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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I had never seen her before, although she looked something like my eighth-grade civics teacher.
▪ It comes straight out of a civics textbook.
▪ They had their civics and home economics.
▪ Use has also been made of Russell's work on the teaching of civics in Northern Ireland schools.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Civics \Civ"ics\, n. The science of civil government.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"study of the rights and responsibilities of a citizen," 1886, originally American English, from civic, by analogy with politics (see -ics).


n. The study of good citizenship and proper membership in a community.


n. the social science of municipal affairs


Civics is the study of the theoretical and practical aspects of citizenship, its rights and duties; the duties of citizens to each other as members of a political body and to the government. It includes the study of civil law and civil code, and the study of government with attention to the role of citizens ― as opposed to external factors ― in the operation and oversight of government.

Within a given political or ethical tradition, civics can refer to educating the citizens. The history of civics dates back to the earliest theories of civics by Confucius in ancient China and by Plato in ancient Greece. In China also along with Confucianism developed the tradition of Legalism. These traditions in the East and in the West developed to an extent differently, therefore, with bringing in the past different concepts of citizens rights and the application of justice, together with different ethics in public life. This was mainly valid before the translation of the Western legal tradition to Chinese which started in 1839, after which influence by Western tradition was brought to China, with periods of restoration of traditional Chinese law and influence by Soviet law; specific is the common ordinary language used in Chinese laws which has a significant educational role.

Usage examples of "civics".

Paul Anthony Heaven had also played the threatening supervisor in Wave Bye-Bye to the Bureaucrat, the Massachusetts State Commissioner for Beach and Water Safety in Safe Boating Is No Accident, and a Parkinsonian corporate auditor in Low-Temperature Civics.

She had written versions of the deportment and civics texts in hendecasyllabic couplets, like those used for spelling, but she could not obtain official approval for them.

At least the developers know enough about basic civics to learn something important about their candidates.

He had tried living on the streets as a political statement but the civics had scooped him up and taken him to Mt.

Just as he plucked offending aphids from the backs of lettuce leaves, so had the civics removed him from the alleys of Manhattan.

You know, I'm really not as unreasonable as the civics made me out tO be.

Civics, American Government, French Stories and Fables, and Health, that happy Senior gut course, a red, modern book with a highschool girl and boy on the cover and the section on venereal disease neatly clipped by unanimous vote of the School Committee.

Anyone who grows up watching TV, never sees any religion or philosophy, is raised in an atmosphere of moral relativism, learns about civics from watching bimbo eruptions on network TV news, and attends a university where postmodernists vie to outdo each other in demolishing traditional notions of truth and quality, is going to come out into the world as one pretty feckless human being.

During algebra and civics classes, I stared out the window, blocking out the teacher's lecture while I fired a cannon with John Paul Jones on the Bonhomme Richard in his epic battle with the British frigate.