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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cantred \Can"tred\, ||Cantref \Can"tref\, n. [W. cantref; cant hundred + tref dwelling place, village.] A district comprising a hundred villages, as in Wales.


n. A mediaeval land division in Wales.


A Cantref (; plural cantrefi) was a medieval Welsh land division, particularly important in the administration of Welsh law.

Usage examples of "cantref".

His clerks accepted the expected word, and vanished with commendable calm to prepare the sealed writs the couriers would bear to the chieftains of two cantrefs before the night was over.

He was a good king, well-loved by those he ruled, including the lords of the outlying cantrefs who paid tribute to him as overlord.

By midday, riders who had been sent out at dawn’s first light to each of the six cantrefs to bid the noble houses and kinsmen to come to the feast began returning with the invited guests.

One of Elphin’s kinsmen, an uncle from an eastern cantref who wore a thick gold chain on his chest, brought a wagoo full of skins containing wine obtained from the garrison at Caer Legionis.

All four cantrefs of the Middle Country are surrendered to the King, leaving to Prince Llewelyn those parts which lie beyond the Conway.

The king's splenetic shufflings to find a champion to fight his Welsh war in his stead, his gift to various cousins of the house of Gwynedd of cantrefs he did not possess, and promises of yet other cantrefs if they could win them, while the Welsh laughed at his promises and threats alike, all these spiteful and ludicrous expedients by which he sought to buy off destiny passed by the builders like withered leaves blown in the wind.

God bless the boy, she thought, saved by the irresistible laughter that moved her always at the ingenuous solemnities of men, does he think I had ambitions to match him with some little Welsh princess with a couple of cantrefs in her pocket?

Most of them were Meurig's folk, with a good few from surrounding cantrefs as well.