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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The hotel is hiring additional staff to make check-in easier.
▪ In addition, the automated check-in facility will alert readers to current issues of periodicals as soon as they are processed.
▪ On the ground, you enjoy separate check-in and a private lounge.
▪ Separate check-in at London Gatwick. 20 kilos baggage allowance.
▪ Some have eliminated curb-side baggage check-in, which have caused some airport delays.
▪ Swissair offers a telephone check-in facility for first and business class passengers with hand baggage.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

check-in \check"-in\ (ch[e^]k"[i^]n), n. The act of registering as a guest at a hotel, inn, motel. etc; the act of checking in. Used also attributively, as the check-in counter at a hotel.


n. The act of check in at a hotel, airport etc


n. the act of reporting your presence (as at an airport or a hotel)


Check-in is the process whereby people announce their arrival at a hotel, airport or sea port, and by analogy on a social network service.

Check-in (disambiguation)

Check-in or check in may refer to:

  • Check-in - the process of announcing one's arrival at a hotel, airport, sea port or social network service
  • Check In - an album by The Chalets
  • Checking In - an American sitcom (1981).
  • In revision control, putting a file under configuration control
  • Core Protocols Check-in - protocol for sharing your current emotional states with others

Usage examples of "check-in".

So what actually happens to your bags when you hand them off at the ticket counter or curbside check-in?

Her small overnight bag looked lost in the huge trunk space, and as she reached for the case and began pulling it toward her, watching as the black porter for curbside check-in moved in her direction, she stopped.

There were Surinamese women pushing wide mops, and banks of unmanned check-in desks like stalls at some fair that would open soon.

He was used to late check-ins, and Savannah had learned to make allowances for tourists, especially in the off-season.

They were outside downside ops, on the main axis, the ring was still locked, the office the other side of the corridor was a steady traffic of check-ins, crew-cargo mass-check, stowage, and scheduling last half hour before undock… it could have been Sprite's ops area—it didn't feel different, except the rowdiness of the crew coming on.

All his attention was on the lobby activity, the check-in and check-out lines, the VIP escorts, the crowd around the glittering fleece, and the empty paper cup that better not be on one of the lobby's coffee tables when he came back.

Sax was intensely interested in every aspect of the conference, naturally enough, and on its first morning he went down early to Canal Park and grabbed a coffee and pastry, and walked up to the conference center and was nearly the first in line at the check-in table.

Jackson and LuAnn stopped near the international flight check-in for British Airways.

A squat fluorescent lamp with a flexible neck stood on the oak desk in the work area behind the check-in counter, casting a pale rectangle on the green felt blotter.

A land line call to his buddy Roy, W6AMD, brought the disturbing news that last Thursday night, at a time when K6ATX was rafting down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, the Condor had responded to net control's check-in roll call with his same sweet-toned signal--but with a faultiness of keymanship that bore scant resemblance to his skilled brasspounding of former years.

Late or new check-ins will be called at the end of the regular roster, after which the net will be open to any radio amateur except the silly sidewinders, hi.

Thirty minutes before departure a portable check-in counter is set up at the entrance to the boarding platform in the terminal, and two burly uniformed men roll a red rug up to the counter, elbowing aside eagerly waiting passengers.