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Cissa (genus)

Cissa is a genus of relatively short-tailed magpies, though sometimes known as hunting cissas, that reside in the forests of tropical and subtropical southeast Asia and adjacent regions. The four species are quite similar with bright red bills, a mainly green plumage, black mask, and rufous wings. Due to excess exposure to sunlight (and, possibly, a low- carotenoid diet), they often appear rather turquoise (instead of green) in captivity. They are carnivorous, and mainly feed on arthropods and small vertebrates.


Cissa may refer to:

  • Cissa of Sussex, a (possibly mythological) king of the South Saxons in the 6th century
  • Cissa (West Saxon), possibly viceroy of king Centwine of Wessex
  • Cissa of Crowland, 8th-century saint
  • Cissa (magpie), a genus of magpies
  • Battle of Cissa, 218 BC, in the Second Punic War
  • Cissa, Burkina Faso, a village in Burkina Faso
  • Cissa (titular see), a former diocese of the Catholic Church
Cissa (West Saxon)

Cissa was reported as the viceroy of king Centwine of Wessex (reigned c.676-686). Cissa is sometimes said to have himself been a king of Wessex, but does not feature in the king lists or genealogies. He is said to have constructed Chisbury Camp, and to have founded Abingdon Abbey.

Usage examples of "cissa".

They all came, yes, and from the Saecsen Shore came Aelle, now Bretwalda of the Saecsen kind, with his carles and kinsmen: Cynric and Cissa and Cymen.