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CMX (band)

CMX, originally Cloaca Maxima, is a Finnish rock band. They originally played hardcore punk, but soon expanded to play a wide variety of rock formats, including progressive rock, heavy metal, and mainstream rock 'n' roll. Throughout their career, they have been influenced by progressive rock bands such as Rush, Yes, Tool and King Crimson. The progressive influence is most evident on their albums Dinosaurus Stereophonicus (2000) and Talvikuningas (2007).

CMX have gradually gained large-scale mainstream following in Finland. They are especially known for the poetic lyrics of A. W. Yrjänä that often contain references to mythology and religion. Finnish rock magazines, particularly Rumba, have named them Best Band of the Year multiple times, and even Best Band of All Time on one occasion.

CMX (comics)

CMX was an imprint of DC Comics. It was DC's line of manga translations. CMX was known for its censoring of Tenjho Tenge and print version of Fred Gallagher's Megatokyo web manga series.


CMX may refer to:

  • CMX (band), a Finnish rock band
  • CMX (comics), a manga brand by DC Comics
  • Corel Presentation Exchange (CMX), a Corel Metafile Exchange file format supported by CorelDRAW
  • CMX Systems, a collaboration between CBS and Memorex which developed video editing systems in the 1970s
  • A video Edit decision list format
  • The IATA code for Houghton County Memorial Airport near Calumet, Michigan
  • 910 in Roman numerals
  • Short name given to Carrickmacross by locals
  • Abbreviation for COMEX, a commodities exchange in the CME Group

'Ψ ' (Greek Psi) is the first DVD by Finnish rock band CMX. It was released in 2001 and contains 15 music videos, three documentaries and four live performances. It covers the band's entire career until 2001, starting with 1985. The previously unreleased "Puuvertaus" single was included with the DVD.

In 2001 music DVDs were still rare in Finland, and the release wasn't without problems: Some of the released discs were accidentally in a monaural format, and they had to be exchanged.