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n. dumplings made with a deep-fried batter of rice, yeast, sugar, eggs, and flour, part of Creole cuisine.

Calas (food)

Calas are dumplings composed primarily of cooked rice, yeast, sugar, eggs, and flour; the resulting batter is deep-fried. It is traditionally a breakfast dish, served with coffee or cafe au lait, and has a mention in most Creole cuisine cookbooks. Calas are also referred to as Creole rice fritters or rice doughnuts.

Calas (general)

Calas or Callas ( GreekΚάλας or Κάλλας; lived 4th century BC) was an ancient Greek, son of Harpalus of Elimiotis and first cousin to Antigonus, king of Asia, who held a command in the army which Philip II sent into Anatolia under Parmenion and Attalus, 336 BC, to further his cause among the Greek cities there. In 335 BC Calas was defeated in a battle in the Troad by Memnon of Rhodes, but took refuge in Rhaeteum. At the battle of the Granicus in 334 BC he led the Thessalian cavalry in Alexander's army, and was appointed by him in the same year to the satrapy of the Lesser or Hellespontine Phrygia, to which Paphlagonia was soon after added. Excluding a failed attempt to conquer Bithynia, we do not hear of Calas: it would seem, however, that he died before the treason and flight of his father in 325, as we know from Arrian that Demarchus succeeded him in the satrapy of the Hellespontine Phrygia during Alexander's life-time.


Calas may refer to:

  • Calas (general), a general and satrap of Alexander the Great
  • Jean Calas, the Protestant executed for his faith in 1762
  • Calas (food), a popular breakfast food in New Orleans
  • CALAS, Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science
  • Nicolas Calas, Greek-American poet and art critic (1907-1988)

Usage examples of "calas".

Hal and Old Man sat still, engrossed in the developing situation as shown on the screens of the four scopes that now sat in front of them since Calas had rejoined them.

Thanks to Calas, I understand more about some of their officers than I did.

A table had been set up with three straight chairs, and in two of them Calas and Old Man were already seated, eating.

He stepped inside to meet the inquiring gazes of Calas, Kady and the one Guild member who had stayed with Calas as a messenger.

They were followed almost immediately by the coughing roar of the power pistol, and almost as quickly after that, the figure of Calas slipped out through the flaps and headed off in the direction Kady and Orban had taken.