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The Collaborative International Dictionary

caesura \cae*su"ra\, n.; pl. E. caesuras, L. C[ae]sur[ae] [L. caesura a cutting off, a division, stop, fr. caedere, caesum, to cut off. See Concise.] A metrical break in a verse, occurring in the middle of a foot and commonly near the middle of the verse; a sense pause in the middle of a foot. Also, a long syllable on which the c[ae]sural accent rests, or which is used as a foot.

Note: In the following line the c[ae]sura is between study and of.

The prop | er stud | y || of | mankind | is man.

2. a pause or interruption (as in a conversation); as, after an ominous caesura the preacher continued.


alt. (plural of caesura English) n. (plural of caesura English)