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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
airport fiction
▪ Osaka has fought back with a splurge of infrastructure projects, most notably a new international airport perched upon a man-made island.
▪ During his campaign, La Madrid has called for construction of an international airport somewhere in East County.
▪ Rocket fire closed the international airport on two occasions at the end of the month.
▪ B.A.A. The world's leading international airport group.
▪ The aircraft have been held for a week because Paramount owes Bristol and Birmingham International airports £1.7million.
▪ By late that night, two of those staffers were at Baghdad International airport.
▪ Reducing congestion around major airports would also cut emissions.
▪ They will be asking themselves whether a major airport near them is a good thing or not.
▪ An additional factor was Bangalore airport's lack of the instrument landing system in operation at most major airports to facilitate landings.
▪ It is not worth driving yourself to the major airports in the United Kingdom.
▪ The three major airports in the Washington region were shut down until it was clear which one the plane was heading for.
▪ Otherwise adopt the standard procedure given in Air Pilot, and any special procedure that may be required at certain major airports.
▪ A new airport may still threaten many bird species.
▪ A 1990 federal law bars local governments from prohibiting late-night and early-morning departures at a new airport without Federal Aviation Administration approval.
▪ She handles it like a sophisticated traveller unthreatened by a new airport.
▪ The best example is the four new airports that have been, or are being, built in the Hong Kong area.
▪ The new airport was to be built at Chek Lap Kok, a largely uninhabited island north of Lantau island.
▪ Two national magazines, Forbes and Newsweek, have all but predicted its new airport will flop.
▪ In Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, private money is also being used to help build new airports.
▪ Well, I daresay you thought I'd come unstuck, when the new airport wasn't built.
▪ A boat is a boat not an airport hotel.
▪ When they got back the airport hotel seemed like home but his money was running out.
▪ Every time I went through an airport security system it was me they took apart.
▪ And the federal government already has taken steps to increase airport security nationwide in the months ahead.
▪ One had failed to penetrate airport security at Budapest, got himself arrested and deported.
▪ They arrived at the airport in the morning.
▪ Of course, you might have to arrive at the airport six hours before flight time.
▪ We arrived at Corfu airport later in the afternoon.
▪ She arrives at the airport without any documents.
▪ They arrived at the airport, and were rushed on to the 747 to Hong Kong.
▪ As the bus arrived at the airport a shooting brake drew up and a party of nuns got out of it.
▪ An hour later they arrived at the airport.
▪ It was clear when we arrived at Heathrow airport that security was very tight.
▪ Even when permission is granted, building airports is expensive and can be risky, whoever is paying.
▪ If San Diego builds a new regional airport, Lindbergh Field will be history.
▪ Mainland interests had a 50 percent stake in building the new airport.
▪ Until recently they included plans to build a second airport.
▪ In September 1927 he returned here a hero and urged San Diego to build the airport, already named for him.
▪ In Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, private money is also being used to help build new airports.
▪ One complication is that permission to build or expand an airport is almost always politically sensitive.
▪ Between 6,000 and 12,000 tons of ash were sent into the atmosphere, closing airports and causing respiratory disease.
▪ Apart from residents close to airports, no one much.
▪ The smoke this produced was so dense that it closed airports and smothered half the country.
▪ I fill the bus and I drive it to the airport.
▪ During most years, more people are killed driving to or from airports.
▪ My mum and dad drove us to the airport in the torrential rain and wind.
▪ For information on alternatives to driving to the airport, call 1-800-736-2008.
▪ She might just as well have been driven to the airport by taxi, Jenna mourned.
▪ I will drive you to the airport.
▪ The cabbie, who drove us from the airport to our hotel, had spent some time in Oxford and London.
▪ I left our house at 5.30am on Wednesday, the day of the game, and drove to Leeds airport.
▪ He merely flew into the airport, where the military rescue operation was being organized.
▪ Only 167 people flew out of the airport.
▪ She shivered as the helicopter flew them towards the airport, once more totally oblivious of her surroundings.
▪ Felipe flew Mitch to the airport in the afternoon and there was thunder in the air in more ways than one.
▪ After flying into a military airport in a private jet, he went to ground.
▪ Most of the royals will leave tonight, flying home from Aberdeen airport.
▪ We have to land at another airport before we finish our journey.
▪ Not only did Bushika become lost, he flew completely off the official map to land at Budapest international airport.
▪ He called on me at the apartment a few hours before I left for the airport.
▪ Thousands have been left without power while airports in New York and many roads have been closed and railways have been disrupted.
▪ Then they cry when you leave for the airport.
▪ With a police escort, the family left for the airport on their way to California.
▪ Gen Musharraf left for Agra airport shortly before midnight after spending an hour with Mr Vajpayee before departing.
▪ Would you like something before you leave for the airport?
▪ She hadn't seen Travis since leaving the airport.
▪ Just as he was about to leave for the airport, his phone rang.
▪ He was met at the airport.
▪ I shared a taxicab with the Stephens College student and her roommate, who had come to meet her at the airport.
▪ I play a film over and over again in my mind of me meeting you at the airport.
▪ Three professors from the University of the Ryukyus meet me at the airport and drive me around the island.
▪ Mann, however, did meet Singh at Ludhiana airport.
▪ And dragged me out to meet you at the airport.
▪ Next day, Rachel met Jenny at the airport.
▪ Jimmy Frew was there to meet me at the airport.
Newark International Airport
▪ Air fare is not included to the airport in Burlington.
▪ And the bird's standard evasive tactic is ill-suited to the airport.
▪ Because businesses were shut and airports were closed, the volume of mail was below normal, Groff said.
▪ He begged permission to look inside it, which the airport authorities granted, knowing that he could neither fly nor navigate.
▪ I will drive you to the airport.
▪ The month's first action on arriving in Britain was to rush her child to the airport doctor.
▪ Tours, very much recommended, can be arranged at either airport.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1919, from air (n.1) + port (n.1). First reference is to Bader Field, outside Atlantic City, New Jersey, U.S., which opened in 1910.


n. An airfield (a place where airplanes can take off and land), including one or more runways and one or more passenger terminals.


n. an airfield equipped with control tower and hangers as well as accommodations for passengers and cargo [syn: airdrome, aerodrome]


AirPort is the name given to a series of products by Apple Inc. using the ( Wi-Fi) protocols ( 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n and 802.11ac). These products comprise a number of wireless routers and wireless cards. The AirPort Extreme name was originally intended to signify the addition of the 802.11g protocol to these products.

In Japan, the line of products is marketed under the brand AirMac due to previous registration by I-O Data.

Airport (1970 film)

Airport is a 1970 American disaster- drama film starring Burt Lancaster and Dean Martin, directed and written by George Seaton, and based on Arthur Hailey's 1968 novel of the same name. It originated the 1970s disaster film genre. It is also the first in the Airport film series.

Produced on a $10 million budget, it earned nearly $100 million. The film is about an airport manager trying to keep his airport open during a snowstorm, while a suicidal bomber plots to blow up a Boeing 707 airliner in flight. It takes place at fictional Lincoln International Airport near Chicago, Illinois. The film was a commercial success and surpassed Spartacus as Universal Pictures' biggest moneymaker. The movie won Helen Hayes an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as an elderly stowaway and was nominated for nine other Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Cinematography, and Best Costume Design for designer Edith Head.

With attention paid to the detail of day-to-day airport and airline operations, the plot concerns the response to a paralyzing snowstorm, environmental concerns over noise pollution, and an attempt to blow up an airliner. The film is characterized by personal stories intertwining while decisions are made minute-by-minute by the airport and airline staffs, operations and maintenance crews, flight crews, and Federal Aviation Administration air traffic controllers.

Ernest Laszlo photographed it in 70 mm Todd-AO. It is the last film scored by Alfred Newman and the last film roles for Van Heflin and Jessie Royce Landis.

Airport (MBTA station)

Airport Station is a rapid transit station on the MBTA Blue Line, located under the interchange between Interstate 90 and Massachusetts Route 1A in East Boston, Massachusetts. It acts as one of two mass transit connections to the nearby Logan International Airport, as well as serving local residents in East Boston. At Airport Station, trains switch from the third rail power used in the East Boston Tunnel to overhead wires used on the surface line to Revere. The original brick station built in 1952 was replaced by a modern station with steel and glass canopies in 2004.

Airport (disambiguation)

An airport is a location where aircraft take off and land.

Airport may also refer to:

  • Airport, California, a census-designated place
  • AirPort, a product range and implementation of the IEEE 802.11 ("Wi-Fi") protocol by Apple Inc.
Airport (novel)

Airport is a bestselling 1968 novel by Arthur Hailey about a large metropolitan airport and the personalities of the people who use, rely and suffer from its operation. It was adapted to make a major motion picture starring, among others, Burt Lancaster, George Kennedy, Dean Martin and Van Heflin and inspired three sequel movies: Airport 1975, Airport '77 and The Concorde ... Airport '79.

Airport (OC Transpo)

Airport (French: Aéroport) is an OC Transpo bus stop in Ottawa that serves the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport. It is located in the south end of Ottawa.

Airport (2009 film)

Airport is a 2009 Bollywood film directed by Anubhav Sinha and produced by Anubhav Sinha and Anupam Sinha. It starred Arjun Rampal, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol and Sunil Shetty.

Airport (EP)

Airport is Joey Yung's second EP in 2010. The title track 空港 is the theme song for " Nokia Joey Yung Concert Number 6". The song is the EP's third single. Her first single "綠野仙蹤" is the commercial theme song for Broadway Electronics. The music video for the second single "破相" is the first ever 3D Music Video in Hong Kong.

Airport (1993 film)

Airport is a 1993 Tamil action film directed by Joshi. It features Sathyaraj in the main lead along with Gauthami pairing with him. It is a different type of movie with no songs. It received positive review from the critics. Malayalam actor M. G. Soman played the main villain.

Airport (UTA station)

Airport is a light rail station located at the Salt Lake City International Airport in Salt Lake City, Utah serviced by the Green Line of the Utah Transit Authority's (UTA) TRAX system. The Green Line has service to West Valley City via Downtown Salt Lake City, and connects with the rest of the TRAX system, as well as UTA's FrontRunner commuter rail and S Line streetcar.

Airport (TV series)

Airport is a British documentary television series based at London Heathrow Airport, the world's busiest international airport, broadcast by the BBC and syndicated to Dave, part of the UKTV network.

The show is a fly-on-the-wall series following a handful of passengers and staff based at the airport, who work for the airlines, BAA, (the airport operator), the animal reception centre, which handles all animals arriving and departing through the airport, the ambulance, fire and police services serving the airport, customs and immigration, resident press and others. The airlines and staff featured tend to change from series to series. However, certain staff feature in multiple series.

Airport (song)

"Airport" is a single by English power pop/ new wave band The Motors. Released on 19 May 1978 by Virgin Records, the song reached number four on the UK Singles Chart. On 1 July 1978, the single was awarded a silver certification by the BPI in the UK for sales of over 250,000 units.

Airport (film series)

Airport is a 1970s film series consisting of four airplane-themed disaster films that include Airport, Airport 1975, Airport '77 and The Concorde ... Airport '79.

They are based on the novel Airport by Arthur Hailey.

The only actor in all four films is George Kennedy as Joe Patroni. Patroni's character evolves from a chief mechanic in Airport to a vice president of operations in Airport 1975, a consultant in Airport '77, and an airline pilot in The Concorde ... Airport '79.

Airport (1953 film)

Airport'' (Spanish:Aeropuerto'') is a 1953 Spanish comedy film directed by Luis Lucia and starring Fernando Fernán Gómez, Margarita Andrey and Fernando Rey.

Usage examples of "airport".

Playboys, not running in soccer-sprawled acreage near the old airport.

National Conference of the Adoptive Families of America at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton.

Most of his journeys were local or to one of the airports, but he had some customers who went further afield for various reasons, though they travelled in his Vauxhall saloon, not this utilitarian van.

Bundesgrenzschutz a force of West German riot police who guard airports, embassies and the border and an elderly Englishman in a curious nautical uniform worn by the British Frontier Service, which acts as guides for ail British army patrols on land, air and river.

I could imagine the happy moment: Alsa at Sheremetyevo Airport with a pile of transparencies and the sudden heavy hand of the Russian police.

Airplanes are designed to be able to fly with one engine inoperative, but the pilots decided to reduce altitude and were beginning to redirect the airplane to a closer airport when the second engine flamed out.

But as they left the beautifully landscaped road that had carried them from the airport to the city and turned off into the urban residential district he saw that the splendor was, unsurprisingly, a fraud of the usual Alvarado kind: the avenues had been paved, all right, but they were reverting to nature again, cracking and upheaving as the swelling roots of the bombacho trees and the candelero palms that had been planted down the central dividers ripped them apart.

I got to Keflavik Airport, having made Lars Aquavit stop at the drugstore on the way there.

She said good-bye to him at Charles de Gaulle airport, surprising Bryson with the ardency of her hug, her kiss that was more than the farewell kiss of a friend, immediately after which she turned away in flushed embarrassment.

Mohamed Atta and Abdul Aziz al Omari, who arrived at the airport in Portland, Maine.

By then TWA had decided that Rachel should be based at Dulles Airport in Virginia-meaning that her flights would originate and terminate there, even though she was trying to make a home for herself with her new husband on the coast of North Carolina.

The airport biometric scanners might have been off-line, but Rakkim had decided to puddle-jump their way south anyway.

He had given them a sterling service for twelve as a wedding present, which Boa had insisted on cooing over privately, as they were driving to the airport.

Sharjah, UAE, Bonaventure maintains an office at a small airport in the same country.

These days Centaine Courtney-Malcomess never missed a chance to be with her great-grandchildren, and she had insisted on boarding the Lear when it took off 458 from Lanseria private airport outside Johannesburg.