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Ching-Te (crater)

Ching-Te is a tiny lunar impact crater located in a mountainous area to the east of the Mare Serenitatis. It is a circular, bowl-shaped formation with no distinguishing features. To the south-southeast is the crater Fabbroni, and to the northeast is Littrow. North of Ching-Te is the Rimae Littrow rille system as well as the crater Clerke.

In a valley about 20 kilometers to the east is the landing site of the Apollo 17 expedition.

Between Ching-Te and Mons Argaeus to the southwest lies a tiny crater that has been designated Stella by the IAU. The crater appellation is a Latin feminine name, and, as with Ching-Te, is not named after any specific individual. The selenographic coordinates of this feature are 19.9° N, 29.8° E, and it has a diameter of 1 km.