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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cantred \Can"tred\, ||Cantref \Can"tref\, n. [W. cantref; cant hundred + tref dwelling place, village.] A district comprising a hundred villages, as in Wales.


n. (alternative form of cantref English)

Cantred (disambiguation)

A cantred was a subdivision of a county in Ireland in the 13th to 16th centuries

Cantred may also mean:

  • barony (Ireland), superseded the cantred but occasionally referred to by the old name
  • cantref, obsolete subdivision of a county in Wales
  • In Upper Ossory barony in Ireland, one of three subdivisions promoted to barony status in the 1840s:
    • Clarmallagh
    • Clandonagh
    • Upperwoods

A cantred was a subdivision of a county in the Anglo-Norman Lordship of Ireland between the 13th and 15th centuries, analogous to the cantref of Wales or the hundred of England. In County Dublin the equivalent unit was termed a serjeanty, while in County Meath and environs it was a barony. The area of a cantred usually corresponded to that of an earlier trícha cét of Gaelic Ireland, and sometimes to that of a rural deanery in the medieval Irish church. Paul Mac Cotter has "demonstrated the existence of 151 certain cantreds and indicated the probable existence of a further 34." Cantreds were replaced by baronies from the 16th century.

Usage examples of "cantred".

A stead wherein is the king of a cantred, whom each man takes from bosom to bosom.

Wheresoever the king of a cantred is in the house, not one of them attains his seat on his bed because of that trio of jesters.