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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Blocks can be cut quite easily with a hammer and cold chisel.
▪ Cloud to buy a cold chisel.
▪ Remove any nibs with a cold chisel and club hammer and dust clean.
▪ If so, chop through them with a small cold chisel.
▪ Long after I'd been smothered in bed I could hear them Riving at the religious stonework With screwdrivers and cold chisels.
▪ Carvers' chisels differ from carpentry chisels in the way they are sharpened.
▪ From the hardware drawer in the kitchen I equipped myself with a hammer, a chisel, and a mean-looking screwdriver.
▪ Giving him a foolish little wave, she decided she'd better return the chisel before she forgot all about it.
▪ Lorton put the box on the kitchen table and attacked the lock with an old chisel.
▪ Returning the chisel to the bench, she turned to leave and came face to face with Leo's sister.
▪ She set it on the bench and raised hammer and chisel.
▪ The saws and planes and chisels and hammers were abandoned.
▪ And every waking hour she chipped at the ugly block, sanded, scored, chiselled, gouged gaping eye sockets.
▪ He stopped chiselling and looked down at her.
▪ Some of the boats chiselled into the rocks are fairly simple.
▪ The best way to find out how they were attached is to chisel away a little plaster next to the rail.
▪ Woodpeckers, accustomed to chiselling their food out of timber, have little difficulty in cutting out nest chambers in tree trunks.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Chisel \Chis"el\, n. [OF. chisel, F. ciseau, fr. LL. cisellus, prob. for caesellus, fr. L. caesus, p. p. of caedere to cut. Cf. Scissors.] A tool with a cutting edge on one end of a metal blade, used in dressing, shaping, or working in timber, stone, metal, etc.; -- usually driven by a mallet or hammer.

Cold chisel. See under Cold,


Chisel \Chis"el\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Chiseled, or Chiselled (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Chiseling, or Chiselling.] [Cf. F. ciseler.]

  1. To cut, pare, gouge, or engrave with a chisel; as, to chisel a block of marble into a statue.

  2. To cut close, as in a bargain; to cheat. [Slang]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., from Anglo-French cisel, Old French cisel "chisel," in plural, "scissors, shears" (12c., Modern French ciseau), from Vulgar Latin *cisellum "cutting tool," from Latin caesellum, diminutive of caesus, past participle of caedere "to cut" (see -cide). Related: Chiseled; chiseling.


c.1500, "to break with a chisel," from chisel (n.). Slang sense of "to cheat, defraud" is first recorded in 1808 as chizzel; origin and connection to the older word are obscure (compare slang sense of gouge); chiseler in this sense is from 1918. Related: Chiseled; chiseling.


Etymology 1 alt. 1 gravel. 2 (lb en usually in the plural) coarse flour; bran; the coarser part of bran or flour. n. 1 gravel. 2 (lb en usually in the plural) coarse flour; bran; the coarser part of bran or flour. Etymology 2

n. A cutting tool consisting of a slim oblong block of metal with a sharp wedge or bevel formed on one end. It may be provided with a handle at the other end. It is used to remove parts of stone, wood or metal by placing the sharp edge against the material to be cut and pushing or pounding the other end with a hammer, or mallet. vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To use a chisel. 2 (context transitive English) To work something with a chisel. 3 (context intransitive informal English) To cheat, to get something by cheating.

  1. n. an edge tool with a flat steel blade with a cutting edge

  2. [also: chiselling, chiselled]

  1. v. engage in deceitful behavior; practice trickery or fraud; "Who's chiseling on the side?" [syn: cheat]

  2. deprive somebody of something by deceit; "The con-man beat me out of $50"; "This salesman ripped us off!"; "we were cheated by their clever-sounding scheme"; "They chiseled me out of my money" [syn: cheat, rip off]

  3. carve with a chisel; "chisel the marble"

  4. [also: chiselling, chiselled]

Chisel (band)

Chisel was a punk rock band from the United States that existed between 1990 and 1997. In that time, the group released two full-length albums and a compilation of early recordings.

Chisel (album)

Chisel is the 1991 compilation album by Australian pub rockers Cold Chisel. It features a selection of their best songs from previous albums, including live versions of the tracks "Merry-Go-Round", "Star Hotel" and "Goodbye (Astrid Goodbye)". The track " Misfits" was a previously unreleased song and was removed from later re-issues of this album. A limited edition release of this album included the long-deleted 1978 live EP " You're Thirteen, You're Beautiful, and You're Mine"''.

The album spent over 50 weeks in the national charts, peaking at number 3, when first released.


A chisel is a tool with a characteristically shaped cutting edge (such that wood chisels have lent part of their name to a particular grind) of blade on its end, for carving or cutting a hard material such as wood, stone, or metal by hand, struck with a mallet, or mechanical power. The handle and blade of some types of chisel are made of metal or of wood with a sharp edge in it.

Chisel use involves forcing the blade into some material to cut it. The driving force may be applied by pushing by hand, or by using a mallet or hammer. In industrial use, a hydraulic ram or falling weight (' trip hammer') drives a chisel into the material.

A gouge, one type of chisel, serves - particularly in woodworking, woodturning and sculpture - to carve small pieces from the material. Gouges most frequently produce concave surfaces. A gouge typically has a 'U'-shaped cross-section.

Usage examples of "chisel".

It was a mid-week night, Wednesday, and quiet in his vicinity as the arsonist set to work on solid putty using a chisel.

At the far end was a wooden board on which were hung saws, chisels, knives and other banausic instruments of the trade.

Dark-green eyes flash over at me and a bleachy white smile lifts up a chiseled jawline.

I remember in her story of Otho Bludge, the prehistoric artist, that she told us about certain woods he used to make handles for his flint chisels and other tools and household implements.

Found the dip in the rock and wrapped the chisel and the bradawl in the rag and left them there.

Colangelo let out an enervated sigh, perhaps signaling an unraveling of restraint, and rushed at me, slashing with the chisel.

Halldor had been casting chunks of crosses and chiseled words against those glimmery scales.

At the moment when a ball struck on the scaffold of the Fontaine des Innocents Jean Goujon who had found the Pagan chisel of Phidias, Ronsard discovered the lyre of Pindar and founded, aided by his pleiad, the great French lyric school.

He agreed with me that the chisel of Praxiteles had never carved anything more perfect.

With transceivers nestled in evenly spaced niches chiseled into the ice, the jammer field buzzed.

Other men cut leather shapes from hides stretched on the ground, braided thongs into ropes, worked with bronze chisel and adze and stone scraper on the growing frame of a chariot, knapped stone into everyday tools for tasks too mundane to rate the precious bronze.

Seabirds cried possessive calls of territoriality, warning others of their kind to keep away from private nesting niches, chiseled in the steep bluffs overlooking Grange Head harbor.

In my human mouth I have the pointy teeth of a wolf and the chisel teeth of a rabbit and the grinding teeth of a cow!

Her mellow substance seemed to glow with a kind of renascent purity and bloom, and, but for her broken hand, you might have fancied she had just received the last stroke of the chisel.

Royal Powder Works at Spandau, Prussia, frequent ignition of the powder at a certain stage of the process led to an examination of the machinery, when it was found that where, at certain parts, bronze pieces which were soldered were in constant contact with the moist powder, the solder was much corroded and in part entirely destroyed, and that in the joints had collected a substance which, on being scraped out with a chisel, exploded with emission of sparks.