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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Carl \Carl\, n. [Icel, karl a male, a man; akin to AS. ceorl, OHG. charal, G. kerl fellow. See Churl.] [Written also carle.]

  1. A rude, rustic man; a churl.

    The miller was a stout carl.

  2. Large stalks of hemp which bear the seed; -- called also carl hemp.

  3. pl. A kind of food. See citation, below.

    Caring or carl are gray steeped in water and fried the next day in butter or fat. They are eaten on the second Sunday before Easter, formerly called Carl Sunday.
    --Robinson's Whitby Glossary (1875).

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

masc. proper name, from Middle High German Karl "man, husband" (see carl).


c.1300, "bondsman; common man, man of low birth," from Old Norse karl "man, male, freeman," from Proto-Germanic *karlon-, the same root that produced Old English ceorl "man of low degree" (see churl).\n\nThe Mellere was a stout carle for the nones



Etymology 1 n. A rude, rustic man; a churl. Etymology 2

alt. (context obsolete English) To snarl; to talk grumpily or gruffly. vb. (context obsolete English) To snarl; to talk grumpily or gruffly.

Carl, GA -- U.S. town in Georgia
Population (2000): 205
Housing Units (2000): 99
Land area (2000): 0.795821 sq. miles (2.061167 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 0.795821 sq. miles (2.061167 sq. km)
FIPS code: 13184
Located within: Georgia (GA), FIPS 13
Location: 34.006635 N, 83.812016 W
ZIP Codes (1990):
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Carl, GA

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  • An informal nickname for a student or alum of Carleton College
Carl (name)

Carl is a North Germanic male name meaning "strong man" or "free man". The name originates in Scandinavia. The name equates royal status, it is the first name of many Kings of Sweden including Carl XVI Gustaf. It is popular in Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and largely popularized in the United States by Scandinavian descendants. Karl is a Germanic spelling very popular in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and popularized by German speaking descendants in the USA; Anglo- Saxon- Frankish variant Charles popular in Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, the UK and the United States; Carlo variant name very popular in Italy and southern Switzerland; Carlos variant name very popular in Spain and Hispanic Latin America. Karol variant name in Poland and Slovakia.

Usage examples of "carl".

It was written as a repertory piece to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society and was the culmination of a three-year collaboration with the American composer Carl Davis, who had made three previous albums with the RLPO.

Once a Forest Service vendido, Carl Abeyta, had caught Joe with a dead deer, a huge electric lamp, no license, and out of season to boot, and it cost Joe a hundred dollars plus a week hi the Chamisa County Jail.

Carl Abeyta in the Chamisa County Milagro district headquarters for a bunch of bulletproof vests.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of On War, by Carl von Clausewitz This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever.

He went quickly through the tiny airlocked decontamination chamber that Carl Anders, head of the IMA lab, had recently installed.

Juanita and Carl Deerhorn were already inside, the scent of brewing coffee filling the house.

Two days later he handed me a requisition form for three new dogs, which I was to pick up from Carl Spitz, owner of the Hollywood Dog Training School, and the one who had worked with the 1st Platoon before it went overseas.

Thir wis two blank clicks before Carl managed tae git it back eftir a struggle which wis gittin a wee bit nasty.

Cunt you, eh Billy, Carl goes, ehs face as rid as the fuckin hand oan the flag.

Carl gets splattered in the face wi gob, n the cunt goes mad, runs forward n batters this one boy.

Carl goes, wrappin an airm roond Terry, then pullin at the cunt, forcin him tae brek ehs stare at me.

Gin it hadna been an auld carl, Robin Ruthven, Auchtermuchty wad at that time hae been ruined and lost for ever.

Carl did the work secretly at a Mexican lab where he was already working in Level Four on a hantavirus of the same name.

Kapellmeister Bach of Leipzig had arrived with his son Wilhelm, having journeyed there to visit another son, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, harpsichordist to King Frederick.

Eh used tae embarrass Carl n me by wearin the Killie skerf when they played at Easter Road or Tynie.