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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Carl \Carl\, n. [Icel, karl a male, a man; akin to AS. ceorl, OHG. charal, G. kerl fellow. See Churl.] [Written also carle.]

  1. A rude, rustic man; a churl.

    The miller was a stout carl.

  2. Large stalks of hemp which bear the seed; -- called also carl hemp.

  3. pl. A kind of food. See citation, below.

    Caring or carl are gray steeped in water and fried the next day in butter or fat. They are eaten on the second Sunday before Easter, formerly called Carl Sunday.
    --Robinson's Whitby Glossary (1875).


alt. (context chiefly Scotland English) peasant; fellow n. (context chiefly Scotland English) peasant; fellow


Usage examples of "carle".

Clement did him to wit that there had come in a carle from out of Upmeads, who had told them by sure tokens that the foe were come into the Upmeads-land at noon that day, and between then and sunset had skirmished with Nicholas and them that were holding the High House, but had gotten nought thereby.

And another thing--I'm bound to say it of myself,' Carling claimed close hearing of Fenellan over a shelf of saladstuff, 'no one who comes near her has any real weight with her in this matter.

Twice had Carling that afternoon, indirectly and directly, stated Mrs.

She was now harmless to strike: Themison, Carling, Jarniman, even the Rev.

So braue returning, with his brandisht blade,He to the Carle himselfe againe addrest,And strooke at him so sternely, that he madeAn open passage through his riuen brest,That halfe the steele behind his back did rest.

But to each one of these knots as they entered, someone, carle or quean, spake a word or two, and straightway the new-comers went up to the dais and greeted Christopher pleasantly, and made obeisance to Goldilind.