British English) 2 (context US legal English) Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, especially the provision that allows some employees to continue their group-based health insurance after leaving a job; also, health insurance obtained under this law.


n. venomous Asiatic and African elapid snakes that can expand the skin of the neck into a hood

Cobra (1986 film)

Cobra is a 1986 American action film directed by George P. Cosmatos, and written by Sylvester Stallone, who also starred in the title role. The film co-stars Reni Santoni, Brigitte Nielsen and Andrew Robinson. The film received negative reviews, with much criticism focused on the overuse of genre tropes, yet it debuted at the number one spot on the U.S. box office and became a financial success and is now considered a cult classic.

The film was loosely based on the novel Fair Game by Paula Gosling, which was later filmed under that title in 1995. However, Stallone's screenplay was originally conceived from ideas he had during pre-production of Beverly Hills Cop, whose screenplay he heavily revised. He had wanted to make Beverly Hills Cop a less comedic and more action-oriented film, which the studio rejected as being far too expensive. When he left that project, Eddie Murphy was brought in to play the lead role.

COBRA (avant-garde movement)

COBRA (or CoBrA) was a European avant-garde movement active from 1948 to 1951. The name was coined in 1948 by Christian Dotremont from the initials of the members' home cities: Copenhagen (Co), Brussels (Br), Amsterdam (A).

Cobra (comics)

Cobra is the name of a number of different fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The most well known "Cobra" is Klaus Voorhees, now known as "King Cobra". He first appeared in Journey into Mystery #98 (Nov 1963) created by writer Stan Lee and artist Don Heck. His nephew, Piet Voorhees, took over the name "Cobra" and first appeared in White Tiger #1 (Jan 2007) in a story written by Tamora Pierce and drawn by Timothy Liebe. Marvel has also used the moniker "Cobra" for two World War II Nazi villains and also a mercenary enemy of Moon Knight.

Klaus Voorhees was a laboratory assistant, working with a professor trying to find a cure for various poisonous snake bites. A combination of a bite from a radioactive snake and the experimental anti-venom granted him super powers, which led to him becoming the supervillain known as Cobra. Cobra and Mister Hyde formed a criminal team for years, fighting various heroes such as Thor and Daredevil. He later became a member of the Serpent Squad and later on a member of Sidewinder's Serpent Society. During a takeover attempt by Viper Cobra actually opposed her rule and sided with Captain America to depose Viper and foiling her plans. Cobra later took the name "King Cobra" as he took leadership of the Serpent Society. When Serpent Society became Serpent Solutions under the leadership of the Viper (Jordan Stryke, a different Viper) King Cobra became a member of the group.

Piet Voorhees, nephew of Klaus Voorhees, was injected with the same chemicals that gave Klaus his powers and he became the new Cobra and worked as a mercenary. On one mission he encountered the White Tiger who defeated him. Cobra later joined the Serpent Squad, organized by Sin and would also work for Hydra as mercenary.

The original Cobra has appeared outside of Marvel Comics, most notably in "The Mighty Thor" portion of The Marvel Super Heroes as well as in episodes of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Disk Wars: The Avengers

Cobra (Chinese band)

Cobra (眼镜蛇乐队 Yanjingshe yuedui) is an all-female rock band from Beijing, China. The band formed in 1989, becoming the first all-female rock band in mainland China. With only one album out, they disbanded in the late 1990s. Their style was a gloomy type of blues rock with a slight touch of new wave dreamscape. Cobra was very popular in the beginning of their career.

Group members include Yang Ying, Yu Jin, Wang Xiaofang, and Xiao Nan. They have played at CBGB in New York City.

Cobra (tram)

The Cobra Tram is Zürich's newest tram type and first low floor tram. Originally only running on a limited number of lines, it is now in use on almost all lines alongside the other tram models.

Cobra (manga)

is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Buichi Terasawa. Set in the far future, the series tells the story of Cobra, who lives an adventurous life until his enemies begin to hunt him down. Cobra surgically alters his face and erases his own memory to hide from his foes and have a normal life. Eventually, he regains his memories and reunites with his former partner Lady Armaroid. Terasawa devised it as a mix of spaghetti western and samurai stories, and aspects of films, varying from James Bond to Disney.

The manga was originally serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump from November 1978 to November 1984. Later, Shueisha collected the chapters and published them in 18 tankōbon volumes. The Cobra manga spawned various sequel manga series, one-shots, a feature-length anime film, two anime seriesa 31-episode series in 1982, and a 13-episode series in 2010, two original video animations (OVAs), audio albums, video games, and other merchandise. In 2010, Alexandre Aja announced that a live-action film was in production.

In the United States, portions of the manga were published by Viz Media in 1990. The feature film was licensed by Tara for its release in American theaters and by Manga Entertainment in British theaters in 1995. Urban Vision and Discotek Media released it for home video market, while Madman Entertainment acquired it for the Australasian region's release. The anime series was licensed in the Northern American region by Nozomi Entertainment.

In Japan, the Cobra manga has sold 40 million copies, making it one of Weekly Shōnen Jumps best-selling manga series of all time. Publications for manga, anime and other media have comparing the series to Star Wars and Barbarella, and the main character's attitude to James Bond. Its film adaptation received mixed reviews, and the original anime series as well as Cobra the Animation has been well received by reviewers.

Cobra (1925 film)

Cobra is a 1925 American silent film starring Rudolph Valentino and Nita Naldi. It is the screen adaptation of the play Cobra written by Martin Brown, which played at the Hudson Theatre on Broadway in 1924.

Cobra (Zorn)

Cobra is an unpublished but recorded and frequently performed musical composition by John Zorn that was conceived as a system with very detailed rules but with no pre-conceived sequence of events, or game piece, for a group of musical improvisors and a prompter. Zorn completed Cobra on October 9, 1984. The composition consists of a set of cues notated on cards, and rules corresponding to the cues that direct the players what to do. The number of players, instrumentation, and length of the piece is indeterminate. Because there is no traditional musical notation and the players improvise, the piece may sound radically different from performance to performance.

As was commented upon in some length in a 2004 interview, Zorn has, with his own words, "deliberately chosen not to publish (or even write down) the rules" to his game pieces, being concerned with the importance of personal instruction. Despite this, photocopies circulate among musicians internationally, and there is even a clean printing of all the cue categories in a CD booklet (see recordings).

Cobra was first performed at Roulette Intermedium, which celebrated the work's 30th anniversary on November 29, 2014, at their location in Downton Brooklyn, with Zorn at the helm.

Cobra (TV series)

Cobra is an American action/adventure television series starring Michael Dudikoff. It ran for one season in syndication from 1993–94.

Cobra (Tivoli Friheden)

Cobra is a steel inverted roller coaster at the Tivoli Friheden amusement park in Denmark.

Cobra (La Ronde)

Cobra is a steel stand-up roller coaster built by Intamin at La Ronde amusement park in Montreal, Canada. It originally opened in 1988 at Skara Sommarland and is one of 3 Stand-up coasters manufactured by Intamin.

Cobra (cigarette)

Cobra Cigarettes are a brand of cigarettes produced in Armenia by IMT. Since 2000, International Tobacco Partners has imported the Cobra, Tough Guy (also manufactured in Armenia) and Boston cigarette brands. All of the brands are MSA compliant, according to Jeffrey Avo Uvezian, a cigar manufacturer.

Cobra (disambiguation)

Cobra is any of several species of snake usually belonging to the family Elapidae.

Cobra or COBRA may also refer to:

COBRA (science fiction novels)

For the series of novels by Joseph R. Rosenberger, see COBRA (action-adventure novels)

COBRA refers to a series of science fiction novels by Timothy Zahn.

COBRA (action-adventure novels)

For the series of novels by Timothy Zahn, see COBRA (science fiction novels)

COBRA was a short-lived series of adventure novels by Joseph R. Rosenberger, who also created the series Death Merchant. The series was published in the late 1980s.

Cobra (missile)

The Cobra was a Swiss/ West German anti-tank missile designed by the Oerlikon-Contraves and Bölkow GmbH companies. It entered service with the German Army in the late 1950s. It was followed by the Cobra 2000 and Mamba missile systems, which were upgrades that improved the guidance system and performance of the missile.

Cobra (programming language)

Cobra is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. Cobra is designed by Charles Esterbrook, and runs on the Microsoft .NET and Mono platforms. It is strongly influenced by Python, C#, Eiffel, Objective-C, and other programming languages. It supports both static and dynamic typing. It has support for unit tests and contracts. It has lambda expressions, closures, list comprehensions, and generators.

Cobra is an open-source project; it was released under the MIT License on February 29, 2008.

Updates are posted to the Cobra news forum with progress on features, fixes, documentation and related projects since the last update.

Cobra (PowerPark)

Cobra is a roller coaster located at PowerPark in Alahärmä, Finland. Cobra was the first Vekoma boomerang to use the new MK1211 open sided train.

Category:Roller coasters in Finland Category:Roller coasters introduced in 2005 Category:Kauhava

Cobra (album)

Cobra is a double album featuring a live and studio performance of John Zorn's improvisational game piece, Cobra recorded in 1985 and 1986 and released on the Hathut label in 1987. Subsequent recordings of the piece were released on Knitting Factory (John Zorn's Cobra: Live at the Knitting Factory (1992)), Avant (John Zorn's Cobra: Tokyo Operations '94 (1994)) and Zorn's own label Tzadik Records, (Cobra: John Zorn's Game Pieces Volume 2)) in 2002.

Cobra (Japanese band)

Cobra (stylized as COBRA) is a Japanese punk/ Oi! band from Osaka. They were one of the first bands in Japan to incorporate the style of Oi! in their sound. They have cited as their influences early British Oi! bands such as Cockney Rejects and Business.

Cobra (2012 film)

Cobra is a 2012 Malayalam comedy action thriller film written and directed by Lal, starring Mammootty and himself in the lead roles. The songs were composed by Alex Paul, and background score by Deepak Dev.

Cobra (2016 film)

Cobra is a delayed Indian Kannada action film. It is directed by H. Vasu and produced by Maheen, and stars Duniya Vijay.

Cobra (1991 film)

Cobra is a 1991 Pakistani Punjabi language science fiction, and an action film directed by Shahid Rana and produced by Malik Saleem.

COBRA (consumer theory)

COBRA (consumer's online brand related activities) is a theoretical framework related to understanding consumer's behavioural engagement with brands on social media. COBRA in literature is defined as “ set of brand-related online activities on the part of the consumer that vary in the degree to which the consumer interacts with social media and engages in the consumption, contribution, and creation of media content.” Examples of COBRAs include watching, sharing, "Liking", and creating brand-related content on social network sites.

Usage examples of "cobra".

Just, Asey thought, as if she had no business being in the kitchen, and rather suspected a King Cobra to be lurking in a corner, to boot.

The Blackhawk lifted off in a clatter of rotors, tilted forward, and then buzzed over the field, straining for altitude across the face of Howell Mountain, accompanied by the Cobra.

It would be futile to attempt to describe them to Earth men, since substance is the only thing which they possess in common with any creature of the past or present with which you are familiar--even their venom is of an unearthly virulence that, by comparison, would make the cobra de capello seem quite as harmless as an angleworm.

His head was freshly shaven, his skin ruined with cicatrices and his eyes were a strange pale shade of blue that Tungata found as repulsive and chilling as the stare of a cobra.

For if Duster went out leaving both Cliff and Diamond with King Zobell, each of the secondary bodyguards would share in blame should The Cobra appear and slay King Zobell.

She floated, lightly tethered, in the gentle stream blowing out of the air chair, slim graceful body semi-foetal, arms waving, her long, end-tied chestnut hair blossoming above her like a cobra hood, wrapping over her head then wafting back again.

His kaffiyeh was blue and gold with an upright cobra that hissed from his headband.

The limbs quivered and poised like cobras, reached out with a snakish lengthening, down inexorably toward his shuddering helplessness.

Cobra II was 86,000 troops, including 17,000 reservists, many of whom were critical for operating the port and airfields, driving the trucks, setting up the communications, and putting in place the logistics needed by the ground forces for the invasion.

I started him out at Willow Springs Raceway in a GT-350 Mustang then put him in a Cobra 289, then a Lotus Formula Ford then finally into a Lotus Tasman Formula One car.

Fatma, a cobra which was really an iron spring -- it throbbed and jumped and burred on the Moorish coffee table if you touched it, a Rif saddle, a hubble-bubble, scimitars and daggers on the walls.

Thus adjured the melancholy-looking captain, who was named Indudu, perhaps because he or his father had longed to the Dudu regiment, crawled into the hut, whence presently emerged sounds not unlike those which once I heard when a ringhals cobra followed a hare that I had wounded into a hole, a muffled sound of struggling and terror.

Arizona and Australia established expressly for storing antivenins from exotic and deadly reptiles like the King Cobra and Tiger Snakes.

With the horsepower and handling of a 427 Cobra you had to be forcefully gentle, with a very light touch and feel to control the car in the rain.

But he showed me prints of cobras, pangolins and shrew-mice, or drew them himself, telling me their names in London English.