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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cicely \Cic"e*ly\, n. [L. seselis, Gr. ?, ?; perh. ultimately of Egyptian origin.] (Bot.) Any one of several umbelliferous plants, of the genera Myrrhis, Osmorrhiza, etc.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

fem. proper name, an alteration or nativization of Cecilia. The plant (late 16c.) is Latin seselis, from Greek seselis.


n. 1 (taxlink Myrrhis odorata species noshow=1), a plant in the genus (taxlink Myrrhis genus noshow=1), in the family Apiaceae. 2 sweetroot, any of several plants in the genus (taxlink Osmorhiza genus noshow=1)


Cicely or sweet cicely (Myrrhis odorata) is a herbaceous perennial plant belonging to the celery family Apiaceae. It is one of two accepted species in the genus Myrrhis.

Cicely (disambiguation)

Cicely is an herb, Myrrhis odorata

Cicely may also refer to:

  • Osmorhiza, a genus of plants referred to as cicely in North America

Usage examples of "cicely".

Indeed, I had a long letter from Cicely upon that subject before I left Kildrummy.

In fact, my dear Christopher, I am confoundedly worried, the reason being that Cicely, ever wayward, has vanished into thin air.

Apart from these trifling but upsetting irritations, there was the sincere anxiety about his daughters: Maria, married to a Frenchman in Paris, with the Terror raging, and Cicely having disappeared without a word.

Seeing that she was indeed holding the attention of her audience, she determined to vent some of her bewildered anger upon her sister, telling of how Cicely had actually appeared to enjoy it, and that the Scarecrow had paid more attention to her, because he had left them and made a special journey to get her riding-habit back, when she said she would look funny going back to England disguised as a French peasant.

I express my gratitude, Miss Cicely, for your admirable attempt to keep my identity a secret?

Squire, agreeing with Cicely that Maria should at least thank the gentleman, said that although he could not yet understand what had happened or what had not happened, he was naturally indebted to the Scarecrow for what he had done, but, damme, he was placed in such an awkward position.

Miss Cicely was confused after her journey, he determined to brazen it out.

Vicar of Dymchurch, revered by all that know him, and dearly loved by Cicely Cobtree, spinster of the parish, who must remember to carry her chatelaine of pins and thread.

Syn smiled and promised Cicely that although he could not stop preaching against this rascal, he would at least modify his righteous rage, adding in a more serious tone that perhaps in the near future it might not be necessary to preach upon that vein at all, since already it was evident that the Scarecrow was showing signs of repentance, and that he, as shepherd of the flock, hoped that he might be able to lead one more stray lamb into the fold.

So for the third time that evening Cicely crossed the Glebe field, but this time in company with Doctor Syn.

She was delighted, and intended to find out more, wishing that that naughty highwayman had not taken all her jewellery as she would have liked to present Cicely with the diamonds there and then for being intelligent enough to find out what she already had suspected.

Aunt Agatha had the jewels which she wanted and a rose she had not expected, and Cicely but one glove for which she had no use, yet hoping that the other lay against his heart she thrilled and valued it the more.

Mamma and Cicely were in the Bonnet Shop, and I was alone in the carriage, that I saw Monsieur Barsard.

She applauded the deliberate action that Cicely had taken in silencing Maria, and vowed she would not rest until she had probed this disquieting problem further.

She begged Cicely to hasten to the ballroom as the guests were already arriving in droves and that she could not see to it all by herself, Maria had vanished and that tiresome gentleman, your dear Papa, was not yet out of the dining-room.