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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Carex \Ca"rex\, n. [L., sedge.] (Bot.) A numerous and widely distributed genus of perennial herbaceous plants of the order Cypreace[ae]; the sedges.


n. Any member of the genus ''Carex'' of sedges.


Carex is a vast genus of almost 2,000 species of grassy plants in the family Cyperaceae, commonly known as sedges. Other members of the Cyperaceae family are also called sedges, however those of genus Carex may be called "true" sedges, and it is the most species-rich genus in the family. The study of Carex is known as caricology.

Usage examples of "carex".

The ten following kinds, namely cabbage, radish, Anemone nemorosa, Rumex acetosa, Carex sylvatica, mustard, turnip, cress, Ranunculus acris, and Avena pubescens, all excited much secretion, which was in several cases tested and found always acid.

I may add that early in August my son found leaves of this same Erica and the fruits of a Carex on the leaves of a Pinguicula in Switzerland, probably Pinguicula alpina.